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ID 39079

Jason Seats


Managing Director @techstars • Co-founder @slicehost (acq by @rackspace)

ID 31911

David Wald


Analyst at lightbank, former management consultant, born and raised midwesterner, always eating, Michigan and Detroit sports fanatic

ID 19422

Sam Yagan


Founder & CEO at

ID 31909

Bill Pescatello


Principal, @lightbank Ventures; Founding member @peacock-equity-fund (NBCUniversal); @comcast-ventures

ID 8811

Paul Lee


Partner at @lightbank

ID 28780

Steve Olechowski


Former Co-Founder of FeedBurner and Google Product Manager, Mobile and Advertising. Current: Blinkfire Analytics

ID 118741

Mike Collett


Managing Partner @promus-ventures, @masters-capital-nanotechnology-1 • Worked @Masters Capital (hedge fund), @merrill-lynch (M&A)

ID 41329

Woody Levin


Founder/CEO-BringIt (Cross Platform Engagement as a Service Through Games), Founder-InStadium, Founder-Riverbank Capital. JD-Chicago Kent, BA-Wisconsin

ID 3590

Harper Reed

former CTO of @obama-for-america , former CTO of @threadless and Advisor at @sandbox-industries.

ID 11582

Victoria Levine


principal @ @lightbank - scrabble master - indie music aficionado - yoga enthusiast - cheese lover - physics buff

ID 1175

Marc Weiser


Managing Director RPM Ventures

ID 1107

Brad Keywell


Co-founder and Managing Partner of @lightbank

ID 1019

Stuart Larkins


Co-Founder and Partner of Chicago Ventures. Founder of @Twin Capital and active angel investor. Former @doubleclick / @performics exec.

ID 53075

Vic Morgenstern


Founder @valor-equity-partners, @harris-associates

ID 55654

Ira Weiss


Managing Director of @HydeparkVP and @HydePark Angels, Professor at University of Chicago @BoothThinking School of Business, and former partner at RK Ventures

ID 3864

Ryan Jeffery


Founder @belly • Worked at @lightbank • Studied at @university-of-wisconsin-madison

ID 143

David Cohen


Founder/CEO of @techstars. Investor in Amazing Startups. Geeky to the bone.

ID 1121

Bong Koh


Founder, Investor or Advisor in companies including @lifecrowd, @shift-3, RetentionScience, @muckerlab, GradientX, Eventup, TheReceivablesExchange & @zynga (via Prism)

ID 2319

Troy Henikoff


Troy Managing Director of Techstars in Chicago & founder of @surepayroll

ID 2341

Brian Ficho


Entrepreneur. Founder & CEO @obaz. Former EIR & Investor @lightbank.

ID 71906

George Bousis


Founder, CEO, @raise - Founder, @coupontrade Entrepreneur - Investor - Technologist Appetite for Big Markets & Hungry Entrepreneurs

ID 191845

Charles Forman

CEO of @picturelife. Founder of @omgpop.

ID 197351

Jumpstart Ventures


ID 188597

Saurabh Sharma


VC: @lightbank; @lehman-brothers , @barclays-capital , @ICICI Venture ; Sweat: @benchprep ; High-Performance Computing @inria, Studied CS @cornell-university , Chicago Booth MBA

ID 55593

Steve Farsht


Director and Board Member Techstars Chicago; Advisor Hyde Park Venture Partners; Member FireStarter Fund

ID 51848

David Wieland


Angel; Founder: @rivs, InnFlux, iEstates, IrishAngels. @NotreDame, MBA @Kellogg

ID 53532

Darwin Ling


Founder @thump-games •Chief Architect at @jaxtr, Sr Director @skyfire ( Acquired by Opera ), Hacker/Data Nerd, BS/MS @purdue-university , MBA @university-of-chicago-booth-school-of-business

ID 29863

Jeff Cantalupo


Founder @listen board member @raise, branding expert, creative storyteller investing time and money to turn ideas into brands.

ID 197338

Brad Purdy


COO @contextmedia, Partner @jumpstart-ventures

ID 64660

Brian Balfour


Growth & Customer Acquisition specialist. Former EIR @trinity Ventures, Co-Founder of @boundless, @viximo.

ID 4398

chuck templeton


Founder of @opentable (NASDAQ:OPEN); Chairman at @grubhub

ID 5427

Kevin Willer


Chicago Angel, CEC, Xoogler, New World Ventures

ID 31912

Marina Dedes


Vice President at @lightbank, former consultant @duff-phelps , @university-of-illinois-at-urbana-champaign Engineering, born and raised in @chicago

ID 30964

Andy Yang


COO @500px | Formerly at @extremestartups @relay-ventures @chegg. @netflix. @thomas-weisel-partners. @goldman-sachs. @accenture. | @ChicagoBooth @university-of-california-berkeley.

ID 951

Lon Chow


General Partner, Apex Venture Partners

ID 172880

Steve Kallmeyer


Worked at @dell-computer, @procter-gamble-2 • Studied at @washington-university-in-saint-louis

ID 67245

Guy Turner


Managing Director at Hyde Park Venture Partners. Big fan of fast growth.

ID 59689

Jeffrey Maters


Vice President at @new-world-ventures

ID 2155

Ryan Moore


VC at @atlas-venture. Co-founded @grandbanks-capital. Believe in service-based approach for entrepreneurs. @princeton-university graduate.

ID 5642

Matthew McCall


Partner, @new-world-ventures & @dfj-portage

ID 4257

Jason Heltzer


General Partner at @oca-ventures. Adjunct Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at @booth-school-of-business.

ID 7200

Gabe Greenbaum


VC @Pritzker Group Venture Capital (f.k.a. New World Ventures)

ID 141056

Betsy Ziegler


Investor @trunk-club

ID 10409

Alexander Goldstein


Angel Investor; Entrepreneur; Was Principal at Pangea Properties REIT; Ex-CIO, Co-Founder at @cashnetusa-com

ID 209983

Deborah Quazzo


Founder @thinkequity-partners, @global-silicon-valley-advisors • Worked at @jp-morgan, @merrill-lynch

ID 103389

Luke Shepard


CTO at eSpark Learning, where I manage the engineering team building the next generation of personalized learning using iPads.

ID 17911

Christopher Jensen


Principal at Anderson Pacific Corp., entrepreneur, angel investor with a focus on telecom, media, SaaS or any great idea backed by a strong management team.

ID 25091

Tao Huang

Managing Partner, RangeLight

ID 31174

Mark Friedgan


Angel Investor; BS/MS Computer Engineering, @carnegie-mellon-university University; CIO Top 100/InfoWorld Top 25 CTO

ID 10441

Jordan Curnes


ND Finance / Duke MBA Founded 3 Companies - Medical Devices, Online Real Estate, Retail Wireless Enjoy web 2.0 plays as well as med tech.

ID 105994

Sasha Gribov


chief of staff @groupon; former associate @lightbank, consultant @bain

ID 107824

Andy Swan

Founder of Voomly: Founded DaytradeTeam (Sold in 2007), founded mytrade (Sold to TD Ameritrade).

ID 12747

Ravi Srivastava


Professional Trader, Genetic Algorithmist, Managing Partner @purvi-capital LLC.

ID 199420

Christopher Chan


Founder @blue-flower-llc • Worked at @bank-of-america-merrill-lynch • Studied at @new-york-university

ID 59742

Adam Koopersmith


Partner at New World Ventures Board Member Techstars Chicago

ID 83778

Karin O'Connor


ID 52007

Arthur Watson


CFO @ Castle Hill. Angel Investor @HPA. MBA 2011 @Babson. BS Mechanical Engineering 2003 @UVA

ID 58030

Brian Hand


Co-Founder and Chairman, Timelines, Inc

ID 2245

Kapil Chaudhary


Investor in @brighttag, @ycharts, @sittercity, @viewpoints, @ifbyphone.

ID 148724

John Sun

Founder AvantCredit, SpringCoin • Worked at @enova-financial • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 43858

Andrew Romans


General Partner Georgetown Angels. Author (McGraw Hill July 2013) The Entrepreneurial Bible to Venture Capital

ID 38402

Judd Morgenstern


Business Designer. Previously UX Designer + Innovation Strategist. Former @adaptive-path + @nike consultant.

ID 112301

Sandbox Industries


Creating, developing, and investing in new businesses

ID 4490

Fred Monroe

313 Ventures LLC @getco Trading Technologies, Inc fredlabs, inc @apple

ID 71907

Bradley Wasz

CoFounder/COO @raise We are changing the conversation in the discount and incentive marketing industries. Give yourself a raise!

ID 34645

Andrew Razeghi


Founder, StrategyLab, Inc.; Lecturer, Kellogg School of Management; Limited Partner, TechStars Chicago

ID 35877

Orlando Saez


Entrepreneur, investor, coach. Delighting customers and inspiring people.

ID 4048

Jeffrey Carter


Turns Concepts into Profits. Advisor, Connector, Co-Founder of @hydeparkangels, Angel Investor, Independent Trader, @pointsnfigures

ID 77817

Emerson Spartz

CEO @spartz (OMG Facts, GivesMeHope, Smartphowned) Founded, the #1 Harry Potter site, at age 12.

ID 370

Alan Warms


ID 2630

Dan Ratner


Serial entrepreneur. Cofounder/COO/CTO at @sittercity. Director of Development at @obama-for-america. Social enterprise investor.

ID 124198

Brett Keintz


Director of Product Management at @groupon

ID 2092

Sean Harper


Founded and sold @feefighters to @groupon. Bootstrapped @tss-radio to Inc500. UChicago MBA and undergrad. Previously worked at BCG and Longworth VP.

ID 39925

Harry Weller


General Partner at @new-enterprise-associates leading seed & early stage. Chairman of @harvard University Experiment Fund. Forbes Midas List.

ID 67845

Michael Kogan


quantitative trader in Chicago

ID 213545

Nigel Bahadur


Founder @exe-technologies

ID 5738

Tim Hanlon


Founder/CEO, Vertere Group. Past Founder/MD Mediabrands Velociter (IPG). Past Founder/MD Denuo/VivaKi Ventures (Publicis Groupe); 20+ year ad/media veteran

ID 12391

Dave Galanis


Managing Partner at Pebble Creek Partners

ID 363551

Peter Liu


VC at @PritzkerVC, Founder/CEO of

ID 254207

Lauren DeLuca


BoD @rivs, Founder: Sumo Capital, Victory Networks Investor: @tradingview-2, @techstars, @qoin, @archively @ginkgotree, Row One. Member @irishangels. MBA @kellogg-school-of-management currently, graduated Cum Laude @university-of-notre-dame 2001

ID 227833

Jay Hoffmann


Rewards and travel wonk. Built @groupon Rewards to 4k merchants, 2M consumers. Grew @united-airlines Mileage Plus to $1BN+ revenue. @stanford-university GSB.

ID 213396

Zack Christensen


M&A and capital markets attorney and registered CPA. Worked at @citigroup, @sidley-austin, @deloitte-touche • Investor @drchrono, @sendhub, @true-co • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 57926

Mark Hatch

CEO and Co-Founder of TechShop. Launched 3 Fortune 500 websites: Avery, Kinkos (ecommerce), & HealthNet's benefits ASP. Author, Speaker, MBA, Green Beret.

ID 95129

Nancy Hua


CEO of Apptimize • @y-combinator • @getco • @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Math with CS

ID 12820

Steve Griffiths


Investor in @docusign, @ifbyphone, @epropertydata-com, @sentrilock, @ziplogix, @move-inc.

ID 24151

Justin DeLay

Co-Founder, @tempodb. UX Design at @grubhub, Marketing at @kraft-foods. Design & Business at U of Michigan.

ID 163916

Leore Avidar

Co-founder @lob. Worked at @aws, @citigroup, @google , @motorola • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 65656

Sam Guren


Owner, Guren Capital Management, LLC

ID 113116

Andrew Cronk

CEO of @tempodb. Co-founded 3 startups (two bootstrapped, current funded). Strong technical background (Computer Engineer, Motorola).

ID 7065

Rob Schultz


Partner at Serra Ventures. Mentor to seed stage start ups and accelerators.

ID 46828

Syed Karim


Director at @digital-news-ventures

ID 43689

Michael Burke


founder, author, advertising, social media, appssavvy

ID 8337

Greg Caplan


Investor in @groupon, @sprout-social, @watermelon-express, @mediabank.

ID 124050

Jeremy Glassenberg

Head of Platform Applications at Tradeshift. Creator of Box's developer platform. B.S. Computer Science from Illinois, MBA from Carnegie Mellon.

ID 2880

Matt Spiegel


SVP/GM Americas MediaMath. Formerly CEO Omnicom Media Group Digital, Founder @resolution-media

ID 87675

Ezra Galston


VC @chicago-ventures Young Entrepreneur @foundation-capital Chicago Booth MBA, @KauffmanFellow

ID 81883

Frank Gruber

CEO & Co-founder Tech Cocktail a media company focused on tech startup news, research & events. Former developer turned product development at @aol & @tribune-interactive.

ID 52321

Jimmy Odom

Founder @wedeliver • Worked at @apple • Studied at @columbia-college-chicago

ID 194185

Shawn Carpenter


Co-Founder & CEO of @ycharts • Vertical Manager at @google • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 38273

Gautam Ramdas

VP & Dir Northern Tech Intn'l Corp ($57M-$120M - 5 yrs; NASDAQ NTIC); Co-founder Dot Com Infoway-Top5 mobile app co in India; B.E.Guindy; MBA UMich, Ann Arbor.

ID 1549

Jeff Hyman


CEO of @retrofit

ID 595

Lauren Flanagan


Former sw entrepreneur; invested in 34 companies over past 8 years. Run 2 early stage funds: BELLE Capital USA, LP & Phenomenelle Angels Fund.

ID 123061

Michael Rauchman

Currently focusing on consulting and investments. Formerly, CTO of GETCO.

ID 58696

Kris Petersen

Co-founder & CEO @morsel, Co-founder & CTO @betterfly-1 (acq. @takelessons) , Founder & CEO @dealsgoround-1 (acq. @betterfly-1). Past IBM & PwC Tech Consultant. 26.2.

ID 268249

Ed Scanlan


Founder @total-attorneys

ID 8884

Michael Gruber


Founder & Managing Partner @cornerstone-angels

ID 11984

Joseph Dwyer


Venture Partner at OCA Ventures

ID 143221

Don Richman

ID 182189

Paul Sorensen

Lead Software Engineer @caredox • Lead Developer of, an award-winning archival information software • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 59575

Eddie Lou


Co-Founder & CEO of @shiftgig;General Partner OCA Ventures; Co-founder of Us Empowered & Chicago SVP; 2010 Crain 40U40; 2011 Chicago United BLC

ID 7005

Jeffrey Kalmikoff

Designer. Husband. Friend to startups. Maker of things. Avid fan: scary movies, loud music. Work: CXO @betable. Past: @threadless, @digg, @simplegeo.

ID 788

Jared Golden

Co-Founder & President @ Pear, Co-Founder @ Brand Accelerator, Board Member @ Worthee, Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center Advisory Board, former ibanker.

ID 10064

Derek Shanahan

Director of Marketing @playerize. Co-Founder, Advisor at @foodtree & @donde . Advisor at 20 Something Bloggers. @stanford-university Soccer Captain.

ID 366437

Iman Jalali


Founder TicketLab • President at @trainsignal until acquired in 2013

ID 139585

Ken Pelletier


Designer/technologist, former CTO at @groupon, investor/advisor to @desktime, investor in Seaborn Networks, investor/partner at City Winery Chicago.

ID 56020

Steven Collens


Senior Vice President at Pritzker Group

ID 57765

Grant Brown

Co-Founder/CEO of @rant-media-network which owns and operates: Rant Sports, Rant Finance and Rant Creative.

ID 269760

Peter Soung

Into craft beer, delicious food, and innovative technology. Partner and code ninja at @sproutsocial ( Normally found in Chicago.

ID 156652

Michael Sheng


ID 210963

Deepak Goel


Worked at , @microsoft, @indiahomes • Studied at @haas-school-of-business School of Business, @IIT-Delhi

ID 49103

Rick Desai


Investor/Startup Advisor & Social Investor

ID 25192

David Albrecht

Crittercism, previous @wishery CTO/Co-Founder (AngelPad S11). @microsoft, founder @prefiat-llc: security, arch, cloud computing consultancy. MS ECE UIllinois.

ID 84776

Asif Khan

Founder & CEO of caremerge. 20 years Tech; 12 years with GE, 8 with GE Healthcare IT in Global Leadership roles; Booth MBA; 6 Sigma Black Belt.

ID 122029

Daniela A Bolzmann

Co-Founder @ • Entrepreneur • Jill of all trades • Mihaylo School of Business CSUF 2011' • edtech Product Marketer @symbalooedu.

ID 203237

Ryan Williams

Studied at @new-york-university, @indiana-university-bloomington

ID 105919

Joe Pensinger


COO of Community Capital Investment. Managing Director and Principal of Emercor Partners. Active angel investor. Formerly of Allston Trading.

ID 199635

Christopher Steiner

Co-founder @aisle50, New York Times Bestselling Author of 2 books, Forbes columnist, Y Combinator Alumnus

ID 3152

Ethan Austin

Co-founder, President of @giveforward. TechStars (Excelerate Labs) Emory University, JD American University. Burritos.

ID 266831

Dmitry Kobyshev


Angel Investor. M&A, IPO, financial analysis background. Passionate for bright investment opportunities. Investor @havoc @descomplica @onthego-platforms

ID 11393

Erik Severinghaus

Founder @simplerelevance • Worked at @ibm, Founding Team @icontact • Studied at @kellogg-school-of-management, @university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill. Patent in Data Optimization & experience closing 9-figure deals.

ID 30967

Dana Severson


Founder at @chasm-io. Former writer for @adage-com and @fastcompany. Former Adman. Passionate about the future of collaborative influence.@angelpad Alum.

ID 59948

Josh Holat

@stagebloc Co-Founder, Founder @mirrorgram / Lead Developer, Object Orienter, Git Pusher, Apple Lover, College Dropout, Life Lover

ID 111208

Tom Trimmer


Founded Trimmer Capital Management, Aurapoint Asset Management, and True Adventures. Rock climber, sailor, mountain biker, skier, mountaineer, world traveler.

ID 28583

Tom Giles

@stagebloc founder. UX / UI and product obsessed. Past multiplatinum artist manager. Biomedical researcher. Science Teacher. Coach. Hip surgery guinea pig.

ID 19147

Aashish Dalal

Founder @parkwhiz • Worked at @ibm • Studied at @northwestern-university

ID 4501

Colin Young

I build products that run on browsers, iPhones, & Macs @polymathic. @angelpad W'10 founder alum @cloudbot. DePaul CS. My dog Rue and are Chicago-based.

ID 160378

Dafeng Guo

Founder • Worked at @yahoo, @goldman-sachs, @morgan-stanley

ID 1767

George Monical


Investor CEO of MiGym: Experience in successful startups including Betfair and The Coupons App & corporate experience at US Cellular and Allstate; Kellogg MBA

ID 162950

Ryan Graves


Head of Operations @uber Board of Miami University Institute for Entrepreneurship Biz Dev @foursquare

ID 82883

Dan Armbrust


Founder @gener8tor, @granite-med-systems • Investor @eatstreet • Studied at @university-of-wisconsin-milwaukee

ID 23647

Jacqui Boland

CEO + Founder @red-tricycle. Strong consumer background ( @meredith and @reed-elsevier ) Start-up experience includes Breathe Media and

ID 99383

Wojo Wietecha

Co-Founder & CTO at @adyapper

ID 56007

Eli Rosenberg

COO of @food-genius; Managed Search at @norvax and @smg-search; Director of Operations, Sales at Qualtex Corp; Graduate of @depaul-university University, Computer Science.

ID 59947

Greg Ipp

@stagebloc co-founder. Technical lead at The Uprising Creative. Formerly at Vice, Nintendo, and EA. Bar and record label owner.

ID 21520

Dan Olson

CEO at @upcity-formerly-diyseo

ID 4896

Seyi Fabode

CEO/Co-Founder of @power2switch-acquired-by-choose-energy. Excelerate Class '11. Engineer. U of C Booth MBA 2010. Electricity/Energy Efficiency Expert. Persistent Intellectually Honest.

ID 74087

Ryan Spraetz

Problem Solver. I like bouldering, building, coding, and winning. Co-Founder @keen-io-1 . 4+ years technical product experience at @salesforce. UIUC Engineering.

ID 62958

Steven Walker


Designer, developer, builder, entrepreneur, mentor. First designer at @groupon. Currently Head of Platform Experience @quirky

ID 42077

Andrew Chomer

CRO at the EchoSystem, with over 10 years of experience growing businesses and most recently leading the digital charge at PHD/Omnicom

ID 47943

Tony Bombacino


Former CMO of @restaurant-com with experience on client and agency side. Start-up experience as an employee, advisor and investor w/ a passion for learning.

ID 43258

Ryan Bell

Founder (135K users). Director, Costa Rican Software Firm (sold). Computer Science. 15 years

ID 93146

Mike Zivin

Co-Founder at @whittl. Ex-Yahoo. Sold previous startup. Carnegie Mellon & Cornell.

ID 55311

Jeremiah Seraphine

CEO and Co-Founder at @groovebug

ID 247270

Chris Plahm


Managing Partner at Stonebridge Wealth Management

ID 35756

Mark Lawrence

Founder & CEO @SpotHero Inc.

ID 103133

Dan Malven


ID 249054

Kyle Gay


Venture Capital Analyst at Sandbox industries.

ID 121543

Roger Farley


Portfolio Manager at Ronin Capital, LLC

ID 7944

Karl Zimmerman

Investor in @tynt, @divshare.

ID 226444

Kirk Lashley

Co-Founder at @wedeliver. Worked at @uwi, Parity Systems and founded Coral Designs Ltd. Engineering graduate of @uwi

ID 33793

Phillip Herrejon

French Press coffee loving R.E. Investor turned Tech Startup Pro/Non-Profit Advocate/Social Entrepreneur. LIFE LESSONS: Fail fast, live humbly, pay it forward.

ID 144459

Jonathan Sheinkop


Co-Founder, EVP New Business & Corporate Strategy / Exec. Director, focused on new strategic growth opps., biz/dev, marketing, fund-raising, operations

ID 44088

Jan Davis


Founder @smartnames • Worked at @transunion, @trymax • Investor @evoapp, @showingtime • Studied at @university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill

ID 317760

Jason Weaver


Founded Shoutlet, Inc. Liquidated position in March 2013. Currently running Spendship, LLC (mobile commerce) and Halo, LLC (a tech sales consulting firm).

ID 205713

Matt Helbig

Previously at @square , @cloudbot , @azadi-incorporated • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley and @depaul-university University • Founder of @tedx at DePaul University • @impact-engine alumnus

ID 9120

Shahed Khan

Product Designer @weebly. Formerly at @backplane and @viatask.

ID 94342

John Bradburn


Sandbox Industries

ID 469816

Hans Pusch


DRW Trading, University of Chicago - Booth, Boston College

ID 100600

Dan Roarty


VP, @groupon Now! at @groupon; CMO at; GVP, Alliance Marketing at @orbitz Worldwide, Inc.

ID 289128

Orazio Buzza


Founder/CEO @fooda • President at @echo-global-logistics, CFO/COO @innerworkings

ID 31030

Daniel Zarick

Formerly product at Twilio. Currently working on my own projects.

ID 63257

Ravin Gandhi


Founder @gmm-nonstick-coatings • Investor @tred • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign , @kellogg-school-of-management-1

ID 5647

Nick Rosa


Managing Director of @sandbox-industries, led a buyout of The NutraSweet Company and served as CEO

ID 298128

Joel Abraham


Co-Founder of gener8tor, a Wisconsin-based accelerator.

ID 139410

Jens Horstmann


Former CEO/CTO of DVDPlay (Redbox techn./acq by NCR), founded X1, Ensemble, Opengrid, MXGO, worked at Sun, LSI, Siemens, Coinstar.

ID 3522

Jacob DeHart

Founder and lead frontend dev @picturelife

ID 3669

Tim Krauskopf


Founder of Spyglass

ID 23357

Galen Mason


Founder @catapult-chicago-1 • Lawyer at @foley-lardner-llp

ID 79220

Daniel McCormick

Founder and COO of Providing a more efficient way for business to book corporate events through a curated marketplace of local event packages.

ID 48103

Jessica Sheft-Ason


IT Consultant, Studied Economics @university-of-chicago and investor with @kewpie-associates.

ID 35693

Kris Chinosorn

Founder (, @catapult-chicago), BizDev (@halcyon-sequencing ), Lead Developer (ISWS), BS Biology (@university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign )

ID 73532

Dave Hoover


Latent human potential pisses me off. So I'm working on decentralizing education. Trying to be a great father, husband, son, believer, and squirrel.

ID 410323

Trey Hart


VC Fund Investor at Northern Trust. VC Professor at University of Maryland.

ID 294218

Claire Schlafly

Startup jack of all trades, former bulge bracket financial analyst. Self-starter, fast learner, and ready to hit the ground running

ID 373856

John LeVert


Investment banker focused on providing merger & acquisition advice and raising capital for growing consumer & retail companies.

ID 75451

Daniel Novaes

CEO of @mobilex-labs - Simplified Mobile App Creation Platform For Brands & Businesses, $2M/YR Elekteks Inc. as a H.S. Senior, Kelley School of Business 2011

ID 142016

Mike Fiorillo


Strong business, marketing, UX/design chops. Experience agency & client side. Kellogg MBA 2013.

ID 192925

Ryan Scherf

Product Designer @quirky. Co-founder of Paid, an iPhone app to manage your Stripe account. Formerly of @groupon

ID 47241

Kevin Stanton

Platform/API Engineer @SproutSocial; Co-founder; Past life @motorola IC designer for wireless; UMich; Musician; Derivatives Investor

ID 194796

Andy Lai

IT Management Consultant. Passion for solution development. Self-driven. Values integrity and accountability. Worked at @adobe-systems, @transunion

ID 443332

Todd O'Hara

#innovator #entrepreneur #technologist #founder at Toodalu (acquired by Spring Marketplace)

ID 175239

Paul Spiller

Worked at @belly, @campus-explorer, @redbox, Galt & Company

ID 165986

Lori Annoreno Penoyer

Worked at @yahoo, @ixl

ID 223870

Shobhan Thakkar


Former Biglaw, Big4, GC and Executive. Assisted in sale of Weather Central to Weather Channel; 1st Place in WI Business Plan Contest-IT Category. MACC and JD.

ID 68098

Sascha Bopp


COO at Crate and Barrel

ID 26801

Joseph Omansky

Serial entrepreneur in financial technology. Trusted Insight, largest platform for LPs and GPs, and SkyRank, patented hedge fund rating, sold IP to Morningstar.

ID 80007

Andy Narayanan


Strategy and bus. dev executive with over 15 yrs exp in consumer web services, fintech, payment and data analytics. Worked at Booz, dealigee. Chicago Booth MBA

ID 81035

Beth Birnbaum


VP of Product at 10 years in online travel (@expedia, Site59, Travelocity) in product management, business development, and commercial roles.

ID 37190

Bo Patel


Venture Capital/Angel Investor looking to help a multitude of start-ups....

ID 104886

Sarah Evans

Chief Evangelist at @tracky PR. Social Media Correspondent. Animal lover. Birthed @twitter industry chats. #journchat #commentz [email protected]

ID 190374

Imran Ahmad


Venture Capitalist @OCAVentures and Founder of @MouseHouseApp

ID 1532

Tim Carroll

Founder of Resolution Media

ID 31336

Peter Krupp

Partner Skadden Arps and Angel Investor

ID 170401

Milo Todorovich

CTO of Raise Marketplace Inc. Consultant to startups through Fortune100's. You conceive "it"; I build it, and the team around it.

ID 335388

Ryan Fukushima


VC at @Hyde Park Venture Partners. Caught the startup bug at Techstars and Tapjoy.

ID 13058

Stephen Sullivan


ID 58090

Jessica Kim

CEO/Founder of @babbaco. Ready to rock my second consumer startup. Kellogg MBA. @brown-university University. Kraft brand management.

ID 12709

Tyler Spalding

CEO of @styleseek. NASA Space Shuttle Engineer 2x e-commerce exits. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology MBA, @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign MSE/BSE

ID 143465

Ian Connell

ID 349974

Colin Boardway

Associate @techstars

ID 78867

Jake Lumetta

Sr. Software Engineer @chooseenergy

ID 962

Patrick Algrim

Currently: Co-founder at Previously: MyZeus acquired by Groupon, 2011.

ID 102829

Patrick O'Brien

CEO & Founder @Ticket Scalpr. @groupon Senior Sales (Top 1%) - Founder @UndieRun - Director of Sales @Gourmet Ads - UW-Madison

ID 163548

Michael Bruns


technology finance and operating executive, former technology investment banker, former COO/CFO of ClearTrial (sold to Oracle in April 2012), Harvard MBA

ID 233628

Alex Ognev


Databases, big data, high performance.

ID 259711

Brent Hill


Partner at Origin Ventures - early stage venture firm in Chicago focused on e-commerce, software, and digital media. Ex-Feedburner, Ex-Google, Ex-Twitter.

ID 40888

Chirag Garg


Currency & Interest Rate Portfolio, DRW Holdings.

ID 138980

Robert Govoni


Founder and president at Govoni Dentistry PC, Brushin'on Belmont. Board certified pediatric dental specialist.

ID 37975

John Affourtit

Exec @sparkcentral . Entrepreneurial mind set. Action oriented!

ID 205111

Adam Sidney


2nd employee at @bonobos now at Trumaker. Operations, leadership, and creative background honed at one big old company and a few seed stage start ups.

ID 10774

Jordan Dalton

Angel Investor

ID 46697

Eric Scott


Investments for @hvf and @mlevchin.

ID 146415

Evan Kostorizos

Inventory Management at • Worked at @coupontrade, @european-commission • Founder Blueshift Innovations Inc • Northeastern University JD 2003, Harvard University ALB 1999

ID 67354

James Dickerson

Marketer & entrepreneur. Previously co-founded Wellthy & @leap. Former associate at @lightbank,

ID 246281

Noah Ney

Currently @farshore-partners Past work @zaarly • Studied Automotive Technology at @pittsburg-state-university University :::Web and Mobile Development Consulting

ID 1384

Hunter E. Bradford


An average guy, living an awesome life.

ID 74935

Brian Curliss

Entrepreneur. Cofounder of @maillift #500Strong (Batch 007) Once Solo-Bootstrapped to $20k/mo in 6mo Specializes in SEO, pricing, analytics, users, and growth.

ID 80520

Laura Boring

Marketing and Business Development at @simplerelevance ; Worked at Bank of America; Furman (BA 2006), Vanderbilt (MBA 2012)

ID 61764

Philip Settimi, MD


Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Corporate Development & Chief Marketing Officer at Hill-Rom

ID 134972

Peter Sellis


Product Manager, Analyst, INTP. Work at @science. Past at @ustream, @lek-consulting • Studied at @university-of-chicago, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 55534

Chris Duesing

CTO of @mercaris

ID 7714

Mike Khristo

Head of Solutions Eng at @shift-3. Helped close multi-MM deals with F100 brands & top agencies. Tech/Product Builder. Entrepreneur. Tech Advisor. Get-it-done-er.

ID 24940

Alen Malkoc

@northwestern-university. Co-Founder @optyn; Co-Founder @dealster-3 (Sold); Co-Founder @chitown-deals (Sold); @half-off-depot; National Champion & All-American (Soccer). Avid Chess Player. Love creating new products.

ID 1708

Ed Lewis

entrepreneur. co-founder or early employee of 5 startups. 2 IPOs. Founded Media Chaperone pivoted business in '12 to @group-gift-service

ID 160364

David Haisha Chen

CEO of; Co-founder of Moneythink; Director of ECSEL; @university-of-chicago

ID 39553

Mike Fingado

Founder @notelog, @athletepreneur • Worked at @tred, @coursemodo • B.S. & M.S. Economics & Sport Management at @FSU

ID 104896

Songhua Hu


Founder @tenantify, @dezzia and @bloominous. Strong business background (@mckinsey-company, @enova-financial, @google). Coder and MBA @kellogg-school-of-management-1.

ID 213515

Christopher Mozzocchi

Kellogg MBA/Northwestern MEM. McKinsey consultant, Capital One & SimpleTuition alum. Strong background in marketing/analytics, budding Rails/HTML/CSS/iOS dev.

ID 146458

Angie Taormina

Creative Director at @coupontrade

ID 378902

John Wright

eCommerce and retail consultant, product manager

ID 82109

Jonathan Krieger

Full stack marketer specializing in early-stage and growth startups

ID 174896

Jared Keller

Worked at @belly, @groupon • Studied at @university-of-kansas

ID 114874

Juan Cartagena

Founder CEO @traity-1. MBA (HHons) @booth-school-of-business. MEng in EE. Previous experience in strategy, product management, sales

ID 55715

Jordan Linville

CEO at @buzz-digital, Inc. Former biz dev guy at @nextwave-media and Angie's List. Musician and peanut butter connoisseur.

ID 162929

Patrick Madden

Worked at @hft-quant-hedge-fund, @ibm. Studied Physics at UT: Dallas. 1st startup in high school. Solid technical background.

ID 408086

Zach Kaplan

Founder @inventables • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 486639

Adam Taylor

Michigan BA, Media planner and operations guru, customer service oriented, worked at interCLICK, acquired by Yahoo

ID 250785

Zachary Brenner

Life is a game of sales, so don't sell yourself short. 24. Indiana University- Kelley School of Business. Sales Manager @raise. Chicago.

ID 141989

Nicholas McEvily

VP of Product @mantra-1 • Founder @agrowculture • First hire @Mouth Foods • B.Sc and M.Sc @Cornell • Graphic and UI design, Product Developer

ID 11242

Eric Kerr

Founder TicketFire • Worked at @cloudera, @belly • Studied at @ohio-state-university

ID 132042

Michael Roytman

PhD dropout, MS Operations Research; Data Scientist, Risk I/O

ID 59358

Seth Kravitz


Co-Founder of @technori and @insuranceagents-com

ID 222651

Kevin Leland

Founder @pawngo, @bodyshopbids • Worked at @lightbank • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 217637

Liz Thompson

Product Manager; product development and operational strategy for two start-ups; Business degree from University of Kansas.

ID 271467

Becky Banasik

Leading teams that create & deliver data-driven strategies and solutions for some of the world's leading brands @circle-media @bazaarvoice @accenture .

ID 31310

Derick Thompson

Founder @DailyDigital. Full service agency, for startup founders, that want to turn their product ideas into a growing, profitable company, in less than a year.

ID 12491

Chris Walti

Co-founder of @styleseek, BizDev at @v2green (acquired 2008), VC at @highland-capital-partners, Analytics Lead at @accenture, 2 Patents, BSEE @UIUC, @MIT MBA.

ID 233080

Jacob Gable

Software Developer at @SproutSocial, Amateur Philosopher, Maker of Things... Young Punk

ID 118794

Kris Davis

MS in Product Design & Development Management @northwestern-university. Design, product, research and business focus.

ID 49040

Cristobal Alonso


Entrepreneur, startup advisor and TMT executive

ID 3530

Andy O'Dower

Director of Product, Strategy and Operations: @DiscoveryComm. Former Director of Mobile Product: @carsdotcom & 2011 @ExcelerateLabs (now TechStars Chicago).

ID 46740

Jason Goodrich

Founder @shortlist, @leasabl • Excelerate Labs 2011 • Pulitzer Prize 2008

ID 43291

Guillaume Martin

CEO & co-founder of @pictarine Love growth hacking, mobile and wine. Techstars Chicago Alum.

ID 136944

Alex Pak

Founder of FindIt. Former Publisher of The Harbus, worked at General Mills, Kimberly-Clark, and Kraft Foods. Harvard Business School MBA 2013.

ID 4518

Jim Larrison


Co-Founder @dynamic-signal, live in Chicago area, early @ @comscore & @adify. Interests: Movies, Politics, NFL, Consumer Behavior, Social Media & Brand Marketing

ID 43431

Coleman Greene

ceo/co-founder of @sqord . worked five years in financial services in sales and management. caught startup bug founding Dore Duds. studied at @vanderbilt-university, @university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill

ID 148478

Kurt Uhlir


CEO & co-founder @sideqik • I manage, advise & fund disruptive companies @nokia, @navteq, @vitrue • 12 US & international patents • Certified alligator handler

ID 9605

David J. Ford

Advanced Media Sales at Comcast Spotlight

ID 35502

Joshua Karp

Founder and CEO of Kumbuya (

ID 344505

Ryan Broshar


Seed investor via @ConfluenceCap, @kidblog @at-scene-llc Founder @boomboom. @university-guide (sold) . MBA @university-of-colorado-boulder, Carlson @university-of-minnesota-twin-cities

ID 55923

Jonathan Kelley

Co-founder of @buzz-digital, Co-founder of Element Bars.

ID 35518

Doug Breaker


CEO at @homefinder-com. Director of Product at Founder,

ID 109409

Bryan Shepard


CEO/Co-founder of @sweepio-1. Start-up Guy, three startups, two successful exits, one IPO. Dad of 2, husband of 1.

ID 238353

Nathan Pinger

Director of Products, Stats & Finance Guru @ycharts. Studied at Chicago Booth (MBA) , UW-Madison, and @stanford-university.

ID 58000

Dylan Richard

Director of Engineering @ Obama for America. Previously @threadless, @crateandbarrel. I'm a big fan of the internets.

ID 37206

Lou Morales


Current: Co-founder @optyn; Past: @dealster-3, CRP, Acuity, COO @ecommlink ; COO @first-data-corporation , EPG; SVP, @general-electric; SVP, @barclays-bank

ID 65798

John Geletka

Partner and tech lead at Centup. My peers call me lots of things: Consultant, Manager, Strategist, Marketer Technologist and Designer.

ID 40313

Tyler Mayoras


Managing Director at O'Keefe Consultant and interim management in Change Management. Angel investor and mentor to internet and mobile technology companies.

ID 33720

Vince Leung

Founder (@mentormob). Comp Eng @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign at 20yrs old, Eng/Mgr at @hewlett-packard and @motorola, core team original RAZR phone, 5 patents awarded/pending

ID 282962

Gemma Petrie

UX Researcher at Mozilla

ID 1583

Len Kendall

Founder @centup - Digital Marketer - Writer - Expert at Nothing.

ID 58873

Jason Stulberg

COO Fooda • Previously CEO Lightswitch; startup at Redbox; Wind Point; Bain. Engineering at UMichigan, Kellogg

ID 32664

Tony Amoyal

Technical Co-Founder @sidewalk. Previously Technical Co-Founder @pinweel. Hacking on startups for 5+ years. Computer Eng @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 223164

Nick Kocinski

CFO - Finance, Marketing and Sales at @ycharts. Studied @chicago booth, worked @homefinder-com.

ID 262869

Daniel Fohrman

Fueling more vacations with Rocketmiles. Former consultant at Navigant. University of Texas McCombs School of Business Finance / Accouting grad.

ID 102354

Michael Hofer

Web Developer at @spartz . Writing code, crunching data, and moving forward.

ID 415595

David Voiss

Worked at @heyzap

ID 183993

Michael Walsh

Founder @cariloop, @healthsparx and Health 2.0 Dallas, Advisor, @purdue-university University alum, living in Dallas, TX.

ID 161456

Patrick Schless

Worked at @tempodb, @braintree-1

ID 4265

David Vinca

Founder of eSpark, which helps schools leverage iPads and the vast ecosystem of educational apps to personalize learning, engage students and raise achievement.

ID 31126

David Goehl


Seed investor. ClientVoice founder. Brought social networking to legal. Worked at LexisNexis. NYU Law JD. Harvard Business School CEU.

ID 70353

Michael Krasman

Founder Versity (sold), @hireology, @UrbanBoundCo & @Homescout. Studied at @university-of-michigan.

ID 9427

Zack Gilbert

Builder. Formerly a co-founder of Technori, Adams Gilbert Co., @cloudbot

ID 139091

Pete Liguori


Extensive Senior Management Experience (C Suite positions), over 30 years in a variety of Casino Gaming companies.

ID 132977

Eli Gratz

Former Co-Founder & Director of #CustDev at, Former GE management program grad looking to build culture changing procuts

ID 290366

Jim Conti

New England transplant living Chicago style. Senior Talent Manager at @sprout-social. @boston-college and @northwestern-university alum. Passionate about people.

ID 55235

Matthew Wolf

Product Manager,@sharethrough @wikia; Associate PM at @bump-technologies, Consultant, CGI Federal; IT Advisory Intern, @kpmg; B.B.A. Computer Information Systems, @james-madison-university.

ID 140427

Cam Balzer


Chief Growth Officer @mightynest. Former CMO @threadless. Search / social marketing exec @vivaki / @performics. Product and marketing strategy and execution.

ID 334716

Martial Jefferson

Experienced codecrafter with a liberal arts flair.

ID 79248

Erik Kostelnik


Proven business leader that has built and managed $mm sales, marketing and service teams, monetized products, formed strategic partnerships and raised capital.

ID 11178

Mohammad Gaber

Co-founder @beebillion acquired 08/11. Strong Biz Dev, Customer Acquisition and eComm background.

ID 34890

Alex Griffiths

CEO @socialcrunch. Strong finance, business development & product launch skills. Brit in Chicago. 1 exit so far.

ID 270862

Dave Shapiro

Founder @scout • Previously founded • worked at @sandboxind, @lab42 , @jpmorgan-chase • Studied at @miami University BSA in Computer Science

ID 138499

Jared Fanning

Creative Director at Visually; freelance designer

ID 10044

Benjamin Wasson

Founder of @orderbolt BA in CS and an MBA from @southern-illinois-university-carbondale; Certified in International Business, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Management from GGSB

ID 37642

Raaja Nemani

Co-Founder and CEO @bucketfeet. Former Banker / PE guy. World traveler. Northwestern University.

ID 117007

John Roa


CEO at @akta. Investor at @socialcrunch. Active angel, speaker and traveler.

ID 40

Bob Shapiro


Investor in @chromatin, @theranos, @plum-choice, @navicure, @divergence, @launchcyte, @darkstrand, @apt, @referme, Callisto, @tlcontact, @healthcare.

ID 39473

Rob Costlow

Founder: @tourist-records Co-Founder: ActiveFam Past gigs: @the-active-network @eteamz-com @rollingnote @teamsnap @weplay @zaadz Contemporary Pianist Dad of 2

ID 30539

Yogesh Pandit

IUPUI Bioinformatics; Worked at Northwestern University

ID 69710

Adam Robinson

Co-Founder/CEO of Hireology. Serial entrepreneur with 14 years of technology and HR-related start-up experience. MBA from @depaul-university University.

ID 455452

Molly Jones

Worked at @sprout-social, @groupon • Studied at @university-of-miami

ID 265582

Brian Thibault


Founder ClaraStream • Worked at @best-online-universities-llc, @eretailing • Studied at @ohio-state-university, @depaul-university

ID 92781

Robert Brown

http://[email protected]/pub/robert-brown/1/337/23b

ID 78092

Zach Supalla

CEO of @spark. Business + engineering + design. Alumnus of @mckinsey-company and @groupon. @Kellogg MBA and Northwestern MEM 2012, @dartmouth-college BA 2007.

ID 80498

Christopher Jaeger

Founder of @rentstuff. Strong business background (@merrill-lynch). @princeton-university BA 2004 (Economics w/ honors).

ID 133740

Elan Mosbacher

Chicago Startups | Online Marketing | @google Adwords PPC | p. 773.888.ELAN

ID 55533

Jack Eisenberg

Co-founder of @goshi in Chicago. Drummer of In Threes.

ID 58039

Thomas Buchar


Start-up Junkie who connects the dots, creates results, and plays well with others.

ID 437120

Gerri Blackmon, Project Manager


EVP, Sales & Marketing - Nu-B-2B @ibm Sys. Integration, Proj. Mgmt, Instructor (Retired) B.S. Business, @Purdue M.A. Education MBA @texas Woman's University

ID 74460

Michael Elberts

Co-Founder and COO @goodpeople

ID 174010

Nicole Staple

Founder @brideside. Tech investor @silicon-valley-bank. Strong business background (Monitor Group, @ubs-investment-bank). Kellogg MBA '12, Wellesley College '06

ID 125637

Jason Kunesh

Founded @public-good-software, Director of UX & Product @obama-for-america, founding team @the-point, early UXer @orbitz, founder @fuzzy-math.

ID 800

David Goldschmidt

Cofounder @buycentives, Founder @greatfamilyrentals-com. CMO @intrago. MBA Marketing Michigan (Ross). Also @frog-design, @leo-burnett, @jwt, and Saturn.

ID 117751

David Kadavy


Author of Design for Hackers (Debuted at #18 on @amazon) Mentor at 500 Startups. Changing the way you see design.

ID 290660

Alex Smith

Worked at @gtrot, @benchprep, @kapture, @wavve

ID 358371

Steven Lee

Founder of Opternative, which helps individuals gain greater accessibility in eye care, through unique technological innovations.

ID 72403

Julian Miller

Co-founder of @learnmetrics real-time analytics for education. Obsessed with the power of education to change lives.

ID 192065

Adam Perkins

Co-founder of 900dpi. Entrepreneur and full-stack developer of eight years. @university-of-wisconsin-whitewater

ID 66404

Brian Hawkins

Co-founder of @styleseek. Consumer market analyst; serial entrepreneur; brand developer; consumer, social and marketing strategist in fashion merchandising.

ID 129440

Jeremy Crane

Serial Entrepreneur. Into parking and technology. Lover of people, business and life.

ID 248144

Nicolas Roth

co-founder at • Studied at @NU

ID 126801

Stan Bokov

Co-founded TradingView (COO), previously worked at MultiCharts (COO) and Canada Revenue Agency.

ID 265551

Matt Tortora

Founder ClaraStream • Studied at @ohio-state-university Founded & bootstrapped e-commerce company into IR Magazine Top 1,000. 10 years technology sales & marketing experience.

ID 185876

Jerry Freeman

Founder+CEO PaletteApp 25 years in design and manufacturing. Created PaletteApp to disrupt the current system of introducing product to architects and designers

ID 29600

Drew Gilliam

Founder-in-Residence at Wavetable. Previously Co-Founder of and PwC's Emerging Technology Lab.

ID 188357

Tamara Davis

Co-Founder @paletteapp • 20+ years in design and marketing. Strong design sense and marketing experience to the design industry.

ID 101379

Dennis Globa

Co-founder and CEO of TradingView.

ID 333228

Luis Azuaje

Co-Founder/VP of Sales at ClickQuoteSave, LLC. Worked at The American Medical Association; Managed complete sales process of Medical Coding Solutions

ID 162654

Chase Perkins

Founder & CEO @thoughtly Juris Doctor @loyola-university-chicago BBA in Finance @southern-methodist-university

ID 45798

Dave DeMink


Current: RVP, Sales - North America at @ringcentral. 12 years SMB Sales/Marketing experience - Loudcloud, WebEx, SuccessFactors, @ringcentral

ID 46849

Ariane Fisher

Chief Operating Officer @storymix-media. Mech. Engineering w/ Honors, Stevens Tech. @apple Certified FCP & Motion Graphics. Engine Design and Field Service Engineer @ford-motor

ID 66378

Frank Yang

Lead Developer @styleseek. Passion for building and shipping elegant web products.

ID 62499

Stephen Meade


Have built several companies. 1st big win- ecom company 1996, recently- Cenoplex- new mobile technology, current- My WetRock- big environmental impact product.

ID 84797

George Korsnick

CTO of @silvrspoon, Y Combinator Alum, Carnegie Mellon CASOS PhD researcher & MSIT grad, entrepreneur

ID 3531

Kevin Melgaard

Founder of @introfly, former attorney, Inventor & Founder of Gentleman's Vice Golf & Cigar Accessories.

ID 205560

Joaquin (Kino) Aguilar

PhD at @northwestern-university. Generalist: software/web development, data analytics, and communication.

ID 130857

Craig Vodnik


VP Operations and Co-Founder at cleverbridge

ID 148365

Vipin Shri

In search of full-time role while currently freelancing & volunteering. Marketing/Jack-of-all trades at @olapic , @dropgifts , and @parse-ly. BA Econ UConn

ID 207377

Daniel Jacobs

CEO Placebo Effect. Eight years leading philanthropic tech orgs. Relationship builder. One exit. Media magnet. BA Williams College.

ID 433266

Ben Robertson

Founder yikes

ID 133607

Bob Casey

Lead Platform @clover-technologies-group • Founder & CEO @yourenew (sold to Clover in '12) • Board Member @yale-university Entrepreneurial Institute

ID 63804

Adam Stein

VP of Product, co-founder at @gridium. Co-founder of @terrapass. Product and engineering at @tellme, @trilogy. @wharton-school MBA, @stanford-university BS.

ID 352401

Derek Brooks

Builder. Fixer. Thinker. Rocker.

ID 49719

Patrick Navarro

CTO and co-founder of @whimseybox. Previously co-founded @bestfriendbox, worked at @gowalla, @amd, @vaynermedia

ID 25739

Joe Born

Founder of @digital-innovations, @neuros-technology and @sonr-labs. Inventor of consumer products totaling $350M in revenue.

ID 381229

Patrick Crosby

Founder @stathat-2 • First CTO @okcupid • BA Computer Science @columbia-university in NYC.

ID 9287

Chris Phenner

First BD role was on behalf of the Mosaic browser from Spyglass, and roles at, Napster (v1), CNET, Audible & Thumbplay (now Clear Channel)

ID 71919

Joey Kirk

Design Director of, Lead Designer for High Gear Media. Founder of Made by Munsters.

ID 55542

Moshe Tamssot

Founder & CEO @cookitfor-us | Founder, | Founder, | Intrapreneur - @american-express, GE Capital, @kraft-foods

ID 6950

Dave Linhardt

Serial entrepreneur 13 years. Currently obsessed with helping lead buyers buy smarter. Founder of @legitlead, & mentor @techstars Chicago.

ID 211557

Hari Srinivasan

Founder @we-created-it-1 • Worked at Telenav, V-Vehicle (KPCB & GV startup), @venrock • Product & Marketing Background • @stanford-university MBA

ID 47917

Rod Rakic

Growing @openairplane Professional pilot, husband, father, nerd. Passionate about user experience + aviation. Find me on a computer, or in a cockpit.

ID 76961

Irem Mertol

Investor & Health Tech Entrepreneur, focused on Finance & Business Development

ID 76646

Greg Cardoni

Web & Mobile Software Engineer. CTO: @venyooz. Previously at @mahalo, @spire-io, @the-starter-league, & @recsolu. B.A., Honors in Philosophy.

ID 58189

Brian Luerssen


CEO of Delightful. Kauffman Fellow (Class 18). Founder and Board Member of Quantitative Insights. Former: GM of OkCupid Labs. MBA from University of Chicago.

ID 95967

Scott Kluth

Founder and CEO of; director of The Kluth Family Foundation

ID 169942

Zachary Friedman

Software Engineer @stacksocial • 1st employee @lasso • Studied at @madison

ID 269256

Suzanne H. EL-Moursi

    Suzanne is a trained Interaction Designer who has over 15 years as a practioner applying the methodology of Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design to various projects across industries in healthcare, financial services, automotive, telecommunicatio

ID 288100

Spencer Morris

Founder Ticket Scalpr, @bistro-studios

ID 11946

Chip Aubry

Co-Founder of @elicit, Inc.

ID 21478

Alex Wasserman

Co-Founder / CEO @tapfwd | Frmr VP @rapleaf (acquired) and Co-Founder @measy (Webby Award) | Kellogg MBA

ID 146930

Jack Wheeler

Founder @lost-crates • Studied at University of Michigan

ID 369388

Rob McLennan

Worked at @parkwhiz, @red-foundry • Studied at @dartmouth-college, @kellogg-school-of-management

ID 173649

Zach Reed

Blue Tide Founder // @parkwhiz Front-End // Love a good API // Design // JS // CSS // UI/UX // Optimism // SharkWeek // From Indianapolis, IN

ID 661

Uzi Shmilovici

Founder and CEO - Future Simple Inc ( passionate about design, UX, entrepreneurship and management

ID 409080

Sharon Schneider

Co-founder & CEO of Upscale Resale @moxiejeankids, @ExcelerateLabs class of '12, adviser @theImpactEngine #collcons #mom #startup

ID 35573

Jonathan Pasky

Principal & CEO, Pasky IP Law LLC. Patent Attorney. Founder, @data-2-0 (DeveloperWeek, DataWeek, API World) & @techweek. Mentor, @techstars, @healthbox

ID 7780

Laurence Hayward


Investor in @tagnetics, @10x-technology, @advanced-diamond-technologies, @jiminy and @autonomic-materials Inc.

ID 311904

Dallas Beek

CTO @weplann. Hacker-Software eCommerce guru. 13+ years @ebay & @intacct building solutions used on over 10,000 websites doing over $1 billion in transactions.

ID 165293

Muneeb Khawaja

Senior Developer at @caremerge. Working on @node-js, @ios-development @ruby-on-rails-1 & @backbone-js ..a true full-stack engineer. Studied at @university-of-york

ID 278782

Joseph D Ryan

Business Development Manager at Merchant Atlas: Fully Automating Sales, Masters at Hult International Business School, Venture Scholar at G51 Capital

ID 340311

Tyler V. Engh


Co-founder @r7-partners. Investor @bloom-energy, @tabula, @socialcrunch. Former board observer @wayport @amyris-biotechnologies @ooma @magnum-semiconductor.

ID 141766

Kurt Ramirez


VC at @cue-ball-capital

ID 409127

Sandra Pinter

Founder Moxie Jean

ID 358473

Rod da Silva

Founder & CEO of WebCurfew

ID 294331

Michele Spagnuolo

Information Security Engineer at Google, OSCP. Security Halls of Fame: Google (4x), eBay, Yahoo!, Nokia, Opera, Mailchimp, Shopify.

ID 314152

Natasha Sawlani

VP of @kitchin. MBA/MSA student at Loyola Quinlan GSB. Summer quarter student at @the-starter-league. Worked at @edelman in Biz Dev, Marketing, PR and Finance.

ID 106093

Jeff Froom

Co-founder, VP Application at @elicit

ID 278652

Lindsay Cohen

CEO and Co-Founder @getafive, I like to think creatively and operate leanly. A dozen years in corporate America pre-start up will do that to ya.

ID 98592

Jim Spinello

CEO of Birdsong Ventures, a collective of Angels, Advisors & Marketers focused on introducing brands to disruptive tech and investing in seed stage companies.

ID 127631

Mookie Lee

Founder Monarc Brand

ID 16764

Brian T. Edwards

Disrupting status quo from forefront of innovation in biomedical informatics with @jcsilverstein and the team. I blog for @imedicalapps.

ID 98984

Amrit Ayalur

Worked at @ribbon, @mobile-captain • Studying EECS at @university-of-california-berkeley. Web developer. Rails specialist.

ID 71463

Paul Koziarz

Co-founder & CMO at @cartavi

ID 73448

Marc Summe

A former FeeFighter who likes online marketing and finance

ID 63869

Jon Turow

I build global businesses. Founded knockknock (funded by 500 startups). Cloud, mobile, NoSQL, connected devices,(Kellogg MBA, @wharton-school BSE, @amazon-web-services, @accenture Strategy)

ID 4315

Kurt Oeler

Online brokerage: Barron's best for options trading, GM of research & marketing arm. Knowledge@Wharton advisor. IT & online media: CNET, year 1.

ID 267666

Feyi Olopade

CEO and Co-Founder Cancer IQ • Worked at @mckinsey-company, @credit-suisse @UChicago Medical Center • Studied at @wharton-school

ID 114675

Hannah Chung

CCO at @sproutel | Co-founder & National Board Advisor at @design-for-america | @Northwestern Alum | "15 Women to watch in Tech 2012" by Inc

ID 46842

Mike Fisher

CEO @storymix-media. Aerospace Eng Deg U of Mich; System Eng at @ford-motor: worldwide sales presentations, Options Trader in Chicago: 5+M trading profits

ID 135205

Adam Hallett

Ruby on Rails Engineer

ID 386817

Ross Petersen

Co-Founder and CEO @blitsy

ID 264606

Mark Stratman

Worked at @parkwhiz • Studied at @university-of-illinois-chicago

ID 80953

Eric Meizlish

Founder @procured-health-1 • Worked at @citadel-investment-group • Studied at @yale-university

ID 169948

Matt Williams

Designer and Developer based in Chicago

ID 73399

Chris Molnar

CTO at @pear-formerly-apparel-media-group. Entrepreneur, advisor, technologist. Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign.

ID 249512

Kevin Lillie

Econ/finance background: Angel investing and micro-lending. Operating side at venture backed Power2Switch as business analyst. Previously in politics in D.C.

ID 48482

Mitch Posada

Advisor of Fast Air Buy LLC, co-chair Heartland Mobile Council's Summit 2012, former digital strategy consultant at Chicago Fire Soccer Club. UC @university-of-california-berkeley MBA.

ID 257275

Haibo Lu

Founder CancerIQ, CancerIQ • Worked at @aqr-capital-management • Studied at @harvard-university, @university-of-chicago-booth-school-of-business

ID 72165

John Kristoff

I'm the Director of Communications for @doggyloot. Worked at domu and the Chicago Sun-Times. M.A. in journalism from @depaul-university University.

ID 188182

Jack DeTrempe

Seeking new startup position • Worked at @food-genius • Studied at @miami-university • Interned @ • Co-founder of Alpine Children's Charity

ID 87873

Dean Bravos

SVP at @parkwhiz. Serial entrepreneur and global market maker driving $400+ million in revenue that created $4+ billion in market capitalization.

ID 232390

Chuck VonDrehle

VP Solar Operations @kiwi-solar • Project Manager @grosolar • NAPCEP Certified Solar PV Installer

ID 404799

Alberto Moriondo


Entrepreneur & early stage investor. President @alameda Holdings, LLC, Co-Founder @tribal-technologies • Worked at @motorola, @lucent-technologies • Studied at @the-wharton-school

ID 235052

Mark De Avila

Currently @quarterly, Previously bizdev @12society, consultant @nbcuniversal, strategy consultant @joneslanglasalle

ID 297933

Michael Staszel

ID 228809

Charles Michael

Worked @anyperk • Studied @marquette

ID 234320

Patrick Daday

Has previously worked at two startups. Looking to help Raise take their Loyalty Platform to the next level. Eager to get back in the startup world of Chicago.

ID 395804

Sarah Levi

Worked at @cakestyle • Studies at @yale-university

ID 7821

Satish Kodukula

Co-Founder of Groupcharger, @nabthedeal and TheLunchDeal.Strong product development, technical strategy,operations and business development.2 startups sold.

ID 4397

Karan Goel

Co-founded, ran as CEO, and sold (two acquisitions) the first adaptive learning platform. Passionate about helping people learn.

ID 214313

Lisa Marie Chatroop

Marketing Manager at @good-co. Former Senior Account Manager at @socialkaty. @depaul-university-1 and @american-intercontinental-university Alumni.

ID 72182

Lauren Nelson

Team member of @cakestyle.

ID 215521

Tyler Coppock

Operations Analyst at CakeStyle with a strong background in writing.

ID 57951

Cece Yu

UI at @alltuition and Contributed to @food-genius and @betterfly. UChicago economics grad. Loves product, IxD, and brands that span the digital and the physical.

ID 295127

Timothy James Henry

Chicago Native. Young Professional. Tech Enthusiast. Lifelong Learner. First hire @LogisticalLabs Worked @mantra-1 @fooda @lightbank

ID 457945

Sal Cilella

Techstars mentor, start-up advisor. Currently @razorfish. Acquity Group and gravitytank alum. Experience design, mobile, omni-channel focus.

ID 35360

Gavenraj Sodhi

CEO and Co-Founder of's A7 solution, providing an Immersive Experience Learning for Kids, reach of over 160 Million.

ID 187203

JD Hartley

Lead front-end developer at @stagebloc, founder @mirrorgram. Hopelessly addicted to Doctor Who, awful puns, and Oxford commas.

ID 53892

Nihal Advani

Founder & CEO of @georama. Ex-Program Manager at @microsoft. Also was at @google. Digital Marketing Guru - Search, Display, Social. Entrepreneur, Visionary, Techy.

ID 232598

John Ciasulli


David, I received your email intro via and am encouraged by your progress thus far. I would be happy to speak with you via phone or over coffee. Feel free to email me at [email protected] or [email protected] Sincerely, Joh

ID 56523

Edward Domain

Raconteur with a Capital R. Also CEO of @tech-li

ID 4710

Jason Ngan


Led product. Developed high-freq trading platform, risk mgmt platform. BSMS Physics, EE

ID 212136

Dominik Mazur


Founder CamFind, Studied @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign computer science and mathematics, Founded the search engine - and Helicopter Pilot for a hobby

ID 154378

Howard Tullman


ID 249704


Worked at @silicon-valley-bank

ID 58046

Rahier Rahman

CEO of Pangea. Prepaid, Telecom, Finance and Start-up experience. Investor and media background (Cerberus, Time Warner). BA, UPENN. MBA, Chicago Booth.

ID 249873

Frank V. Pinto

Founder @monthlys-1, @mantra-labs-2 • Worked at @lightbank, @benchprep

ID 51644

Jonah Grant

Developer @modest-inc Helped to found @belly out of high school. Previously @lightbank. School during the day.

ID 264891

Adam Siegel

Co-founder and CEO of Fluid. Tech and business ninja. Built FDA-approved medical devices from scratch. Worked at Google X. Harvard Ph.D. Fearless hustler.

ID 40810

Christopher Nakutis

Founder @stork-stack • Worked at @h-i-g-capital • Studied at @wharton-school, @northwestern-university

ID 133883

Ashley Elsner

VP Operations of Greenshoe. JD/MBA candidate Kellogg-Northwestern.

ID 20224

Juha Koponen

CEO & Co-Founder @swap-com-netcycler kid's online consignment. Board member Innofactor Plc. (IFA1V). Earlier VP in @first-hop. PhD, fusion reactor experiments.

ID 212021

Ilya Beyrak


Founder Resultly • Studied at @depaul-university

ID 422014

Steve McClearn

CEO @interior-define-1 • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @cornell-university

ID 32736

Ash Gupta

CTO, Co-Founder @healthfinch

ID 22982

Jonathan Baran

Co-founder and CEO of heathfinch.

ID 324604

Adam London


@lightbank Associate, experimenting at @thelunchread, writing @ABrewingThought. Formerly @bcg and @university-of-michigan.

ID 104995

Allison Hannon

Founder @root3-technologies • Studied at @columbia-university, @university-of-chicago Worked at The Climate Group, Argonne Nat'l Labs Herman Fellow UChicago Booth

ID 32749

Lyle Berkowitz, MD

Primary Care Physician, Entrepreneur, Head of Informatics and Innovation for Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group, "20 People who make Healthcare Better"

ID 280770

Paul Smith

Founder @everyblock, @public-good-software • Worked at @democratic-national-committe, @center-for-neighborhood-technology

ID 217352

David Rush

Co-founder and CEO @earshotinc. Successful start-up experience and proven leader building and managing high performing teams.

ID 49134

Ozzie Diaz

Founder @bivio-networks • Worked at @hewlett-packard, @cisco-systems-deleted-deleted • Studied at @national-university, @northeastern-illinois-university

ID 294929

Joyce Schwarz

Advisor 75 early-stage venture funded firms -- emusic to Primesense. 50 new product rollouts. Bestselling author, speaker,past president USC Film Alumni assn

ID 272102

Corbett Drummey

Co-Founder of Popular Pays. Previously @ Leo Burnett working on the Allstate Mayhem campaign.

ID 212296

Bradford Folkens

Founder @JRank site search engine, @stateuniversity • Worked at @camfind • B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics at @northern-illinois-university

ID 63045

Tom Harness


ID 303867

Josh Billions

CTO and Founder of @bikespike 8+ years of development experience. Embedded Hardware / Software Engineer & iOS Software Developer. 3 years experience @apple

ID 283130

Michael Yoch

SVP Product at HelloWallet, formerly at NPR. Product, strategy, and ops background. JD UT Austin.

ID 159488

Neil Kamireddy

Product and founding team @trunk-club ( Formerly @mckinsey

ID 63535

Kelsey Lutz

Venture Partner @dashfire. Startup advisor/investor

ID 36111

Rahul Panchal

Founder @, former advertising creative from Crispin Porter, Weiden Kennedy and Young & Rubicam

ID 422020

Rob Royer

Founder @interior-define-1 • Studied at @northwestern-university

ID 235908

Varun Jain


MBA Candidate at Kellogg School of Management | Intern at Qualcomm Ventures

ID 62531

Juan M. Hernandez


Serial entrepreneur, startup advisor, angel investor, strategist, all-around builder • CFO at @everpurse • Studied at @kellogg-school-of-management and @northwestern-university

ID 179653

Wes Dearborn

CEO at @lasso (@excelerate'12) | Musician | Polyglot | Working with creative teams since age 12

ID 17589

Stephen Sullivan


Former Institutional Investor @ Citi, MBA Student @ UChicago, Scout @ LEO.COM, Small Angel, Aspiring entrepreneur

ID 36509

Jason Wadler


ID 3994

Bill Scheurer

chief giving officer at

ID 40688

Brett Gough

CEO at @toy-studio; Shareholder @playphone, Inc.; Founder @viveli, Inc; Advisor of Startups; Investments (, Pixalate, @open-install (Sold December 2011))

ID 28774

Jonathon Schuster


I absolutely love growing companies through marketing that actually results in sales- not just to anyone, but to the right customers.

ID 95370

Kiley Williams

Co-Founder @thyme • Worked at @microsoft, @isoftstone • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university,@stanford-university

ID 329275

Tom Ancona

Manage programs and advise start-ups at the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Hyde Park Angels. UChicago AB and AM grad.

ID 13164

Dan Salcedo

@everpurse Founder & CTO. Aircraft builder & pilot by 14, entrepreneur at 18, top exec at #25 INC 500 startup by 24. Obsessed with the efficient.

ID 7719

Joseph Holleman


Founder and CEO of @magister-technologies and developer of its core technologies

ID 62686

Jordan Bouvier

Developer at Social Sonar, Former Googler, Open Source Contributer

ID 172438

Dustin Henderlong

Head of Digital @threadless. Formerly User Happiness Officer @snapjoy.

ID 8504

Karthik Chandramouli

Rare combo of mobile tech startup + world-class ops, supply chain, and strategy at @toyota, @motorola, @palm. @harvard-university Kennedy School @university-of-louisville

ID 153497

Kasey Gandham

Co-founder of Packback. Marketer, musician, ed-tech enthusiast, and student affordability advocate.

ID 89663

Brian Chamberlain

Web developer specializing in Ruby on Rails application design, development, and deployment

ID 41710

Christopher Brauchli

CTO at @lasso. First startup out of college. Programmer since I was 11.

ID 47723

AJ Archibald

Principal at Startup Culture. Been involved intimately with Social and Mobile Games for the last 5 years. Strong Biz Dev relationships built over the last 15yrs

ID 144097

Mark Clark


Founder @darc-corporation, O2Works • Worked at @oracle-corporation • Investor @fantree, @klick-push • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 261232

Rob Volk

Builds highly scalable web apps. Loves skiing, climbing, traveling, & listening to live music. CTO @charlie-app past: CTO Beyond Diet, Sr. Consultant @avanade

ID 173126

Aaron Frazin

Founder and CEO @charlie-app a @dreamit-ventures backed company. Kauffman Global Scholar 2012 @ewing-marion-kauffman-foundation

ID 104155

Jason Block

Master's HCI student at Carnegie Mellon, with B.S. in Mechanical Engineering/Robotics. Worked as a generalist product designer/developer at Picplum.

ID 399532

Chirag Chotalia


Investor at New World Ventures. Formerly at SV Angel, The Honest Company, Wharton, McKinsey, Swarthmore.

ID 14650

Nick Cromydas


Founder TapFit • Worked at @kpmg, @northwestern-university-1 • Studied at @vanderbilt-university

ID 56321

Gabriel Grisé

Cofounder and CTO of @glancee, inc. Software engineer graduated from Ecole de technologie superieure. Worked at Ericsson, CAE and collaborated with @massachusetts-institute-of-technology.

ID 32763

Jeff Judge


CEO of @signal. Worked at @orbitz, E&Y. Excited about marketing, analytics, personal data and wearable tech.

ID 27228

Teddy Zmrhal

Entrepreneur, Designer, Teacher and Director at IDEO

ID 150127

Eric Pitt

Marketing Coordinator @opternative Formerly @mentormob & @groupon

ID 8977

Christopher Ross

CEO & Founder of @fotojelly-1. Accomplished technologies with exp. as developer, CTO, sw sales exec and CEO of a small ISV. Founder Institute graduate.

ID 135892

Jesse Pinho

CIO & co-founder at @everpurse; creator of and occasional freelancer.

ID 203196

Matt Tillman


VP Product at SET, builder of software from scratch. Previously at CAI, Starbelly, & Adchemy.

ID 37779

Mike Hostetler


Former jQuery Core Team Member, CEO of appendTo.

ID 377235

Steve Mohebi


Co-founder, Smithfield Medical Director of Sales & B.D., BetaSphere Founder, Caspian Partners, LLC Studied @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 323285

Brette Borow

Co-Founder and CEO of GirlsGuideTo

ID 153492

Mike Shannon

Founder Packback • Studied at @illinois-state-university. Striving toward more affordable and exciting content in higher-ed.

ID 360145

Jennifer Thomas

Founder Project Travel • Pun Champion • 2013 "Hottest Women in Tech" @killerstartups • #Quadricorn #Hacker #Hustler

ID 251104

Nishant Patni

Founder CultureAlley. Past @boston-consulting-group, @enphase-energy. Kellogg MBA'12 (Beta Gamma Sigma honor); Engineer @indian-institute-of-technology-bombay

ID 124842

Jason Lobel

CEO and Co-Founder of @swiftiq

ID 220550

Kyle Hanson

Developed parallel backtesting software for stock trading firm. Haskell lover. Python guru. Strong web development background. Lead developer on many projects.

ID 138159

Mark Liu

CEO and co-founder of @leaguevine. Started the company out of college. BS, MS in computer science, specializing in algorithms.

ID 32779

Chris Carter

Founder WisePatient • Worked at @accenture, @arcapita-inc • Studied at @vanderbilt-university, @kellogg-school-of-management

ID 61349

Scotty Iseri

Founder of The FUNDA organization LLC

ID 151234

Justin Jarvinen


Startup advisor. Biz dev guru. Strategist w/18 yrs brand, entnmnt & media relationships • Worked at @bear-stearns-co-inc • Studied at @northwestern-university

ID 120720

Donna White

Exceptional recruiter, strong biz acumen. Fearless, smart, strategic. Passionate about building extraordinary startup teams/culture. Will commute NYC, SF, SV

ID 233948

Ariel Alexovich

Recent Oxford MBA grad, less-recent Northwestern journalism grad. Worked in reporting, writing and product launch for Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Politico.

ID 42365

Kenneth Wyche

Founder of @glittergates-corp, The go to business guy. Over 20 yrs investing in start-up companies. Advisor, Investor, Deep Thinker from beginning to the end.

ID 52063

Craig Carapelho

Founder and CEO of @3d-travel, a travel-tech startup that raised $3.5MM. Founder and CEO of @team-vision, a successful interactive agency for over 15 years.

ID 39797

Chad Kruse

Creator of products & new markets. Sideline hacker. BizDev/product/COO @ @greengoose, @forkfly, @bonanza. Early career @intuit and @saic in CorpDev & strategy.

ID 162440

John Morgan

Founder/CEO of @motozuma-1. Founded Synergy Marketing Partners in 2007. Extensive automotive marketing background. Studied at University of Notre Dame

ID 63342

Tom Denison

My passion is mentoring, advising, funding and founding tech startups. Seriously seasoned and savvy strategy, marketing and business development veteran.

ID 61605

Art Roldan


ISD Corporation, Executive Chairman & CEO

ID 189967


The original cloud networking company. With our VNS3 product, over 700 customers extend networks to create hybrid clouds.

ID 22029

Doug Bobenhouse

President / Co-Founder of Synchology. Payments disruptor.

ID 89970

Tim Jahn

Co-Founder of matchist & @entrepreneurs-unpluggd

ID 142234

Adam Bordow

CPO @lasso - photographer of many things and ideas - former D1 tennis player - recovering CAA assistant - attended Art Center College of Design

ID 215590

Aaron Robinson

@zockster and @parametric • Worked at @google (public policy, HR tech), @obama for America (operations) • Studied at @Wash U (economics)

ID 72214

Garrett Buxton

Experienced venture capital associate, tech startup operator, strategist, advisor. Love to build things, namely products and organizations of awesome people.

ID 360625

Scott Kacyn


Vanderbilt Engineering, mobile specialist w/ full stack experience, UX/UI design chops, launched 2 mobile apps, worked for Intuit, played semi-pro tennis.

ID 213844

Paul A. Linden


Entrepreneur & Storyteller • Founder Hindex, Inc • Education and Business Development background • Worked at @img • Studied at @university of Miami, @Augustana

ID 142290

Stan Gauss

Founder @reportedly • Worked at @gannett, @Advance Internet, @Knight Ridder Digital, @vendasta • Studied at @rutgers-university-new-brunswick

ID 143876

Gautam Gulati


Chief Medical Officer & Head of Product Innovation at Physicians Interactive Holdings; Creator of OMNIO; Advisor: Medikly; Supporter of "Health Artists"

ID 320248

Abtin Hamidi

Experienced in growing sales teams for early stage and hyper-growth tech companies

ID 51489

Gursimran Singh

Northwestern CS; Ruby and Clojure fan; real Rails experience at a startup (walkby); strong interest in programming (hackathons, github activity)

ID 14662

Jason Seiden

Co-founder & CEO of @ajax-workforce-marketing, a social media training company with a scalable, 1:1 training model. Background in both training & web technologies.

ID 341804

Paul Foley

Founder Nimbus, helping start-ups and SMB's utilize cloud apps. Previous: Market Expansion Belly, and Technology Analyst for Deloitte Consulting

ID 2628

Sue Kim

The most persistent female bastard you ever met.

ID 18403

Clayton Cohn


Self-taught securities trader turned angel investor, incubator and entrepreneur.

ID 244941

Kiran Panesar

Co-founder and iOS developer at @mobilex-labs – The best platform for building native mobile apps without any coding. Computer Science at @cardiff-university.

ID 125308

Seth Feinberg


options trader interested in all manner of investment opportunities.

ID 20411

Yuri Rutman


CEO,Writer,Director, Producer @noci-pictures-entertainment Executive Producer @fremantlemedia Co-Executive Producer @SpikeTV. Cerebral,Transparent, Visionary.

ID 1886

Jill Salzman

Founder of @the-founding-moms; ran two companies previously. @brown-university grad, lawyer, TED talker, lover of chocolate.

ID 377868

Willie Myers

Head of Marketing and Customer Support @rapleaf; Princeton AB; excellent writer, editor, creative thinker. Former expat.

ID 410551

Reva Minkoff

Founder and President of DigitalGroundUp and Digital4Startups. Digital marketing expert with experience at Google, agencies, and startups. Harvard grad.

ID 65210

Konrad Rodak

Founder @contractor-hero • Worked at @redfin, @aq-construction • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 6319

Ellen Malloy

Co-founder & CRO @morsel. Past restaurant publicist for Paul Kahan, Michael Jordan & Art Smith. Culinary degree & sommelier, Studied at @indiana-university-bloomington & @depaul-university

ID 9118

Ross Gordon


CEO/Founder CraftJack (sold in June 2012). Co-founder @mystery-tackle-box • Worked at @leo-burnett, @arc-worldwide . Big ideas followed by precise execution.

ID 19916

Jussi Koskinen

Netcycler / Co-founder

ID 239359

Patrick Griffin

ID 45046

Dave Walker

Co-founder of @bizhive; founder/principal of @synthacis, intra-incubator consultancy; founder/ceo of 2010 agency of the year geomentum; former US cmo of Toys R Us

ID 125013

Massimo Ilario

Lead Software Development Engineer and Co-Founder of @swiftiq

ID 237177

Amber Porter Telfer


Partner leader at Lithium. Agency background. Digital and social strategy experience: BofA, Coca-Cola, etc. Product development at a dot com. U.S. Army Veteran

ID 118569

Sam Rosen

ID 6660

Mark Michuda

TextHub & CallOnTheGo

ID 54840

Jared McKiernan

I love the Internet, tech startups, math, statistics, sports analysis, game theory, writing, freestyle rhymes, craft beer & being an outsider.

ID 93142

Hemant Kashyap

Co-Founder @whittl Strong business background (IBM, Motorola, Bridge Strategy Group). Kellogg & Michigan State

ID 185814

Karolis Karalevičius

I'm filling @startuphouse with early stage startups that want to change the world. Come tell us what you're working on!

ID 95401

Nicholas Haynes

Co-Founder @thyme • Worked at @tallan-consulting @direct-energy • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 15385

Jordan Wolf

Aspiring serial entrepreneur.

ID 2315

Dan Kuthy

Excelerate Labs 2010 Graduate. SEO, Analytics & Content Expert.

ID 96078

Neil Kane

Founder @solarbridge-technologies, @advanced-diamond-technologies-inc • Worked at @microsoft, @ibm • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign, @university-of-chicago

ID 18519

Jordan Feldstein

Founder @refstop-com (sold 2007), Currently @thepizzabutton and @sway-fm • Worked at @isocket • Studied at @indiana-university-bloomington

ID 135997

Andrew Saunders

Integrated Marketing & Content Solutions Executive at CAA (@creative-artists-agency). Featured in Wired, Fast Company and Banff Media Festival.

ID 87782

michael winnick


Founder dscout, @gravitytank • Worked at @wired-magazine • Studied at @stanford-university, @institute-of-design-illinois-institute-of-technology

ID 75505

Zak Boca

President at @singlehop-llc, Inc

ID 310231

Tim Grace

Product Management & Marketing Exec; Startup vet, currently at Trunk Club; Previously at,

ID 67443

Matthew Leonard


Partner at a leading global management consultancy. UC @university-of-california-berkeley MBA.

ID 261023

Brent Rickles

Sustainable, Long-Term ROI Growth Strategist. Founded my 1st company in Chicago. 5 years in S.F. working for two E&Y entrepreneur of the year award winners.

ID 92756

Scott Herkelman

President / Board of Directors at Wi3 Inc.

ID 110132

Kunal Kalro

Founder @outtrippin. Speaks 4 languages. Lived on 4 continents. 2 time travel-tech entrepreneur. Former mgmt consultant. Travel nerd with a business background.

ID 277314

Alexander Koppel

☃ at @espark-learning

ID 9591

Chris Conley


Founder • Worked at @motorola, @honeywell • Investor @dscout • Studied at @illinois-institute-of-technology

ID 55903

Brian Fields

Head of strategic partnerships at @groupon, formerly corporate development at @tribune-company

ID 172336

Evan Lewis

Co-Founder @eprof - Dev/Design @StarterLeague - Ivey HBA 2012

ID 5995

Neal Goyal


ID 35589

Bryon Finke

Strategy consultant and entrepreneur. Founder of @furnishly, the local furniture marketplace.

ID 304015

Ian Connor

Founder @pubget • Worked at @enthuse, @iris-associates

ID 112570

John Krebsbach

Co-Founded @relify-1. Hustler & operator. @theironyard '12. Worked at Anheuser-Busch, Lehman Brothers, Aileron.

ID 71937

Aristo Partners


Founder Ariso Partners • Worked at @mckinsey-company, @novartis • Investor @zocdoc, @tethys-bioscience • Studied at @northwestern-university

ID 166066

Ivan Sheldon

ID 63818

Justin Peddycoart

Entrepreneur, User-Experience Evangelist, Sense-Maker, Founder of Cicada Design Co. (2007), CrinklePaw Pet Innovations (2009).

ID 191455

Chiara Piccinotti

Self taught R developer & data viz geek. Founder of edu-tech startup Apply in the Sky. Solid biz background (Lazard, Booth MBA 2012). B.A. in Math & Philosophy.

ID 108590

Mark Solovy


Founder @gunnallen-venture-partners, @israel-america-discovery-fund • Worked at @hercules-technology-growth-capital • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania, @washington-university-in-saint-louis

ID 116389

Chris Campbell

Fan of making dollars and spending pesos. Entrepreneur. Hustler. World Traveler. Life Hacker. Vagabond. Chaser of Dreams & Endless Summers- CEO @ReviewTrackers

ID 273300

Teresa Boucas

One of the top and most tenured sales performers at Trunk Club, Fluent in four languages, Philanthropist primarily in support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Piano and Ping Pong enthusiast, and #technerd #ihearttechteams

ID 135529

Yael Hochberg

Entrepreneurship and Finance professor at MIT Sloan School of Management; executive education professor at Kellogg School of Management. VC, entrepreneurship and innovation guru. Startup advisor. Former entrepreneur.

ID 217527

Erik Brown

Founder @earshot-2 • One of the first 10 employees at @west-monroe-partners • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign. Software Engineering and Management Consulting background.

ID 312447

Ben Rowland

ID 297058

Nicholas Brown

ZipFit CFO Energy Micro, Director of Sales Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Computer Engineer

ID 135396

Nima Elyassi-Rad

Marketplace Ops @recruitloop. All things Capital Markets and Music considered. Startup junkie. Aspiring VC. Left handed & footed. @IansFrancesSt & @groupon alum

ID 105205

Cameron Smith

Co-Founder and CEO @bennett-day-school, a PreK-8 private school company. Board member at Royall & Co., the leading higher ed enrollment marketing services firm.

ID 65938

Jimmy Skuros

Product Manager at @fooda. Co-Founder of @soundofffm & @Canaryware. A jack of all trades, passionate technologist & entrepreneur. Obsessed with product vision.

ID 330848

Nikki Rostollan

Math Nerd, Director of Manufacturing Operations @maillift

ID 37510

Gary Dollinger

Founder of @fantasy-player-exchange CEO of @adalyze-technologies CTO Advisory to many others 16 years of Software Development and IT Management experience

ID 2532

Raja Bhatia


Founder @confluence-labs, @enthrive • Worked at @avid-life-media • Studied at @queen-s-university

ID 107407

Charlie Tribbett

Co-Founder @bolstr

ID 233251

Joel Runyon

Founder Impossible Ventures

ID 65451

Brian Axelrad


Business counselor and advisor: Chief Investment Officer at Beyond Capital Fund and business lawyer for startups and investors through Horwood Marcus & Berk

ID 165419

E. Jeffrey Lyons


M&A Advisor at City Capital, Founder/BOD - PRIMIS (52% IRR), Pres./BOD - BigTime Software (VC-backed), Adj. Entrep. Faculty at NU, Kellogg & Techstars Mentor

ID 10797

Manos Pontikakis


Worked at @google, @citadel-investment-group • Studied Computer Science at @stanford-university. Python, Data Mining, Quant Finance

ID 55844

David Israel-Rosen

CEO at @china-social-commerce-group (CSCG)

ID 91405

Cyprian Francis

VP of Marketing at @power-tower

ID 102435

Dan Nelson

Dan is a designer and developer, specializing in experience and interface design and front-end development.

ID 209279

Marquis Parker

Business leader, coach, and advisor; Stanford MBA and Princeton grad; McKinsey & Co. alum; Sr. VP at Aon plc; Advisor at Instasafe; Man of the people

ID 412558

Alexander Kruger

Worked at @belly, @spothero • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 229152

Meghan Bakken (O'Shaughnessy)

I'm helping startups and brands stand out in a world full of chatter. A life-long learner, I believe the best way to live life is by experiencing it!

ID 260749

Marc Philobos

Opened MetLife Stadium as an employee of New York Jets, StubHub, Inc, Halogen Guides. Passion for startups, MA University of San Francisco.

ID 404858

Kyle Joseph

Co-Founder @shopgab • Worked at @elance, @continental-automotive • Studied at @depaul-university, @bradley-university

ID 131554

Yan Pritzker

CTO @reverb

ID 113429

Tim Skaggs

Develop and design apps. Dev/Design for @steamboat-labs-1 and @Brewerbox. Worked on @kloudless @deskhero

ID 505606

Brian WIlkin

Co-Founder of Dude Products. Strong business background and possess extreme amounts of hustle.

ID 329109

Khan Sung Won Lee

Founded Smilegiver, a mobile game start-up in Korea (sold to GFVC), worked on online game projects, Northwestern University. Current: Blinkfire Analytics

ID 384276

Richard Hankison

Marketing and Bus Dev Entrepreneur with UW Wisconsin JD & Entrepreneurship and former Googler. Interested in Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship.

ID 379373

Sibila Bijedic

Vast knowledge and extensive experience in all facets of business analysis, project management, implementation of corporate initiatives, and systems development projects.

ID 37304

Pinaki Saha

Co-founder of crowdfynd. Built & Working on location based mobile applications and iOS application development incubator.

ID 216966

Dave Anderson

Founder JiSu, CMO Entrigna. Established business leader (United Airlines, Tap Pharamceutical). Former consultant (ZS Associates) and academic (PhD Applied Math)

ID 118856

Steven Wagner

CEO of @dealer-ignition and Dealy, Strong sales and Marketing, Product Development and Architecture. Work @ford-motor-company, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz.

ID 142682

Sheila Guo

Founder Peckish • Worked at @macquarie-bank • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles, @university-of-nebraska-lincoln

ID 255283

Shital Chheda


Consultant @mckinsey-company, Revenue Leader @google, @base-crm and @texas-instruments • MBA @northwestern-university-1 (Kellogg), MS & BS Eng @virginia-tech

ID 3012

Zenah Khawaja

Completed BS @university-of-illinois-chicago then worked @tellabs then started @semiautomatic3d

ID 93558

Matt Voigt

Co-founder / Chief Instigator @ 3x entrepreneur: software, real estate, healthcare. Like heights. Love people. Enjoy creating things.

ID 32602

Eric Liu

Founder @spaciety, @rocket-lease • Studied at @ut-austin

ID 111166

Ezl Liu

Founder at @rocket-lease

ID 22629

Andrew Dennis

Co-Founder @spaciety

ID 10799

Josh Saunders

Busy disrupting the hospitality & beverage industry. Past experience in startups related to sustainability. Have held senior roles in operations mgmt & biz dev.

ID 269139

Samuel Frith

Studied at @miami-university

ID 34991

Rob Seaman

Advisor to @define-my-style.

ID 56536

Jennifer Beese

Community Manager, @kuapay Editor, @tech-li News Editor, Sprout Social

ID 106247

Kevin Kent

A little bit of everything

ID 8891

Robbie Abed

Founder @rawdesignr. Coder, Blogger, Connector.

ID 239855

Drew Wade

Wharton MBA, product fanatic with a couple of startups under my belt. Strong business background.

ID 61046

John Pitocco

Technology Entrepreneur – Create, Design, Develop, Innovate

ID 422215

Maria Santacaterina

Aspiring content marketer with a vision in mind: to change the way marketers think about marketing.

ID 135373

Jonathan Ozeran

Product designer, team builder & coder getting into some new trouble. Advisor to Chicago & Detroit startups. #GoWings #GoBlue #ChicagoStartups

ID 437212

John Thomson

Director of Operations of Learnmetrics; Kellogg MBA 2013

ID 442290

David Perlmutter

Disruptive Technology Strategist, worked for 3 start-ups, consulted numerous tech companies on how to work with brands and advertising agencies, adept a transforming networking into revenue

ID 237375

Andrew Gluck

Founder Ox&Pen • Portfolio Manager at @harris-associates • stock analyst/portfolio manager at Shoreline Micro-Cap fund, MBA: Finance/CFA; Studied at @university-of-california-santa-barbara

ID 360306

Ezekiel Binion

Experience Manager for Manifest Digital; Strategy & Experience Advisor for Project Travel; BFA in Graphic design with a strong development background.

ID 67756

Marcy Capron

Partner/CEO: @polymathic We build products for nontech entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs. I live for: Logan Sq, DIY/interior design, planning stuff, & heavy beats.

ID 126627

Samantha Harris

New Business Development at

ID 219676


Founder @monthlys-1, @mantra-1 • Worked at @benchprep, @manifest-digital - UX expert with front-end and back-end chops. 14 years in industry, know how to market.

ID 54771

Terry Howerton

Founder of a tech association, partner at a venture collaborative/incubator, entrepreneur, education booster. Gifted boat rocker that connects people & ideas.

ID 389025

Harrison Leavitt

University of Colorado at Boulder Graduate (BA); Worked at logistics firm that grossed $300 million in revenue in 2012; current Sales Associate for Lua Technologies.

ID 33506

Brad Morehead


CEO LiveWatch Security and @SafeMart, Co-Founder @WildcatAngels and writing about #entrepreneurship, #startups, home #security #alarms, @Northwestern & #poker

ID 448163

Chris Kiser

Marketing/Sales Hustler. 5 experiences in marketing and sales across different industries and company sizes, most recently interning at Google.

ID 128281

Thomas Pham


Entrepreneur.Technologist.Consultant - ETC

ID 73676

Val Chulamorkodt

Co-Founder at Technori

ID 201189

Romy Seth

Founder @medical Teknologix • Work @prism-capital • Worked at @nasa-ames, @canadian-space-agency • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 4368

Jason Shah

VP of Product Management and Engineering at Mediafly. Technology entrepreneur, management consultant, @booth-school-of-business MBA and UIUC Computer Science MS.

ID 393776

Tomás F. Serna

Founder Nextinit • Studied at @northwestern-university, @instituto-de-empresa

ID 242204

Magda Walczak

Senior marketing pro. MBA. Specializations in tech, financial services, pets, SMB. Strong business background. Experienced across multicultural and distributed teams.

ID 311012

Onur Erbay

ID 117000

John Andrews

Jr iOS Developer. Passionate about building & creating. Worked in high pressure environments @goldman-sachs, @oklahoma-city-thunder • Studied at @university-of-michigan B-School

ID 210852

Adam Scott Riff


Senior executive and entrepreneur with 13 years of experience in marketing / comms, digital media, strategy, product management and operations.

ID 266815

Paul Fung

Founder CancerIQ • Worked at @hp, @centric-consulting • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign, @university-of-chicago

ID 46370

Jaidev Bhola

Founder of second startup. Seeking additional Angels. Geek. Author (of a physical book). Always trying to be better.

ID 127442

Phil Alexander

Founder @quick2launch • worked @ernst-young, @brandmuscle, @zodius-advisors

ID 165607

Michael Marchese

Founder and CEO of @tempesta-media-1 • Held senior management positions at @leapfrog-online, @websidestory Studied at Indiana University, Bloomington

ID 85282

Arun Sivashankaran

Clean energy & technology entrepreneur. CEO @kiwi-solar, founder @entessa (Sold 2010).

ID 106481

Peter Raisch

Director of Public Relations at Kennedy Communications

ID 82705

Jeremy Klein

CEO/Co-Founder @tablesavvy

ID 82168

Paul Hofmann

Founder Saffron Technology • Worked at @northwestern-university-1, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology-1

ID 472656

Hank Ostholthoff

My mom told me work hard, be kind to people, and success will follow. Co-Founder of @freebie Family & friends first kinda guy. Growth hacker / biz builder

ID 28167

Leon Ginsburg


CEO, entrepreneur and investor with 14+ years experience designing software solutions

ID 75899

Godard Abel


@proven SaaS Entrepreneur

ID 471338

Ben Rosenfield

Founder & CEO of @freebie, Consumer Behaivor Specialist - CRE Background with over $500m in transactions as Founder @titan-commercial-llc • Studied at @university-of-arizona

ID 439198

Shelby Naake

MBA, Project Manager at SocialCrunch

ID 25852

Jason Pearl

Co-founder Deepworld. Co-founder Co-founder @rentmixer-com. Degrees in Finance and Computer Science.

ID 401269

Talia Gibson

Product Marketing Manager with 6 years experience at Google in US and Asia Pacific.

ID 84387

Sean Story

Founder & CEO, @silver-step. Effective relationship builder with strong business background (JPMorgan, Northern Trust). Kellogg MBA, @princeton-university BA.

ID 264745

James Adams


Managing Partner, M4; Sold PE-backed company to (NASDAQ: ABFS) for $180M. Proven GM, Sales Exec in B2B, B2C and B2G. MBA, U of Chicago, '98; BSME, UIUC, '91.

ID 57163

Mahrinah von Schlegel

CoFounder @pxnow, Founded @cibola, Strategy @proofx, digital dev since 2001, Anthropologist, sustainably developed nearly $1B in Real Estate, @Penn + @Wharton

ID 116665

Simcha Kanter

Founder of startups @top-colleague, @wabunga • Founder of @envalent-interactive • Worked at @accenture for six years in business and tech strategy

ID 123990

Andy Person


Director at Urban Outfitters. Consumer growth operator/investor/advisor. Significant experience working and investing in growth stage to public companies.

ID 82737

Sean McClure

Manager - Business Development at Guardian News & Media

ID 145990

John Ciecholewski

CEO of SUNN, Strong Operations, Sales & Marketing Skills. Cornell MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, MEng in Systems Eng.

ID 57929

Kenneth Jones

Advisor to @introfly.

ID 487201

Connor Regan

Northwestern undergrad, coffee lover, Netflixer.

ID 170699

Lance Ennen

Founder & CTO at @big-astronaut-1, Mentor @devbootcamp, former consultant @obtiva, @university-of-advancing-technology @university-of-iowa, born and raised in @chicago

ID 39018

Nirav Batavia

Founder Owl Invest VP of Interactive Marketing @nutshellmail (sold to Constant Contact)

ID 48781

Horatiu Boeriu

Co-Founder & CEO of @grabio. 2nd startup out of college. Strong business background (Ernst & Young), Founded [email protected] (1 million visitors/month)

ID 313716

Genevieve Marie

Recent Davidson grad, founder and CEO of Campus Sherpas LLC, Dabble LLC intern, and freelance social media/brand strategist

ID 67677

Evan Hareras

Director of Operations at @drift-eyewear

ID 99721

Rich Levy

Founder Beamboard • Studied at @indiana-university-bloomington

ID 162418

Greg Tarczynski

Founder Chicago Pixels Multimedia • Studied at @kendall-college

ID 14452

Fabricio F Costa, PhD

Entrepreneur and scientist Genomic Enterprise, CEO and Founder; @datagenno, Co-Founder From Brazil and living in the US

ID 280470

Eric Trinh

Founder @tabule. Web developer and designer. Graduate (magna cum laude) of @university-of-southern-california. I like beautiful code, food, and magic tricks.

ID 158989

Jared Steffes

Founder @tap-me-3, @tapme-games • Worked at @electronic-arts • Studied at @depaul-university - Love mentoring startups. http://[email protected]/in/jsteffes

ID 212251

Robert Oswald

Worked at @braintree-1

ID 136350

Randy Anderson

Foodlander helps you discover deals and products right around the corner at your local farmers market. #freshdeals #localfood

ID 146970

Pooneet Kant

Works at @winestyr. Previously worked @giftrocket. @dartmouth-college '07, ex J.P. Morgan investment banker, always searching for the next great meal & bottle.

ID 133573

Ian McCreadie


Former Lower Middle Market Banker, Current Screening and Diligence Team Member @private-capital-alliance

ID 443165

Daniel Lindmark

Worked at @scout, Teradyne/Eagle, Woodward/MPC, Argonne National Labs. Strong Systems and Interdepartmental Coordination

ID 90839

Sairam Rangachari

ID 47783

Tim Hines

Founder @business-traveler-social, @curbninja • Studied at @university-of-illinois-chicago

ID 71856

Jack Wheeler

Business innovator. Former Founder in Residence at Sandbox Industries - ideating, testing, launching new startups, including Lost Crates. Early Groupon employee

ID 30415

Ben Reid

Business Development at Orbitz. Founder of Foodie Registry. Startup Leadership Program Fellow. Derivatives trader. Chicago Booth MBA 2010.

ID 37667

D'Andre Fason

I'm a cabinet-maker & designer of furniture. I am looking to build with the right investor from my garage to our own woodshop!

ID 96575

Guillermo Maldonado Ibarguen

Founder of KSubasta. Business owner at age 20. Worked with Deloitte and @microsoft. Strong international management experience.

ID 29356

Max De Marzi

Founder @vouched. Experienced Back-end Web Developer. Graph Databases, Real Estate App, Call Center Apps, Job Board App.

ID 372905

Scott Skinger


Founder/CEO of @trainsignal (acquired by @pluralsight). Founder/CEO of Blue Whale Web. Looking to partner with people who want to make a difference.

ID 100691

Kunal Parbadia

Co-Founder @BetterWeekdays; @georgia-institute-of-technology Engineer; Worked @accenture, Product Development and User Experience; Love growth hacking

ID 116049

Bryn McCoy

CTO of @citizen-made. Software engineer for Lifetouch, Navteq, IBM, Volvo. Product design consultant for Kinesis, Brightspark, Northwestern Medicine.

ID 416503

Leilani Chee

Member Experience Manager at Project Fixup (Techstars Chicago 2013); Previously Family Resource Specialist at large non-profit agency

ID 191920

Adrian Holovaty

Web developer. Cocreated Django Web framework. Founded EveryBlock (sold to Trained in journalism. I can both talk strategy and ship good code.

ID 179546

Nicole Yeary

Founder of Ms.Tech • Worked with @hootsuite, @midventures • Studied at @purdue-university, @cleveland-state-university, @indiana-wesleyan-university

ID 318177

Prem Panchal

@bikespike @matchist @travelocity @getninjas @university-of-chicago-booth-school-of-business @southern-methodist-university-1, practitioner of finance, business development and strategy, avid cyclist, travler and tennis player; smart worker.

ID 373009


Incubator @rockhealth • COO @canceriq • Worked at @university-of-chicago-medical-center • Studied at @emory-university, @northwestern-university

ID 461714

Chris Zamierowski

Worked at @betterfly-1, @magnani-caruso-dutton • Studied at @northwestern-university

ID 144800

Ryan Coon

Co-founder of @rentalutions. Former Investment Banking Associate at @bmo-capital-markets . @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign '07 Finance & Accounting

ID 494273

Andy Chu

ID 280271

Neil Gupta

Founder @tabule • Developer & aspiring UX Designer • Studied CS + Psych + Business, graduated cum laude @illinois-institute-of-technology

ID 224915

William Hart

Design engineer currently working at @spark • Cook Engineering Design Fellow, B.E. Mechanical Engineering (2012) at @dartmouth-college College

ID 103670

Scott Mandel

CEO of @snapclass. Chicago Entrepreneur. Getting it done.

ID 104652

Phil Hammer


Founder & CEO @procureapp-1 I'm passionate about new technologies and in helping corporation's to save expenses via new internet applications.

ID 43020

Guy Harding

Lead engineer at @moneydesktop (rapidly growing PFM provider), co-founded @qbillion (online financial analysis), lead engineer at @i-tv (#1 TV app in appstore)

ID 81371

Michele Joel

ID 485300

Zach Finley

4 years of operations & leadershp experience at Groupon, management consulting, Stanford MBA

ID 70631

Jonathan Pirc

Team member of @lab42.

ID 39380

Derek Beckmann


Serial entrepreneur, startup advisor, angel investor, technologist, strategist. Highly skilled at business/corporate dev, and closing strategic partnerships.

ID 160054

Piyush Kedia

Founder @symbiosis-health, Symbiosis Health, 4th Startup, 8 years experience in Revenue cycle management

ID 146531

Charlie Zei

Co-Founder and COO of @push-wellness • Worked at @northwestern-university-1 Feinberg School of Medicine • Grad school at Northwestern, UIC (Epidemiology)

ID 42320

Eugene Revzin

COO of @silvrspoon. Founded tech consulting and development firm for startups in 08. Strong business background BS in Mgmt & Intl Bus from Kelley School (IU)

ID 61040

Barrett Griffith

Technical Co-Founder @careshare • Heavy-lifting Internet Engineer • Studied at @northwestern-university

ID 121967

Nick Terkay

CEO of @silvrspoon. Full stack developer. BS/MS in Computer Science.

ID 212555

Kasra Moshkani

Founder of HireBrite • Formerly M&A, Private Equity & Business Development • Studied at @harvard-university, @university-of-chicago-booth-school-of-business

ID 52098

Bob Zukis

CEO, Board Member & Advisor. Hyde Park Angel, UChicago, Hoopster & Author - never at the same time.

ID 12856

Terri Persico

Founder/CEO Veebit

ID 297901

Scott Shepard

ID 87844

Christopher Deutsch

Investor in @perceptual-networks & @oncam

ID 216617

Chris Hacker


Co-Founder of Tectonic Data Systems • Co-designer of @tectonicdb • Former @kirkland-ellis-llp Lawyer • JD @northwestern-university-school-of-law, @UW-Madison

ID 124979

Elaine Russell

Founder @heirlume

ID 24283

Aji Abraham


Tech entreprenuer. Chicago. Strong in PHP. Worked at Motorola, Brickfish. Founder of @iscripts , @supportpro , @socialdefender . MBA and MS from Arizona State.

ID 40593

Jeff Strank

Founder @netparty. Building suite of social discovery/networking sites/apps under banner including / /

ID 123102

Boris Rozman

Experienced Entrepreneur with expertise in Talent Acquisition, Mobile/Web Solutions. Founder/CEO of @cmp-jobs & @loginaut. Bootstrap to $2m. EO NY Member.

ID 42664

Jim Milbery

Operating Partner for Private Equity Group in Chicago. Masters in Information Technology from IIT in Chicago.

ID 19136

Kimberly Chulis

CEO of Core Analytics and Game Loyalty. Analytics Expert, covering social, mobile, games, web and offline data analysis. Architect of BrandMeter (TM)

ID 86470

Paul Spata

Winner of 2011 Best Social Networking App & Best Reference App for Android. Previously Mobile Development Director for @thumb.

ID 62820

Austin Asamoa-Tutu

Co-founder & CEO at @sweetperk, Inc; Kellogg MBA, Levy Fellow; Global Product Manager for Embedded Software (Johnson Controls); Web start-up through undergrad.

ID 331126

Alex Fedotov

ID 69252

Byron Burke


Lateral thinker & Founder at @bb-media-global-group, Studied @stanford-university & DePaul University

ID 194000

Leslie Pratch

A licensed clinical psychologist, Leslie Pratch has led Pratch & Company as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since 1998.

ID 376191

Alexandra Kehoe

I can talk to people through the interwebs as though I'm an actual person and not a robot.

ID 93545

Rob Walsh

Co-Founder of @scholastica. Academic publishing experience at Callaloo (JHU Press). Designed at many Chicago software companies.

ID 37777

Rohit Sankaran

Founder @riot-inc, @asset-harmony, @piepdx alum, worked at @manifest-digital, @arthur-andersen

ID 103906

Kison Patel


President at Fundology. 7 years M&A Advisory. 7 years software development.

ID 197405

Chris Carlson


Former Co-Founder of Tap.Me (Acquired by MediaMath). Experienced digital media executive with proven ability to build and lead successful sales teams--in start-up, growth-stage, and at-scale organizations.

ID 126072

Brian Greenberg

Systems Thinker, Hiker, Entrepreneur, Whole Systems Designer, Philosopher, Technologist

ID 299401

Chris Gansen

#geek. Former @ibm, @obama-for-america; founding team @public-good-software • CS from @university-of-michigan

ID 454610

Brad Romney

BCG Project Leader; artist, programmer, business developer, lawyer. JD/MBA from Chicago. Experience in strategy, ops, sales and marketing, and M&A.

ID 405530

Don Chartier

Versatile manager/doer who sells new technology and services. Drives faster adoption and greater revenue. Was told that I'm "interstitial." Sounds good to me.

ID 70086

Gauri Sharma

CEO of @lab42. Kellogg MBA. Contributor on @forbes

ID 62847


Founder of @sayclip and TVDeck. Also investor and owner of multiple franchise QSRs. Fun fact: Once raised Nuance's market cap $600MM in intraday trading.

ID 32428

Jake Chapman

Co-Founder of ShowcaseU. Former Professional Pitcher of 8 years.

ID 316864

Kyle Shea

Founder of @yourseniorliving Raising Angel Investment Round. Founding executive member @all-campus. Startup experience @snagajob-com @alloy-media-marketing

ID 62695

Phil Dziedzic

MS Engineering Design from Northwestern, led NU Solar Car Team, 1st campus solar installation. Worked at GM & Northrop. Founded 1st tech startup in class at NU.

ID 441062

Ahmed Zedan

Founder LaunchEngine • Worked at @vivaki, @starcom-mediavest-group, @lightbank • Studied at @depaul-university

ID 297184

Evan Kuchar

Ruby on Rails Developer at Dabble

ID 96727

Matthew Reese

BizDev for freemium business models and high volume distribution -- AVG, @sana-security, @crossloop

ID 234104


Entrepreneur. Hacker. Founder. Hipster. IU Kelley School of Business.

ID 147538

Jeff Bajayo

Founder of Covr (Stealth), Product Manager at InVisionApp, Editor at BetaList, Adobe Advisory Board Member, New Yorker.

ID 372545

Neal Jagtap

Commercial lawyer experienced with technology and startup companies; accustomed to working with small teams and informal work environments; ex-Air Force officer.

ID 141882

Joshua Dean

Founder & CEO, @uberloop

ID 332035

Alex Pinter

Founded and worked his a** off for Trayn - a new web service for strength and conditioning coaches (currently available by invitation only)

ID 122741

Brandon Middleton

Systems Engineer at Cisco Systems

ID 112296

Muhammed Fazeel

Illini, launched 2 startups. Former-Team lead for a software startup, launched from inception to customers. Founder of a digital health startup @benecure

ID 48562

BeiBei Que

Chief Legal Rebel • Founder @attorneyfee • Bar Association President • Relentless Hustler

ID 101480

Christopher Pauly


Strong business background in emerging tech (Electric Vehicles, Smart Grid, Smart Meters). Kellogg MBA; @depaul-university University College of Law JD

ID 139706

Roger Wang

CTO and co-founder of @leaguevine. Senior software engineer at Motorola Mobility 2007-2012. BS Computer Engineering UIUC 2007.

ID 292779

Pat Kelly


Strategy/Investment/Financial Services professional, Mechanical Eng. @Yale, MBA @UofC

ID 10315

Christopher Pursuitist

Award-winning pioneer in web publishing, online marketing and ecommerce.

ID 146956

Kellie Felsten

ID 113484

Rahmal Conda

Founder and Platform Architect of @boxes, Founder and CEO of @poolati, Chief Architect of TripTrace, Experienced technical leader, MS in Computer Science.

ID 403499

Brian Lastovich

Worked at @base-crm • Studied at @university-of-dayton

ID 308829

Graham Beatty

@harvard-university @ucla-anderson-school-of-management , Experience in private equity and financial analysis, Heavy into future tech

ID 157846

Daniel Rezko

Founder @yella • MBA @university-of-chicago-booth-school-of-business, VP Ops at $300 mm fund

ID 65541

Jon Abrams


Founder of @edline. Investor in @blackboard, @edline, @chemical-information-services, @atco-crossroads, @clark-street-farm.

ID 54228

Lucas Ward

COO & Co-Founder of Rippleshot. Former CTO of @fundspire. Previous experience in consulting specializing in open source and agile development.

ID 6002

Chris Ziobehr


I am a Partner at @caldera-venture-partners

ID 42331

John Nelson

Director of Business Development at @arborvita-associates Co-Founder of @universitytutor-com Associate at @oakwood-global-finance MBA - @university-of-chicago

ID 115418

Philip Nowak

Founder at @firmology. Product Manager at @sears. BA, Economics at @indiana-university-bloomington. Fan of startup entrepreneurs and small business owners.

ID 240715

John McLaughlin


COO of Critical Mass, creating extraordinary digital experiences that exceed clients business objectives

ID 142675

Samer Saab

Founder @unbranded-designs, @revel-central • Worked at @zs-associates • Studied at University of Michigan

ID 293704

Adil Mezghouti

Helped 5 startups develop their products, wrote a couple of mobile apps and worked on several large projects

ID 56274

Ricardo Garcia

Founder and CTO at @base-10-labs. Specialist in Esoteric audio algorithms. Genetic Programming for Sound Synthesis. DSP and frequency domain magic.

ID 258277

Nikos Avlonas


Nikos Avlonas is founder and President of the Centre for Sustainability & Excellence (CSE) a global Sustainability Strategic advisory and Training organization based in Chicago, Brussels and Athens active in more than 25 countries

ID 383831

Sean Donohue

Designer/art director in Chicago with 15+ years digital/interactive. Most recently Creative Director at Threadless, previously at BBDO, Goodby, Arc, and HUGE.

ID 52791

Jim Carini

Founder and CEO of Jolokia Media and the Game Break Network. Marketing and product background with both startups and agencies.

ID 170197

Douglas Harrington

Founder Patient-Advisor • Studied at @harvard-university, @kellogg-school-of-management

ID 88941

Trent Jurewicz

motorcyclist • world traveler • founder @riot-inc • alum of @piepdx • director of technology at @manifest-digital, @acquity-group

ID 172422

John Gulbronson

Founder @myfab5 • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 215675

Blake Bible


Former Tech/Media Investment Banker; Founder/Owner @GrassFedSteakhouse and Founder @startingbloc; Strong Operational / Finance / Biz Dev skills in FOOD & MEDIA

ID 93012

Avelo Roy

Co founder @bff-gemz

ID 65230

Logan Frederick

Computational Finance Student at @ohio-state-university

ID 345802

John T. Karantonis

Entrepreneur, innovative digital media and technology executive. Formerly CoFounder of a leading location-based digital media network (now part of RMG Mall Media). Worked at various telecom, media and technology companies. Loyola University Chicago.

ID 163891

Jason Weingarten

Co-founder and CEO of @recsolu and @RecPass. Everything I do is always both business and pleasure.

ID 95927

Aaron Post

Father, Husband, Mad web skills, currently handling the Marketing, Account Management and Sales for BarVision.

ID 179194

Patrick Rooney

CEO @QUE_social. Co-founder of Zocalo Group (Omnicom). Strong business/management background. Push limits of what's considered possible.

ID 259877

Zachary Pollack

Founder Zockster • Founder WayToSettle • Worked at @king-spalding-llp • Studied at @university-of-kansas, @john-marshall-law-school

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 297182

Robert R. Meyer

Developer @dabble

ID 244788

Josh Liss

Over 1 million people use products I've lead teams in creating. Strategy consulting and bus dev experience with Fortune 50. Written about in the WSJ. UChicago

ID 314160

Bobby Gylling

Recent Miami University graduate. Prior experiences include startups, advertising, marketing, sales, media, biz dev, and relationship building.

ID 297127

Meghan Hammond

Marketing Director @dabble

ID 163316

Darren Marshall

Co-founder @Doejo, Digital Agency of the year 2012, Advisor,

ID 101645

Brian Pigott

Serial entrepreneur using tech to ease pain points in the B2B and B2C spaces. I cut my teeth as an engineer at Motorola for 5 yrs before heading out on my own.

ID 336808

Sahil Bhagat

Problem-solver focused on product design, user experience, analytics and business strategy

ID 42680

Asaf Elani

Co-Founder at @ourlabel; Former Technology Consultant at @accenture Technology Labs; B.S. Electrical Engineering @northwestern-university University.

ID 63680

Anthony Richardson

Consultant. Growth Hacker. Founder. Mentor. I help start-ups you've never heard of become companies you know.

ID 59551

Brian Busche

Founded RPMworld, an online drag racing game that had 2.7 million users. Worked for several large ad agencies as a key member of the digital development team.

ID 152536

Rodney Witcher II

Founder @mdotm • Worked at @socialmedia-com, @siebel-systems • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 288792

Amy Kirsch

Director of Dearborn Partners. Business development, raised money for Independent RIA in Chicago, established quarterly marketing programs. Created:

ID 358068

Matthew Moore

ID 243321

David Speigel

Kellogg MBA, worked in VC at MK Capital, past role in digital media strategy/incubator/partnership group at Discovery Communications.

ID 324042

Max Talbot-Minkin

VP of Strategy and Design, TodayTix. Designer, strategist, tech nerd, MBA. Love building companies. Columbia University and IIT Institute of Design grad.

ID 85882

Adam Hirsen

Adam has spent his career learning to build companies. Before co-founding SparkReel, Adam spent 5 years with a Chicago-based private equity firm.

ID 217589

Anthony Marnell

Currently BD & Sales @mailjet Formerly @techstars NYC and @ubs • Studied at @university-of-chicago-booth-school-of-business, @university-of-kansas

ID 297142

Kelsey Wojtasiak

Business Development @dabble.

ID 185758

Pete Stam

Founder UrbanBuddy • Worked at @chicago Sculpture Works • Studied at @'Cuse

ID 94771

Cem Baydar


Strategy and Management Consulting Executive with 15 years of experience, Advisory Board Member of Endeavor, Member of Keiretsu Forum, ex-Accenture and comScore executive.

ID 330543

Justin Bouchard


Founder @algofast, Bouchard Trading

ID 218503

Peter Liu


associate @newworldvc, early-adopter, wahoo alumn, sportsfan, lover of any combination of food, music, and beer, happier when traveling

ID 113502

Jeff Molander

TRAINER ♦ SPEAKER ♦ Adjunct Faculty, Loyola University

ID 42901

Ryan Verner

Founder @fouryears, BBA Marketing @ohio-university University

ID 392105

Elisa All

ID 67314

George Eid

Founding partner at @area-17, an interactive agency in New York City and Paris, France. Our products include @krrb-local-classifieds, @slash-paris and @subfolio.

ID 495025

John Hancock

Founder Visual Information Technologies, inc. • Worked at @boeing • Studied at @thunderbird-school-of-global-management, @letourneau-university

ID 474065

Andrew Katz

Worked at @reachlocal-nasdaq-rloc, @thumb-friendly • Studied at @university-of-south-carolina

ID 108849

Liz Eavey

Co-Founder of @stork-stack; @wharton-school MBA; Currently work full-time at Zipcar; Previous career at Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.

ID 182343

Mike Dwyer

Founder QUEsocial • Worked at @aon-hewitt • Studied at @university-of-iowa

ID 190160

John Geis

Co-founder @glossre • Head of Ops @dabble • Former investment banker • Studied at @babson-college

ID 19937

Patrick Kwiatkowski

CEO of Microcinema Intl. Strong international business background. MBA @university-of-chicago.

ID 34640

Robert Wilson

Craft wine visionary, formerly @wirtz-beverage representing @e-j-gallo-winery portfolio. Earned C.S.W. (Certified Specialist of Wine) in 2012.

ID 241520

Jasmin Besic

Dealster, Daily Dealter and Chitown Deals

ID 95013

Conor Barnes


Investor via Pipeline Fellowship, Board Member @philantech, student at Rutgers Business School

ID 37800

Avi Stopper

CaptainU's CEO, @booth-school-of-business MBA, skateboarder and guitarist.

ID 247304

William Underwood

Founder @spotme • Studied at @university-of-chicago, @university-of-illinois-chicago

ID 218451

Jeffrey Osowski

Experienced entrepreneur with impressive track record as a consultant at Bain & Company. Finance and Psychology degree from Notre Dame.

ID 113742


Credentialed Health Care Actuary and MBA/MPH candidate at @yale-university; Consulting and Health Care background; experiences ranging from large companies to startups

ID 326127

Tom Wright

AdWords and Analytics specialist. Former HTML / CSS student at The Starter League.

ID 220749

Thomas M. Sparico

ID 160481

Justin Carr

Strategic Marketer w/experience at established companies & startups. Client & agency side. Worked at @j-walter-thompson, @pepsi • @yale-university undergrad, Kellogg MBA

ID 232659

Matt Dellen


ID 95516

Anthony B. Ferguson


Partner at Miller and Ferguson

ID 4103

Priyanshu Harshavat

Founder at @socioclean

ID 300948

Peter Mantas

President & CEO ► Problem Solver ► Analytics Expert ► Mentor/Advisor

ID 210922

Tasos Chatzakis


Managed and directed a diversified business in tourism and real estate over the last 10 years. I am currently working in the USA. I am not a US citizen.

ID 300398

Maggie Keen

Co-founder @cardoona. Loyola University Chicago BBA. Background in Private Equity & Wealth Mgmt @Northern Trust. Responsible for human & capital mgmt.

ID 20209

Giulio Ardoino

Founded @ziczac, top Italian News Aggregator. Founder of @bestcreativity, a marketplace for creativity based on Crowdsourcing

ID 485724

Brendan Jackson

ID 233837

Naveen Aggarwal

Technical co-founder of rfphunter with 13 years of coding and consulting experience.

ID 499632

Joshua Rogers [email protected]

Strategy consultant and MBS trader. Worked at BCG and McKinsey, Partner at KPMG, 10 years experience in Russia, fluent in Russian. MBA 2000 Chicago Booth

ID 33516

B.J. Mendelson

B.J. Mendelson is the author of the controversial and top-selling book, Social Media Is Bullshit, now in stores everywhere from St. Martin's Press

ID 423562

Jason Sandler

Founder at Innoblative Designs • JD/MBA candidate @Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University School of Law • Former Consultant @deloitte-consulting

ID 111467

Steve Gradman

Founder @mrs-judd-s-games • Education startup - 15 Years of marketing leadership expertise at fortune 500 CPGs. Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign, @washington-university-in-saint-louis

ID 213555

Christopher Jones

Founder Lemonade Stand and Public Affairs Associate at the University of Chicago.

ID 376039

Amanda Cannan


Recovering tax accountant; Director, Internal Strategy Consulting @ibm; Past @ernst-young ; Bridge between our investments & the angels and VCs

ID 78053

Ryan Bank

Founder @social-intelligence, Expert in Disaster Tech and Emerging Technologies • Studied at @northwestern-university

ID 177116

Brian Begy

Development leader. Takes projects from ideas to implementation.

ID 250342

Hope Gurion

Chief Product Development Officer, experienced creating B2B and B2C services.

ID 131614

Kevin Yun

Founded @fitsby, Founded @designation

ID 132857

Ravi Pilla

CEO ano Co-Founder @studycloud

ID 303166

David Kormushoff

Founder @jotlocker • Worked at @gather-1, @thoughtworks, @orby

ID 449848

Sami Arayssi

Stanford MSEE (2007) and Chicago Booth MBA (2013); Worked in Software Engineering at Cisco Systems and Strategy Consulting at L.E.K. Consulting; Multi-lingual

ID 339930

Elizabeth Kulin, M.S.

Successful marketing consultant of Kulin Marketing, LLC.

ID 352418

Aaron U. Salmon

A jovial lad & professional fellow. Eau Claire native, Dad, Design Director, UI/UX #OFATech, community organizer, civic geek, placemaker & cyclist.

ID 209721

Jordan Fulghum

Product Designer, formerly of Groupon, Scrapblog. Creator of Vidless. Focused on UX, design, front-end.

ID 14659

Adam Burck


MD of Evergreen Equity, building great businesses and brands. Previously in marketing and general management for CPG food & beverages globally.

ID 116932

Isaiah Andrew

Co-Founding partner of M+I Creative, and CitizenMade. I'm also a partner at TalkSession and I provide consulting services in UX Design and Digital Strategy.

ID 357283

Benjamin Forgan

Founder of Konekt. Launched Startups on 3 continents. Former MD at Rocket Internet; Former Head of Sales Ops (Founding Team) Groupon Goods.

ID 163263

Mukund Chopra

Worked at @groupon, Director of Revenue @granify • Studied at @queen-s-university, @hec-paris

ID 190506

Allan Ziegler

Regional Sales Director at Groupon. Worked @Goldman Sachs • Studied at @Penn, @Wharton

ID 174286

Bryan Jurewicz

Entrepreneur (Vision, Strategy, Funding, Execution & Exit) • CEO at @gradebeam • Studied at @University of Wisconsin, Madison

ID 120000

Rob Sayre

Executive Vice President CNC Strategy. Experienced strategic problem solver on cost and revenue side in various industries including consulting.

ID 37849

Brian Mandelbaum

Razorfish founding team member. Co-founder of GoSMILE (sold) VP, Digital @ Saatchi, VP, Innovation Director @ Cramer-Krassetl. Serial digital innovator.

ID 266135

Nic De Castro

Founder @plzadvize • Worked at @magnetic, @visus-video • Studied at @boston-university

ID 125124

Ravi Singh

Owner, RavWare Mobile Labs. I dream and love making and researching mobile apps on any platform every second of the day.

ID 256350

MidMarket Place

We connect people, information, and money with the best learning and performance solutions to MAXIMIZE business value worldwide.

ID 461727

Marty Trzpit

Worked at @belly, @fango-software-systems • Studied at @depaul-university

ID 216763

Raju Malhotra


SVP, Products @centro, Ex-Microsoft, Ex-McKinsey, Wharton MBA; Product-focused Technologist, Entrepreneur & Investor in Online Media, Advertising, Mobile/Social

ID 263407

Anthony Abraham

ID 136560

Raj Naik

Vice President, Ops & Strategy at; Specialize in taking companies from idea to profitability. 1st software startup out of college sold to Oracle.

ID 242600

Greg Hunter

Over seven years of experience managing and selling in fast-paced start-up environments and publicly traded top-tier SaaS firms.

ID 233970

Todd Heyden

Director of Business Development & Co-Founder @lock. Worked at Edward Don & Co as a National Account Salesman specializing in revenue growth.

ID 41534

John Pytel

Co-Founder of SoapBox, graduate of @michigan-state-university University

ID 84600

Zishan Ahmad

Leader, mentor, developer, manager, polyglot. Organizer Startup Weekend, Stamford Tech Meetup. Led dev on $30MM U.C. product. Looking for my next adventure.

ID 30702

Chris LoPresti


Founder @touchpoints • Love building communities with @sandbox-network, @the-feast, @gust • Studied @yale-university • NYC & Chicago • Angel - VC - Entrepreneur •

ID 246692

Ankur Mittal


Founded CVM (sold to Altegrity), Founded Smart Dimensions, C-Level Exec, Masters in Computer Science with MBA from Kellogg, Worked for Shasta Venture

ID 292929

David D. White, J.D.

Founder Committed web-tech attorney with experience in IP, HR and Data. Indiana Maurer School of Law graduate and economics fellow.

ID 229270

Lara Field

Founder @feed-forming-early-eating-decisions • Worked at @university-of-chicago-medical-center, @lurie-children-s-hospital • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign, @rush-university

ID 113282

Geremy Good

Interaction designer for the noun project. Thinker at Simple.Honest.Work. Bassist for Glittermouse. Making for humanity.

ID 433959

Jay Alter


Entreprenuer looking for next opportunity. 14 years at last venture with successful exit. Stanford BA, University of Chicago Booth MBA.

ID 212067

Diana Zink

Founder of DoerHub • Introduced, engineered, & managed profitable products for @nba Digital, @cnn-com, @Turner Broadcasting • Studied at @university Of Chicago

ID 76724

Tristan Sloughter

Erlang programmer. Opa enthusiast. Worked at eCDMarket on aggregation market system, Orbitz Worldwide on Core and IR/DM grad research.

ID 6016

Matthew Caston


CSO at 365 Retail. Strong finance and sales operations background. Startup to enterprise management expertise. Moderately irreverent.

ID 388561

Alex Pyatetsky

Founded The HOTH (Acquired by Next Net Media 2013). Perpetual Immigrant. Compulsive connector. Occasional advisor/consultant. Let me know how I can help.

ID 29292

Ryan Schultz

Founder of for Architects/Engineers (building/construction industry).

ID 433787

James Blacher

Versatile front-end designer/developer with experience across multiple fields of design.

ID 184389

William Howe

William Howe is a co-founder of empeopled. Strong business background with Stanford MBA. Worked at Citadel Investment Group, DLJ, Deloitte and tech start-ups.

ID 139908

Michael Slaby

Worked at @tomorrowventures, @obama-for-america • Studied at @brown-university

ID 84865

Scott Gosnell

CEO at Windcastle Venture Consulting, Visiting Instructor of Economics at Kenyon College

ID 52086

Shuja Rahman

Founder of @gradmags. Worked at Dell. Two successful startups out of high school. @booth-school-of-business MBA.

ID 205648

Jeff Pittelkow

Experience E-commerce Rockstar with a development and technology background and a degree in Marketing and a pedigree in business management

ID 441982

James Valadez

Operations, Warehouse and People Mgmt. McMaster-Carr Supply Mgmt. Alum. Dartmouth College & IMSA grad. Interested in tech startups and entrepreneurship.

ID 314789

Erin Little

ID 455460

Phil Harris

Founder Geofeedia • Worked at @priceline-com • Studied at @harvard-business-school

ID 278043

Lloyd McWhorter Jr.

President of NetVoices, Founder Intro America. Worked at Urban Ministries, HBO, Invensys and Microband. PMP Certified. Studied at Chicago Booth and NYU.

ID 252082

Kelsey Joza

ID 13910

Timur Eligulashvili

VP of Commercial Products @uShip. Previously Founder at Loadio, and Director of Product Management at Echo (IPO 2009), from 20 to 900 employees

ID 121045

Eric Dyoniziak

Previously an Software Engineer at Yodle, Inc. BS in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Chamaign.

ID 119607

Jason Smith

Technology Executive

ID 127626

DeVaris Brown

Chief Product Officer of @klick-push. Dev at @microsoft, @intel, Cisco, & @ibm in a former life. Evangelist at @microsoft and Marmalade. Math + CS @ UIUC

ID 122869

Ismail Mohammed

ID 82423


ID 347877

Sean Kung

Worked at @everpurse • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 441820

Erik Peterson

Technical Guy with a Designer's Eye

ID 55073


UofC MBA, mobile expert w/ start-up experience & algorithmic trading background. Leader & connector. Single SHS dad of 2. Problem solver & music lover.

ID 255327

Sukhwant Khanuja

CEO Carematix/Blipcare, Worked at McKinsey and Case New Holland

ID 129725

Aziz Ali

Serial Entrepreneur

ID 456319

Daniel Fell

If you want customers hire me. I am scrappier than a junk yard dog from the Bronx.

ID 3439

Vincent Chou

ID 242226


We fuel ideas that grow, helping startups & brands identify market opportunities and build the momentum they need.

ID 41057

Paul Caswell


ID 72558

Sean Johnson

Product Development Executive, Partner at Digital Intent

ID 216205

Phillip Birtcher

Co-founded HireBrite. Past: Software Engineer at Groupon, CS at University of Texas.

ID 23750

Tim Kearney

Entrepreneur with ~15 years of experience at small, profitable startups. Software development background, Kellogg MBA, jack of all trades Internet biz leader.

ID 55764

Dave Brace

Full Stack Engineer at Charlie. Creator of

ID 348223

Eric Watson

Chicago MBA graduate, Consulting Experience, Full database skill set, Nerd w/ Personality. Flourished in all size companies (Startup, Mid, $1Bil corporation)

ID 72713

Jorge Vazquez-Pallares

Very strong Product Development Management & Product Management skills, which were honed both in a business and entrepreneurial environment. Love to create.

ID 60925

Mike Fogarty

Founder & CEO at @mantle

ID 265670

Mari Huertas

maker, mentor, connector. previously @ofatech, @mozilla, @uchicago.

ID 135528

Corey Anand

Founder/CEO KitchIn • VP at @georama (Chicago)• High honors at @depaul-university, @butler-university Univ.- Entrepreneurship & Management. Heavily involved in startup community.

ID 300307

Vaibhav Goel

Worked at @zynga, @oca-ventures • Studied at @kellogg-school-of-management, @indian-institute-of-technology-bombay

ID 37090

Jace Mouse


Hands-on CTO who gets business. Four successful companies: iExplore,, Orbitz,

ID 476785

Panos Karouzos

Senior Vendor Manager @amazon • Co-Founded @officefab, Former MD @rocket Internet • MBA @Kellogg, Economics @Bocconi University

ID 33790

Josh Shpayher

@govsm; Politics, Social Media, Gov20 & OpenGov; Student of Science, History, Judaism; Father; Husband, Chicagoan, Cubs & Vikings; Attorney; @whorunsgov blogger

ID 123387

Tyler Mendoza

co-founder/ceo @arc-mobile. Formerly @gdine-group-dining-made-easy . My goal is to bring restaurants and tech together.

ID 300214

Adil Shakour

ID 295936

Nick Kellermeyer

VP Sales @grubhub (employee #5), sales & leadership roles StubHub, ESPN Radio Chicago, short stint as international basketball scout, MBA DePaul University

ID 253364

Robb Beal

Award-winning software product exec with start-up DNA. Worked for Laszlo Systems (General Catalyst Partners) and LucidEra (Benchmark) and have an exit to Sun (Karelia).

ID 33041

Stephen Puiszis

Hustler & Hacker wearing many hats. Current @tablexi, Former: @houlihan-lokey, @kelley-school-of-business-indiana-university-1

ID 486600

Gina Johnson

20 years Digital Sales and Marketing experience at companies like Martha Stewart, Time Inc. iVlliage/NBCU, Newsweek The Daily Beast

ID 362190

Jennifer Ducharme

Currently working as a Writer/Performer with a decade of experience in customer service, theatrical production, and administrative assistance.

ID 360507

Lucien Carter

Generalist consultant with political and intellectual property background ready to be an innovative leader for a novel company with a respected team.

ID 237691

David A. Cornelson

IT Consultant and entrepreneur with nearly three decades of enterprise development experience.

ID 313823

Leo Akselrud

Co-founder @Trainerly. Sports and Fitness Aficionado. Very Few Strengths but Plethora of Weaknesses. Worked at @arthur-andersen and @ernst-young.

ID 56992

Brandon Robins

Co-founder @ourlabel. Software Developer and Project Management Consultant through work experience, Mechanical Engineer and Music Performer by degrees.

ID 120550

Adam Piotrowski

Founder, Co-Founder, Innovation Fellow, looking for more hats. Past: corporate M&A, FDA reviewer, startup R&D operations. Stanford University B.S. and M.S.

ID 247914

Matt Dennewitz

i head up tech at @pitchforkmedia and @beergraphs. lover of python, js, golang. baseball is a lifestyle. from hell's heart i regress thee.

ID 70077

Vincent Ma


Senior Vice President

ID 290158

James Kouris

Mentoring students in the Entrepreneur program at Kellogg in addition to working at “1871” assisting startup companies with technology and go-to-market strategies including fundraising.

ID 97181

J. David Morris

Marketing Professional

ID 208897

James Carney

Full Stack Web Developer with a Liberal Arts Skill Set

ID 95450

Contessa Gibson

Founder of @plusnavigator-1

ID 61147

Aaron Zeitner

Chicago-based Entrepreneur with base hit successes, all leading up to a home run.

ID 101520

Elizabeth Rogers

Entrepreneur, Ops, Strategy, Process and People Pro

ID 354289

Christopher Curtis

Works at @charlie-app. Plays a mean trumpet in a ska band.

ID 196891

Scott Golas


Executive in Residence at NewCo (an affiliate of...) #Gamification expert, #outsourcing enthusiast, micro investor, avid biker & amateur landscaper

ID 177621

Ernest Wong

ID 507379

Joshua Nickell

Threadless Optimization Manager and International Markets Manager; Strong business background; MA Johns Hopkins International Economics 2011

ID 116115

Ardean Christian

Founder @postster-com

ID 305460

Chris Peterson

Front-End Developer

ID 84813

Ryan Lupo

Graduate of @williams-college College. Work with start-ups throughout the country. Looking to help bring top technical talent to your firm.

ID 34537

George Tung

I am an Entrepreneur at heart. No matter what I’m doing, I always think about how I can improve it.

ID 99727

Eric Schwartz

Co-founder and CTO of @beamboard. Strong history of technology leadership roles and building software and infrastructure to address various markets.

ID 188003

Andy Stankiewicz

Co-Founder Terranova Inc. • Senior public relations, marketing, and strategy executive driving growth and shareholder value.

ID 58095

David Gamperl


Investor in @osborn-energy, @m37-marketing.

ID 170098

Steve Blentlinger

Entrepreneur@heart. Love 4 Tech Innovation Business Philanthropy & NonProfits. VP @PaylineData Blessed Father w/ a beautiful wife & 2 boys

ID 191883

Robert Heist

Founder @r-connor-associates-p-c • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @university-of-illinois-chicago

ID 310326

Wood Chatham


CEO of Clean Plate, a startup consolidating the independent restaurant industry. 14 year career on Wall Street focussed on Consumer-related investments.

ID 186750

Greg Williams

Ruby, Rails & Front-end Web Developer. Partner at @3binary. @starterleague Mentor, former TA and alumn.

ID 400020

Luke Geiger

Founder @6th-man-apps • Worked at @upto, @grand-circus • Studied at @university Of Michigan

ID 410960

Omar Shaik

Highly varied educational background, including in pre-med sciences, psychology for UX/UI, and practical entrepreneurship. Now looking to specialize in CS.

ID 181363

Eryan Cobham

Worked at Obama for America • Studied at Yale

ID 461793

Nirav Amin

Business Development Professional, Launched 3 Startups, Looking for the next big thing

ID 134689

Drew DePriest, CEM, LEED AP

Sustainability geek. Energy Engineer. Music addict. @DePaulU #Marketing Adjunct Prof. Fan of big ideas, passionate people, & #socent. BS UIUC, MBA/MSF DePaul.

ID 260108

Austin R. Maxey

Strong technical and management consulting background, Experience in SaaS and venture backed SMBs, GW MBA 2012.

ID 145791

David Hasebroock

Studied at Boston College, Founded @fishingenthusiast-com, Online Marketing Analyst at Fusion Tree, Inc.

ID 139193

Samir Suri

Work at @progreso-financiero • Studied at @university-of-chicago, @university-of-minnesota-twin-cities

ID 110075

Andy Hopson

Skilled Senior Marketing Executive

ID 218283

Rick Munster

Co-founder of 1st Zoe Group LLC holdings, exceptional technology sales and marketing acumen, makes impossible happen

ID 319220

Erik Skurka

Son, Brother, Friend, Geek, Entrepreneur, Product Manager @

ID 245036

Chris Rechtsteiner

Founder @blueloop-concepts-inc • Helping early stage co's analyze/identify new opportunities, define products/services & bring them to market quickly.

ID 133923

Kelly Kane

Co-Founder at @a-drink-with. Passion for strong editorial content and unique digital media. Worked at @groupon, @cbs, @mtv-networks.

ID 367757

Trevor Austin

Palantir forward-deployed engineer, former co-founder and CTO (sold to strategic acquirer), Stanford SymSys '05

ID 120664

J.J. Schwan


ID 152600

Humberto Valle

Founder/CEO of OppenUp. GCU BA. I'm a passionate and social entrepreneur. I consult social enterprises. Proud Rotarian, Gangplank anchor and global citizen.

ID 47620

Joshua Chestang

Founder @speakerfeed - Changing the way people support their church. • Studied at @howard-university • Studied at The Starter League • Ruby on Rails

ID 332594

Kevin Musiorski

Longtime Idea-Guy. Ex IT-Guy. Now RoR-Guy. Currently looking to join a solid team as a strong junior developer.

ID 65774

Cary Black

Legal Council for Create Possible. Policy, tax, legal and non-profit background. Mississippi School of Law, Kentucky MPA and Illinois graduate.

ID 159129

Andrew Lech

Founder of @agentrun. Insurance visionary. Application Developer. Husband. Insurance CRM disruptor.

ID 161042

Jim Snediker

Founder and CEO @stock-mfg, Founder @Left of Trend • Sales, Marketing, Brand Management at @careerbuilder • Journalism at @university-of-dayton

ID 141821

Gregg Lavine

Founder @p360 • Worked at @vmware, @partners-simons • Studied at @union-college

ID 239505

Randy Ellis

Dad | Founder of @localluxapp | Citizen of @appsterdamchi | Public Speaker | UX/UI Visual Designer | Programmer | Aspiring Serial Entrepreneur | Foodie |

ID 379820

Tannaz Chapman

Experienced finance, strategy and M&A professional; strong business background, extensive history in private equity.

ID 230979

Mike Gunville

Sr. Manager/Architect. Extensive management and technology consulting (Deloitte, Cognizant). Notre Dame MIS, Chicago Booth MBA (Entrepreneurship, Strategy).

ID 182338

Camille Fetter

ID 181782

Greg Svitak

Director of Outreach and Partnerships at @ontract @brandery 2012 Worked at @hyland-software • Studied at @case-western-reserve-university , @ohio-university

ID 34840

Tom Roever

Founder, ForMen2, Inc. VP, IBCTV [Internet Broadcast Company Television] Director, I-DEP LLC [Legal Depositions via Internet]

ID 161060

David Rossman

Senior UI Designer, 8 yrs of design exp., background in advertising, blend of product & advertising experience, passionate about building products and teams.

ID 58622

Ron Cass

Founder, CEO at Big River Online VP Development, Computer Associates Director, AI Ware (acquired)

ID 64603

Jonathan Petrino

Interactive Marketer/Business Strategy Professional. Web 3.0 Data Proponent. Worked at @expedia & @thomson-reuters. Currently at @responsys. Marine Corps Veteran.

ID 229805


Founder GalaDo • Worked in consulting, studied at @stanford-university, @depaul-university

ID 108168

Ted Feierstein, Sr.


Experienced Lean Software Company Investor, Technology I-Banker, Company-grower, Deal 'de-risker'

ID 122950

Blake Miller

Systems Developer

ID 20461

Eric Crowley


Investment banking professional for five years with a history of sales and operational consulting. Experience wearing multiple hats. Booth MBA '08

ID 323860

Prentice M. Salter

CEO of Fandium, Proven background in start up and World class entrepreneurial opportunities.

ID 85990

Stacey Stockman

Founder | Global Philanthropic Social News Community; (@mybigearth, Founder | Exec Agency (Synergistic Solutions,

ID 453478

Nilesh Kavthekar

Student @wharton-school & @PennEngineering, Chair of Pennvention tech innovation competition, Worked @GlobusGenomics

ID 278936

Ronny Sage

A leader with the ability to bring individuals together to create, develop, and implement complex concepts to reach customer, partner, & stakeholder goals.

ID 29496

Greg Grove

startup and growth stage legal advisor, S.B. electrical engineering & computer science M.I.T.; J.D. Harvard

ID 219967

Kenton Hankins

Front-End/ UX Ninja, study javascript like its my job

ID 39026

Mendel Kurland

Founder of @apps-over-easy Corp and @world-life-networks LLC

ID 233532

Ryan Smith

Co-Founder of Good Market. PhD Mass Media and Communication Studies. TS/SCI Security Clearance.

ID 68477

Rashad Abdul-Salaam

Co-founder of HappyHealth. Also Founded @skinclick. Extremely passionate about healthcare technology with 6 years clinical experience and a Healthcare MBA.

ID 232919

A. Alexander Gillan


President of Eco Save Solutions, Inc. (Current Venture). Started my first business during college in wholesale liquidation in 2005. Conducted business in 13 countries.

ID 117327

Nick Cronin

President of @expertbids-2. Former corporate lawyer. Strong startup/business background.

ID 87350

Marisa Bryce

ID 38325

Curtis Foster

6 years Business to Business sales and marketing. Great at managing projects and recruiting talent. C and Ruby Rails programming experience.

ID 330023

Jack Zhou

Recently anointed software engineer. Washington University grad.

ID 172403

Kelly Newton

VP of Business Development at GenSyn Tech. Recent MBA grad from @Kellogg., Early Stage Partners, HighVista Strategies, Bank of America.

ID 349488

Roni Tehori

Worked at @cisco, @sentictechnologies • Studied at @hebrew-university-of-jerusalem

ID 181557

Isaac Kohn

Startup & Growth Executive. Strategy, execution, operations, product management, build winning teams, international experience. Co-founded Vigilant Europe Ltd.

ID 155276

Daniel Gaeta

Founder @fitsby Currently working on a project to make the world a better place, with the help of technology.

ID 141172

Susan Carle

ID 192362

Won You

Design Director. Unrepentant Internet addict and information junkie.

ID 147982

Jared Fisher

Commercial Real Estate Professional. Marketing Expert. Deal Maker. Entrepreneur. Ideator. Thinker. Executer.

ID 257237

Justin Alden

ID 45188

Melissa E. Malka

Founder of JALBC. Social engineer. Freelance writer, dating coach and dance-party instigator in Chicago.

ID 193869

Sergey Zinin

Studied at @wheaton-college

ID 418284

Benjamin Hernandez

Founder/CEO @NuMat Technologies• Portfolio Ops @ $5B PE/VC fund • @booz-company, • JD-MBA @kellogg-school-of-management ,Engineering @northwestern-university

ID 159379

David Chung


Streaming media expert and builder of things - including @Weatherist and @Gearlance.

ID 240098

Colin Smith

Innovative Product Manager and MBA Student at @Booth; Worked at @google, @BoozAllenHamilton, @QualiaLabs

ID 122592

Tomer Yogev

If entrepreneurship is your life, then I'll be your life coach.

ID 25304

Glen Andrianov

Booth MBA Student Aspiring Entrepreneur

ID 363244

Mike Fourcher

Startup marketing guy with news media and DC politics background + MBA.

ID 265208

Matthew Owen

CEO of MeetBall. Veteran entrepreneur with deep technical expertise and a sales driven approach. Creative problem solver energized by the startup challenge.

ID 37064

Shannon Snider

Founder @simplemarks. Founder @cardina-internet (sold). Senior Software Developer. Physicist & Astrophysicist.

ID 150762

Ivan Odom


Partner, R7 Partners

ID 28218

Mark Casey


CEO at CFN Services, Studied @university-of-massachusetts-amherst, @american-university

ID 182842

Travis Lee

IDEO Design Lead for Digital + Physical products and services. Mentor at Excelerate.

ID 492951

Dave Seidler

ID 458534

Frank O'Hara

Founder Binary Mechanics LLC • Worked at @centro • Studied at @depaul-university

ID 468574

Pamela L. Jennings

Founder @Noblewire• Making wireless sensor mesh networks accessible and fun• Worked @national-science-foundation Studied at @university-of-michigan MBA, @oberlin-college

ID 63237

Debbie Arora

CMO/Founder @hunybe-labs, Inc.

ID 249934

Karen Adler

Customer Experience @brideside; MBA Student ('13) from @kellogg-school-of-management-1; Worked at @boston-consulting-group, @target

ID 105468

Jeremy Gilbert

Assistant Professor at @northwestern-university University's Medill School of Journalism

ID 354191

Monica Sanders

Harvard Undergrad; University of Michigan MBA; 20+ years of management experience in roles emphasizing strategic planning and business/product development

ID 387450

Katie Swartz

Experienced Management Consultant. Strong finance, operations, strategy & M&A background. BBA - University of Notre Dame, MBA - University of Michigan.

ID 82492

Allan Krinsky

Worked at @slidegenius, @nulu • Studied at University of California, Santa Barbara

ID 267635

Andrew Berriz

Brand Planner & Digital Strategist at the intersection of businesses, brands, and customers in a digital world. Writer motivated by how people think and evolve

ID 387732

Jonathan Ellis


Co-founder @elysian-yields • Studied at @insead-1, @university-of-manchester

ID 132973

Paul Sitbon

Founder of @wikifun-and-wikiapps, a former McKinsey consultant with 20 yrs experience for Fortune 100 Cies in Organization Strategy and IS in Europe and the US

ID 473879

Emily Hanan

Kellogg MBA, studying Marketing. Strong writing skills. Experience with multi-billion companies and CEOs. Leadership experience.

ID 36305

Eric Muschinski


CEO Phenom Ventures LLC/Investor Media Inc. Current Editor Gold Investment Letter. Co founder GunnAllen Venture Partners

ID 192013

Julie Slezak

Worked at @cvs-caremark, @aon-hewitt • Studied at @university-of-illinois-chicago

ID 214376

Brett Dines


Dynamic executive leader with a broad and unique background leading strategy, product and service development, business development, and sales. Experienced with pharmaceutical, medical device, hospitals, and healthcare consulting organizations in both st

ID 141415

Andrew Chapello

Consultant at @accenture. Data junkie, marathon runner, traveler, Cubs fan.

ID 340259

Peter Hans


Co-Founder of Harvest Exchange Corp. Founding team of Height Analytics & Height Securities. 14 years Investment Experience Colby College, Vanderbilt MBA

ID 354256

Drew Carson

Expert in assessment and institutional research. PhD Ed Psych, UT Austin. Launched in 2013. Institutional research leadership (Kaplan U).

ID 184904

Nick Cohen

Founder @chat-sports • Worked at @motorola • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign, @university-of-chicago-booth-school-of-business

ID 269144

Jorge Newbery


Founder & CEO, American Homeowner Preservation, which purchases pools of distressed mortgages from banks and offers homeowners long-term solutions, while delivering attractive returns to investors

ID 265453

Nauzad Dustoor

Worked at @orango @Coinstar/Redbox @McKinsey & Company • Studied at @university of Michigan

ID 330978

Scott Henning

Founder @sharemarket

ID 401806

Avani Miriyala

COO of MikiYaka, worked at Google and Orbitz, Design Freelancer for Hoodle Inc., Pivot Media, LLC., Sumpura, Inc., Gyantra, Inc., and Nuggets by Gyantra.

ID 111401

Nick Moran


M&A Strategy, Breakthrough Innovation, Product Development

ID 358053

Sean McDonnell

Entrepreneurial Minded Hustler: Founded Small Companies, Worked for Groupon and BrightTag.

ID 72349

Liad Wagman


ID 106683

Nate Kroll

Founder @leasemaid • Worked at @bank-of-america • Studied at Indiana University, Bloomington

ID 301263

James DeMory, MBA

Sales ninja, relationship expert, and strategic thinker.

ID 29647

E Anderle


ID 391756

Jacqueline Matuszak

Worked at @walls-360

ID 142954

Joseph Nedumgottil

Tech Lead at MiGym. Graduate of University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

ID 266770

Tony Gebely

Worked at @domu-com, @atlas-software-technologies • Studied at @macquarie-university, @rowan-university

ID 412402

Alex Ross


I like to make nothing into something. KU Grad, International exp, Fundraising and people Guru.

ID 262146

Victor Greco


Public speaker and entrepreneur. Hedge fund manager and chief option specialist.

ID 114467

Christian Reyes

Experienced Product Manager of consumer web/mobile applications, and e-commerce platforms. MBA. Partner engagement manager. Systems integrator. New father.

ID 365159

Alex Zora

Versatile Aerospace Systems Engineer with over 14 years experience seeking lead engineering or related role with challenging team-oriented tasks and goals

ID 159772

Kimberly Walker

Co-founder @sitterworks-1 • Ranked in top 5% at RHI for nearly 10 years. Strong ad background. Studied at @university-of-wisconsin-madison

ID 233878

Shane Smith

Strategy and finance professional with passion for technology, strong analytic abilities, verbal and written communication skills, and personal credibility.

ID 69658

Albert Pak

I’m creative designer and front end developer for web and print. I love building ideas, websites and brands.

ID 206930

Chris Johnson

Founder ZupStream • Senior Technical Leadership at Motorola, Ingenient Technologies, PacketVideo. Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign, @missouri-university-of-science-technology

ID 374235

Peter Martin

ID 222439

Tyrre Burks

Founder Team Interval • Studied at @winona-state-university, @argosy-university

ID 290604

Will Newby

DePaul B.S. in Network Technologies. Programmer, systems administrator, configuration management enthusiast.

ID 36869

Samuel Solomon

Founder & Host @signal-tower. Interactive Producer @red-square-agency. Former marketer at @drchrono and @crowdfunder-com. Graduate from @the-starter-league.

ID 458492

Andrew Antal

Worked as product/relationship/project manager and business analyst in financial tech for 15 years. MBA from Loyola University Chicago

ID 325307

Ben Brabston

MBA candidate at Chicago Booth; now working at @matchist. Former strategy consultant at The Cambridge Group

ID 443055

Erika Jones

Worked at @trunk-club, @tpg-axon • Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 232711

Ashish Suri

Kellogg MBA; Experienced Product Manager; founded job search site for experience professions; 5+ years of business consulting experience

ID 485732

Collette Mahmood

Experienced operations and people manager, 10+ years experience

ID 286788

Peter Johnson


Senior Associate at Jump Capital, a Chicago-based private investments firm.

ID 33583


University of @booth-school-of-business MBA + 7 years CPG experience + 4 years Shopper Marketing agency experience + former college volleyball player

ID 8050

Greg Valyer

Founded Digital Criterion (IT consulting) and Atom Apps (web and mobile dev), financed start of Bytemark. Edu: BS EE UIowa

ID 58876

Chris Sherrill

Manager of New Business & Digital Product at MNML Product Design. Successful restauranteur and interactive advertising web startup cofounder. Masters of Eng. in Product Design & Development - Northwestern University '12. Vanderbilt University '01.

ID 38999

Brian Rosenzweig


Worked at @janvest • Investor @hybrid-security, @todacell • Studied at @indiana-university-bloomington

ID 221354

Michael Mercier

CEO & Co-Founder @mercier-jones. Strong background in engineering and product design and development (Insitu-Boeing, Radio Flyer, Fellowes).• Studied at @virginia-commonwealth-university

ID 122625

Conrad Styczen

Founder at BeachFire Ventures

ID 132351

Eugene Lorman

Worked at Fermi National Lab and @northrop-grumman. BSCS from UIUC. 12 years hardware/software integration and web dev/architecture. Worked on fighter jets.

ID 132228

Jason Gonzales

techie, serial entrepreneur, founder/ceo aquavida, author, blue sky burning.

ID 90227

Jay Dias

I am the founder, lead architect & developer of, an online app helping people save money without wasting their time.

ID 203463

Mark Ladd

CEO & Co-Founder of LyteShot. Managed design for global building icons (SOM) and emerging services (MDG). Architect; UIUC Strategic Tech Mngmnt Program.

ID 335649

Mike Whitaker

Founder @idefi-axs

ID 217870

Kenneth Obel

ID 57960

Corey Northcutt


Inbound Marketing Specialist. 3-time Entrepreneur. Always Learning.

ID 458480

Saq Khan

Worked at @oracle-corporation • Studied at @boise-state-university

ID 477587

Dennis Zhao

UChicago undergrad, founded 2 companies (one seeded, one sold), lots of startup work experience, looking for PM/Data/Design role this summer

ID 479093

Pratap Shergill

Founder Playmonks, @worthee-1 • Worked at @rocket-internet • Studied at @university-of-chicago-booth-school-of-business

ID 147610

Peter Hepner

Founder @purchasing-platform. 15-year veteran of the real estate industry. Ran asset management for a $3B investment company.

ID 78217

Leon Chism

Chief Technology Officer at @analyte-health, former CTO at @viewpoints-network, Chief Architect at @orbitz. Strong technology, leadership, and business skills.

ID 47668

Jason Martorana

Vice President of Operations @

ID 30720

Brandon R. Halcott


Senior Business Manager at Brightstar Corporation

ID 66688

Nicholas Evans

Director of UX @

ID 112254

Sarah Ostman

Studying Public Relations and Information Management and Technology at @syracuse-university University.

ID 222464

Hongtae Kim

MBA Student at Univ. of Chicago Booth, Class of 2014; Strong Business background (Nomura IBD, ex-Lehman); Alto-saxophonist in jazz quartet; Afghanistan Veteran

ID 216978

Ayinde Arnett

Cofounder @prenovate Consultant with SA Ignite • Studied at @morehouse-college Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) DFMFFSO {Division of Financial Management} in 2012

ID 196949

Phil Castello

Founder @rentspek • Worked at @nbc-universal, @comcast

ID 33227

Stuart Miller


Founder and Managing Director at Colonnade Advisors LLC

ID 499071

Doug Markle

Worked at @hicx_solutions, @aravo-solutions, @cvm-solutions-llc • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder, @purdue-university

ID 248135

Gib Olander

Founder & CEO Local Viewpoints. Founding team member of Localeze (exit Neustar)

ID 209639

Ani Rangarajan

Co-founder of @realync • Worked at @accenture • Studied at @northwestern-university

ID 108482

Shuchi Sharma

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer @bennett-day-school. Strong business start-up background. IESE MBA, 2010.

ID 414049

Wenjie Fu

Ideator, entrepreneur, avid learner, generalist

ID 377263

Brian D. Shields

Digital Strategy & Business Development Consultant | Startup Advisor

ID 376329

Doc Kane

Communicator, author & operations guy. Researcher for the History Channel's "Vietnam in HD"

ID 128835

Daniel Kamerling

Sr. Consultant with IBM with focus on operations with industrial companies. Advanced technology background, adaptable, with a Kellogg MBA in 2011.

ID 290491

Samantha Zhang

Founder @Chisel. Product Designer, Marketer, and Technology Lover. M.S. Candidate, Integrated Marketing Communications at Medill, NU.

ID 463572

Nguyen Nguyen

Founding principal of N2TV Studio, LLC Architecture and Design firm.

ID 201939

Len Feldman

Experienced product manager and marketer with startup experience

ID 46379

Kishore Gangwani


President of 2 businesses in financial services. Led Global sales organization and M&A practice. MBA from @university-of-chicago. Mgmt consulting experience.

ID 112044

D.J. Moran, Ph.D.

Co-Founder of @rune17. Founder of Pickslyde Consulting & MidAmerican Psychological Institute. Expert in behavior-technology interfacing with Bluetooth LE sensors

ID 245730

Vikas Bhakta

Founder & CEO, Ve-Go • Studied @cornell-university, @university-of-texas-austin • Cornell Innovation Network • Hospitality & Travel Executive with Entrepreneurial Experience

ID 45764

Joan Lee

UIUC Engineering trained. Business and systems background gained at Deloitte Consulting. INSEAD MBA 2011.

ID 162014

Victor Pena

Help Companies Use Digital Communications Effectively

ID 347918

Ken Mages

ID 160201

David Webster A.T. Kearney

Studied at @williams-college

ID 142806

Ross Sims

Worked at @google, @morningstar, @apple-inc-1 • Studied at University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign

ID 507874

Jon Schildt

Founder @calculated-risk-advisors worked at CNA insurance. Studied at University of Illinois and University of Chicago.

ID 302632

Dionysios Barmpoutis

Quantitative Researcher; Caltech PhD; High Frequency Algorithmic Trader

ID 53662

Ling Wang

Awesome iOS developer.

ID 98588

Tom Brown

Founder of @schoolsparrow-1. Strong business and real estate background, raised a fund buying foreclosures, managing broker of @new-urban. Kellogg MBA. Coder.

ID 133675

Jamie Johnson

Social entrepreneur that is passionate about energy efficiency. MSESP from @university-of-chicago, as well as ten years as a firefighter.

ID 393346

Baoqiang Cao

Machine learning researcher; PhD in Physics; Worked at UT Austin and Networked Insights.

ID 206281

Simit Patel

Digital marketer, Product manager, Entrepreneur, Active Trader. Skills: HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Drupal, CRM, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Investing/Trading

ID 151811

John Fitchwell

Worked at @sg2, @west-monroe-partners • Studied at @university-of-chicago, @pennsylvania-state-university

ID 219623

Eric Redden

Founder umYum • Worked at @bnp-paribas • Studied at @depaul-university, CFA Charter 2010

ID 286613

Chris Gay

Entrepreneur, CEO of Avé Gourmet. Strong technical, design and business background.

ID 74108

Brendan Herron

Startup, VC and emerging companies attorney at Silicon Legal Strategy.

ID 314035

James Johnson

Full stack developer. Full stack data analyst. Looking to make the world a better place.

ID 210140

Russ Berkun

Co-founder @Trainerly. Dreamed to be a Ski racer but became a Technologist. Worked @andersen-consulting, @arthur-andersen, @ubid, @deutsche-bank, @northern-trust, @allstate, @the-warranty-group

ID 329892

Mitchell Lee

Full stack web developer - Northwestern Engineering turned Dev Bootcamp grad

ID 2944

Ryan Craft

Co-Founder, A Group Twitter Platform. Multiple Contributors | One Twitter Account.

ID 467003

Ramon Torres

PhD Engineering Northwestern. 3 years of research in data mining & segmentation. Interested in data science, marketing, analytics.

ID 300900

Benjamin Lachman

Technology commercialization and use case specialist. Investment portfolio with 10+ companies. Prefer tangible innovation over web-businesses.

ID 206370

Phillip Bock

Attorney Bock and his colleagues manage a complex caseload that includes dozens of ongoing, putative, class action suits in federal and state jurisdictions.

ID 208080

Brandon Bernicky


Student - Web Developer - IT Consultant

ID 166895

Marc Quinlivan

Former Managing Partner at Chicago Litigation Solutions, a litigation support firm serving corporate and legal clients in the Chicago area.

ID 480670

Brent Schnell

Strategic Sales, Business Development & Marketing Professional

ID 9422

Shanavas Nyakhar

ID 11782

Nicholas Marx

CEO @bespokeable

ID 373556

Michael Sherrin

Passionate technologist and strategist with a Kellogg MBA and an eagerness to help build the next major web property

ID 405847

Christine Wendy

Marketing Evangelist and Mindful Competitor

ID 227116

Emily Pierson

Northwestern University, MS Predictive Analytics. Statistical modeling and BI expert, python novice. Independently curious, plays well with others.

ID 492120

Sam Toizer

Northwestern CS, interested in a full-time position with a combination of front-end development and UI/UX design work.

ID 142296

James Cooley

Worked at @motorola-mobile-solutions • Studied at @northwestern-university, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 226667

Caroline Chen

Creative and social strategist in advertising. Writer, art director, design director in past lives at agencies and startups. Available for freelance.

ID 55592

Brandy Wimberly

Founder of @buyvite. Experience carefully crafting and creating Internet marketing campaigns for major brands. BA Film MA Journalism. Much love for ecommerce.

ID 388414

Seema Thakker

Dual masters, combining creative and business experience at global companies (Disney-ESPN) and startups. Passionate about creating social impact in everything I work on.

ID 161219

Ninos Youkhana

Worked at @u-s-department-of-state, @accenture • Studied at @depaul-university

ID 115550

Deepu Thomas


Analyst at BOLD Entertainment | Co-founder at SoapBox

ID 93768

Christian Schlachter

Current Angel Investor in NYVS and GorillaSpot Media; Professional Sales; Early stage business development and fundraising.

ID 179311

Bruce Cummings

Founder @vortura • Worked at @match-com, @leapfrog-online • Studied at @university-of-north-texas

ID 190352

Sherif Mityas

Sherif Mityas is an experienced management professional with over two decades of combined experience in consulting, business, and engineering.

ID 404870

Ashees Jain


Founder @blue Elephant Capital Management • Worked at @lehman-brothers, @barclays-capital • Studied at @cornell-university, @northwestern-university

ID 325320

Summer Wies

Digital Media Expert Specializing in Programmatic Buying, Data Strategy, and Audience Design

ID 209632

Matt Weirich

Co-founder @realync • Worked at @accenture • Studied at @purdue-university

ID 167041

Tana Green

Architecture & Interaction Design. Job Captain for two National museum exhibitions. Owner of three companies and a miniature schnauzer.

ID 92910

Stephen Cho

ID 159562

Matthew Ring

Worked at @bank-of-america, @merrill-lynch • Studied at @pennsylvania-state-university, @university-of-rochester

ID 47857

Prabir Datta

@booth-school-of-business MBA'10; Venture Capital Due Diligence; Technology & Finance professional based in Chicago

ID 364035

Jeffrey Gilbert

Engineering, Kellogg MBA, 20 years of sales experience in digital media.

ID 25247

David Levine


CEO of R1 Ventures.

ID 99621

Justin Tallant

Highly self-motivated and persistent. Coding is my favorite activity. I am well versed in the front end but enjoy back end the most.

ID 275756

Emily Motayed

Founder of Havenly; Worked at American Express, Huron Consulting Group.

ID 468194

Rod McCleary

Digital Sales Professional - Top Performer - Hungry to learn, win, and make my mark.

ID 310019

Ryan Aprill

Strong business and legal background: M&A investment banking, MBA UChicago, Northwestern Law.

ID 209058

Francesco Pinto

Hybrid cross-platform mobile first engineer - specialize in creating hardware accelerated JS apps - one code base, all platforms - Yo, Bower, JS, Node, Ruby

ID 35981

Moses Hohman

ID 277677

Guan Wang

CoFounder Scissorsfly- organize the web in your way • Worked at @linkedin. Data driven entrepreneur

ID 215938

Paul A. Tuminaro

Most recently finished up working as a manager on a .net CRM roll out for a $1B publicly traded company.

ID 381527

Dabney Lyles

Business Journalist writing about strategy, impact, and capital. Studied philosophy at @stanford-university and computer information systems @depaul-university. Loves to travel.

ID 232487

Scott Moorhouse

Love turning data into images and images into results.

ID 37712

Yuan Geng

ID 459643

Kayoko Beth Shimmyo

Computational chemistry PhD student at UChicago, seeks to leverage existing software engineering skills towards a non-academic career.

ID 165026

Eric London

Studied at University of Michigan, Kellogg School of Management

ID 145842

Declan Frye

Software engineer/entrepreneur at Purple Binder. Bringing 21st century technology to the world of social services. Studied at @university-of-chicago.

ID 102079

Daniel Brajkovic

Mobile Software Engineer (iOS, iPhone, iPad)
http://[email protected]

ID 508556

Max Rice

"If you're winning, don't say shit, if you're losing, say even less...."- JW

ID 495520

Scott Dudek

Senior Sales Engineer, Kellogg MBA 2014, Illinois Engineering

ID 142342

Bruce Ackerman

Founder Printavo [Screen-printing shop management software] • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 339892

Shashank Sundareshan

Consultant at Ernst & Young, MBA from USC, BS from MIT

ID 248017

Marc Atlas

Director of Finance @ Invenergy. Focused on transactions and financial analysis in the clean energy space. Negotiates financing for $500M+/yr in assets.

ID 324171

Ali Afridi

BS student at UIUC CS; background in healthcare and software development. Worked at MGH and MIT as a researcher. Most recently interned at Atlas5D.

ID 293422

Juliet Sorensen

During her tenure as Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, Juliet Sorensen was responsible for convictions in several notable cases.

ID 472379

Jeremy Monton

Traditional/Digital Media Manager on Retail Client at Mindshare. Worked in Advertising since 2007. Kellogg MBA December 2014

ID 96039

Case Morton

Marketing Associate at @dealsgoround-1, Podcaster at @InsightIntell, Post Rock enthusiast, Aspiring Designer... Oh yeah & I have rocking fiance @LindsayONeal

ID 142810

Jeremy Theisen

VP of Sales @truaxis-a-mastercard-company Built and led sales teams @google, @restaurant-com and @kgbdeals-com

ID 210579

Lindsay Saewitz

Founder/CEO of Chicago startup, operating profitably for three years. Skilled in marketing, sales, community building, and partner development.

ID 248265

Tyler Feret

Founder @meridix • Worked at @oc-1, @mercantec, @university-of-illinois-at-urbana-champaign, @purdue-university University • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign, @purdue-university • Private Pilot

ID 352421

Tim Wahlers

Worked at @commonwealth-edison, @vidiom-systems • Studied at @university-of-wisconsin-madison

ID 392669

Emily Lu

Founder @intake-me • Studied at @university-of-chicago

ID 472373

Jamal Afridi

Chief Product Officer at @hippoteq • Studied at @university-of-notre-dame & @university-of-chicago

ID 451214

Kunal Bhat

Interaction designer and front-end developer, CS background. Start-up enthusiast. STEM for girls advocate. Worked at dscout, Gravitytank, and VSA Partners.

ID 293929

Michael C. Phillip

Founder & CEO of Votimo; Director of Operations for a boutique nonprofit; Previously CPA with KPMG in Chicago

ID 134209

Marty Hahnfeld


Player-coach sales leader. Consumer & B2B Internet, community & local. I've built & led teams from zero to $100+ million a few times.

ID 252055

Andrew Wright


Thirty years of experience investing in publicly traded securities, derivatives, and private equity.

ID 170367

Makoto R. Kern


Consultant in the world of Web and Mobile Design - User Experience, Usability, HCI, Information Architecture, SEO, Web and Mobile app programming, Social Media

ID 220872

Varun Kanotra

Persistent. Patient. Big Thinker. Disruptive entrepreneur.

ID 225749

Tim Adams


Vice President; Global Treasury Sales Officer @bank-of-america-merrill-lynch BBA; Finance & Religion Concentrations @goizueta-business-school

ID 223232

Luis Antonio Venegas

We bring expertise in a broad range of areas, including mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, roll-ups, bridge capital, and internal growth financing.

ID 294025

Tom Fang

Design, UX, product focus with marketing chops. Previous work in real estate private equity at Walton Street Capital. Wharton grad. Quantitative background.

ID 190992

John Lustig


CEO at National Health Care Provider Solutions; HCIT Angel; Actively Involved w/ Disque Foundation & Ronald McDonald House of Chicago

ID 35457

Arthur Tretyak


ID 160276

Chris Cimino

Founder @coursecloud-1 • Studied at @northwestern-university, University of Notre Dame

ID 65319

John Whelan

CEO & Founder of @engage-a-pro. 10+ years selling and marketing financial and professional services. MBA in finance and marketing. Ex-chemical engineer.

ID 457770

Sheila Arora

Chicago Booth MBA. Princeton Undergrad. Artist & Entrepreneur.

ID 246626

Christian Kletzl

Founder at ShelfFlip, 1st social network startup >10 years ago, strong technical & business background (worked at @microsoft, @mckinsey-co), @Kellogg MBA 2013

ID 44861

Jakub Antkiewicz

Currently working on @chicagohour @denverhour (Networking and Happy Hours for entrepreneurs) and @startuptradeup a site for startups to barter with other co's.

ID 46314

Ro Srey

Co-Founder and Partner at NextRound Consulting. Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at multiple Fortune 100 companies

ID 153663

Christian Schlachter


Sales Professional. Angel investor. Advisor. Business development and fundraising experience for early stage internet companies.

ID 62002

Jeremy Kissel


ID 85265

Ashish Ganju

VP Operations, @vayyoo Inc. Responsible for creating and executing long term business strategy, go-to-market plans and establish the US base for @vayyoo.

ID 94750

Eric Mills

CS at UIUC, Full-stack developer with UI/UX experience, Creator of student entrepreneurship organization Founders.

ID 103073

Suzanne Kopulos

Founder of Fashion expert represented by FORD Artists. Credits from The Oprah Show, Beyonce, Tim Gunn, ABC, WGN, FOX News and Crain's. JD 2003

ID 422051

Raj Datta

Possess a keen ability to energize and build sales teams from the ground up. Currently lead a team of six managers, fifty five sellers and over $100M of software revenue.

ID 20321

Brad Wilkening


We put together high quality software for our clients. We are prolific in Rails, Backbone.js, Ember.js, TDD, Machine Learning & much more!

ID 100493

Brad Rosen

Community Manager at G2 Crowd. Currently pursuing my MBA at The University of @booth-school-of-business School of Business.

ID 421132

Lauren Fellure

JD/MBA; launched Digital Membership platform for 40+ publications and hit quarterly growth goals; created and executed mobile product GTM plan in US and Europe

ID 466219

Jacqueline Wu

MBA candidate at Kellogg School of Management • Worked at @gap, @williams-sonoma

ID 146185

Eileen Murphy

Founder ThinkCERCA

ID 481897

Nishant Thukral

Berkeley EECS. Have Built Risk Systems & Conducted Quantitative Financial Analytics. UChicago MBA in Analytic Finance, Statistics, and Entrepreneurship

ID 425866

Gerhard Boiciuc

Worked at @parknav, @siemens @gfk

ID 462777

Najia Yarkhan

Engineering Student with one simple goal: To add value to people's lives and create a better world.

ID 366424

Brian Day

ID 48407

David Cohn

Co-founder at @regroup-therapy LLC Semi finalist in last year's Mai Bangkok Business Challenge. MBA from IE Ex-Director LatAm, Spain & Portugal @ CEB (CIOEB)

ID 373

Scott Soderstrom

Co-Founder/CFO @Madaket Health • Entrepreneur in Residence - Notre Dame • Strong Finance/Accounting/Strategy background, CPA • Angel Investor/Ex-Private Equity

ID 21147

Peter J Dedes

Works at GVW in Highland Park, IL. GVW Group is a private investment and holding company.

ID 445691

Jennifer Moore

@university-of-michigan Econ '12, experience with nonprofit and startup business strategy, marketing analytics, and account management

ID 428709

Jessie Zhang

Co-founder and Marketing Director at @loopo • Studied Integrated Marketing Communications at @northwestern-university • Worked at TMX Finance and CME Group

ID 194791

Ivo Dimitrov

COO of @georama. Worked at @ibm, @the-world-bank. MBA 2012 @depaul-university. Background: Entrepreneurship, Operations, Business Development

ID 457978

[email protected]

Exploration & Innovation

ID 45432

Neil Prasannakumar

Founder and CEO of @drishade. Strong risk-management skills (6 years trading equity and commodity options). @new-york-university Stern 2003.

ID 481721

Ersin Akinci

Full-stack humanist wants to empower people through the humanities; graduate of both Google Summer of Code and Vatican Secret Archives

ID 386144

Danielle David

Studying at @kellogg-school-of-management • Worked at @spoon-university, @target-corporation • Studied at @northwestern-university

ID 256100

Charlie Breit

Senior Digital & New Media Marketing. Passion is developing digital & video experiences to connect and entertain people across web, social & mobile platforms.

ID 34518

Steve Goldsmith

Entrepreneur and Matchmaker. Marketing, Lead Generation, Events, Direct Response Advertising and Marketing. 30 yrs creative & media buying

ID 281849

Amit Advani

Worked tech support, startup, consulting firm, hardware lead vendor, top 5 financial powerhouse. Seeking disruptive technologies also interested in impact investments.

ID 446030

Davin Mien

ID 384044

Angela Jiang

ID 394860

Benjamin Washburn

Vanderbilt Undergrad and Wash U. Law. Jack of all trades and solid-as-a-rock team player.

ID 172903

Erik Nathan


Investor @3tera, @lateraldata • Studied at @tulane-university

ID 472540

Harsha Dronamraju

Kellogg MBA, Developed growth strategy with several ed start-ups. Built investment portfolios for $1B+ endowments at Cambridge Associates

ID 157799

Sergei Kozyrenko

Founder/CTO @parknav

ID 338525

Hirokazu Morita

CEO of Origoh (Current). Rocket Engineer in JAXA, Public Officer in Japan, Statistian, Chicago Booth MBA 2013 (Sponsored by Government) and Art lover.

ID 30740

Eric J. Rosenberg

ID 217291

Sahil Mehta

Northwestern Engineering Grad, Business background with Mercer & Google. Experience building/marketing orgs in Soc Ent, Music. Ready to learn, build, and hustle

ID 474201

Neeraj Chandra

Graduating Student at @northwestern-university • Worked at @ooyala, @ford-motor-company

ID 49423



Anonymous Investor- various NGO platforms for furthering tech in third world locations. AWS advocate, MS CS UChicago

ID 194996

Julian Fox

Chicago MBA, Columbia Engineering

ID 123323

Mark McEachran

Strategy at @the-rubicon-project

ID 35460

Nestor Lara

Founder @esentry-security (beta testing). Private Equity. Engineering Consulting. B.S. Aeronautical Engineering @massachusetts-institute-of-technology.

ID 209613

Scott Palmer

Sales and marketing professional, specialize in customer acquisition & business operational growth through the use of data analysis & implementation of process

ID 35314

Jeremy James

Founder @esentry-security (beta testing). Two years as Physical Security Analyst at @ares-corporation. B.S. Mechanical Engineering @massachusetts-institute-of-technology.

ID 473824

Niraj Dave

Duke MS; Med Device focus; PLM consultant; Worked at PTC, Boston Scientific, Cleveland Clinic

ID 71312

Adam Birch

ID 118203

Michael Thies

UI/UX Designer + FED.

ID 75599

Matthew Copeland

Founder at Packanimal Creative. UX IA UI

ID 235023

Shawna Baskin

Shawna is an experienced consumer insights analyst with a proven track record of delivering actionable data driven insights through primary market research data. She is currently pursuing her master’s at Northwestern University with a focus on statistica

ID 300587

Jeffrey Harrington

Co-founder of @cardoona. Former lead engineer at @Tribune-Company. Former Developer at @allstate. Graduate of @northern-illinois-university in Computer Science.

ID 212109

Joshua Bryan

ID 233916

Jason Kreiter

Director of Research/Due Diligence & Partner @lock. Worked at Grosvenor Capital Management LP specializing in portfolio allocation and risk mitigation.

ID 141787

Craig Sweeney

Founder & CEO at IconBocs

ID 296697

David Van Der Beek

ID 83053

Shreyas Gosalia

Marketer at @iprospect; Founder @livepitch; Studied at @university-of-chicago-booth-school-of-business, @ohio-state-university-1 and @kent-state-university

ID 462664

Graham McNally

Commercializes Startup and Corporate innovations

ID 76372


CEO of Joint Loyalty, the largest loyalty platform in the world. I am extremely passionate about digital marketing. Strong background in sales,digital advertising, customer retention and search engines. I love algorithms!!

ID 261895

Justin Strane

COO of Justice Bid - Chicago startup connecting legal professionals with service providers.

ID 248480

John J. Kacinas


Over 27 years of third party debt collection experience running operations for well known national agencies. Expertise in government and student loan debt, including United States Department of Education.

ID 265258

Robin Antonick

Conceived & developed first 7 years of John Madden Football, participated in launching startups thru IPO, Harvard Masters in Ops&Mgmt - disruptive technology.

ID 178865

Claudine Tambuatco

Active in a broad range of activities in the Chicago area, Claudine Tambuatco is particularly well known in philanthropic circles.

ID 196563

Rob Green


Worked at @blackrock-private-equity-partners • Investor @baird-venture-partners

ID 363381

Randy Menna

25+ years startup software experience, founded four companies, CTO/VP Engineering, managed teams from 4 to 200

ID 467361

Emily Hantoot

Associate at The Boston Consulting Group; Stanford BA Psychology/Neuroscience 2012, Phi Beta Kappa. Impassioned by the study of human brain and behavior.

ID 85003

Mike Leahy

Entrepreneurial leader. Top-level Marketing, Sales Mgt., Ops., & Tech oversight w. global brands & high-growth ventures. Travel, hospitality, tech, B2B and B2C.

ID 228689

Lisa Ghisolf

Long-time collaborator on multiple projects. Design, strategic input, developing sites & branding from start to finish.

ID 392584

Tobias Lei

Data mining researcher & Master student at UIUC CS. #hackathons, #startups. Co-founder of StylePuzzle.

ID 324122

Alex G Valvassori

Hustler, Relationship and Account Management Specialist, Problem Solver

ID 14558

Bill Houston

Advisor to @prevail-health-solutions.

ID 418206

Peter Hans Hirschboeck, P.E.

Quantitative Trader, Professional Engineer, Consultant... I understand the energy industry from the finance, engineering, and strategy angles.

ID 292938

William S. Kirsch

William S. Kirsch established a reputation as one of America’s top lawyers focused on private equity, corporate transactions, and crisis management.

ID 306405

Bo Jeanes

ID 173819

Jason Beckman

Brown University Grad; Headed Brown Entrepreneurship Program; Performance Poet; Lover of Ideas; Wanderer of Words and Worlds

ID 80382

Tyler Mikev

Mobile designer and developer with strong foundation in native iOS apps; Lead dev/designer for PocketCab.

ID 309373

Vanessa Youshaei

Student at Goizueta Business school at Emory University. Majoring in finance and marketing and has taken classes in the areas of investments, private equity and venture capital, corporate valuation, international finance, non-profit management, and market

ID 348533

robert gibson

ID 22063

Fred Grott

Chicago Android UX badass Top ten social profile which means I automate methods to get into social graphs, the new app discovery system of the world.

ID 206445

Birju Kadakia

Experienced launching products from beta to thousands of users. Management Consultant. University of Illinois Engineer.

ID 404977

Christian Bundy

Co-Founder @shopgab • Worked at @sprint, @pureadds

ID 142760

Brett Relander

Co-Founder at Tactical Marketing Labs - Passionate Entrepreneur - Digital Marketing Strategist - Lean Startup Advocate - Startup Advisor - Only Results Matter

ID 437004

Somya Munjal

Founder @youthful-savings · Founder @cpa-for-the-people | Worked @walmart International · @ernst-and-young

ID 472017

Maxwell Schwartz

Founder Bikefrastructure, LLC

ID 219653

Rajan Sharma

Founder @umyum • Worked at @new-york-university-1 • Studied at @new-york-university, @cornell-university

ID 93823

Adam Grainawi

Full stack developer interested in building new networks to solve old problems.

ID 501078

Wayne Young

Agile, innovative, omni-channel, consumer and technical product manager and leader of teams. Client and agency-side experience in multiple industries.

ID 297249

Andy Tabrizi

UChicago, economics

ID 47865

Vincent Chou

ID 149157

Brett Singer

Founder of @youtopia : Re-Imagining Good. Seasoned entrepreneur with 18 years experience in design and management.

ID 258534

Abhishek Sen

PhD student at TTI Chicago, Masters at University of Alberta. Specializes in machine learning and computer vision.

ID 19378

Mark Roth

Founder Chicago's Original City Guide - and Product Development leader.

ID 98393

Julie Hauldren

Data-driven product, engineering and customer support services for startups and like-minded pioneers. Looking to thrive, big time.

ID 389208

Jacqueline Birkel

Looking to further experience in project management & analytics. Interested in opportunities within cyber security, tech consulting, or software design.

ID 311997

Vikas Dua

BS / MS Electrical Engineering; 4 years of engineering product / project development; University of Chicago MBA and 3 years of Strategy Consulting with McKinsey

ID 196556

Jiba Anderson

Founder Griot Enterprises • Worked at @draftfcb, @adobe • Studied at @UMich, @School of the Art Institute of Chicago

ID 66058

Dan Arwady

Founded Started at SPM Marketing and Communications and went to Performics to work in SEM, now employed at @google. Play drums in numerous bands.

ID 186816

Staci Wagner

Worked at @accenture • Studied at @western-michigan-university

ID 473004

Anthony Arcese

Marketing and Pricing strategist; management consulting background with food industry experience

ID 110948

Alex Hoopingarner

@intel Engineer; Tenacious Technologist;

ID 378935

Steven Baumgartner

Executive level Sales & Marketing leader; owner of Blossom Growth Services; worked at Mercer, Alvarez & Marsal, and PR Newswire; Mentor to start ups and 1871

ID 446428

Love Joshi

Leader with experience generating sustainable value in turnaround, transformational and high growth environments. Strong business background. UofC Booth MBA.

ID 478883

William Wright

Private equity professional, seeking involvement in exciting new start ups. Interested in investment opportunity and working for equity.

ID 478649

Phil Mikhaylov

Chicago · Entrepreneur · Biz Dev @freebie · University of Arizona

ID 335795

Samir Patel

Founder KNOWLEDGEO, Spare to Share • Worked at @motorola, @continental-automotive • Studied at @university-of-chicago-booth-school-of-business

ID 352289

Martina Matthews

ID 199992

James Murray

Created new beer keg tap called The Uber Tap, founded adventure sports media and e commerce site called

ID 408144

Bert Curtis

LAMP stack, generalist, self-starter. Ready to tackle tough challenges.

ID 323975

Jacob Obron

Recent Graduate of University of Michigan, Strong communication skills combined with a technical degree. Interned at ePrize, Merrill Lynch and FSA

ID 266331

Ryota Sekine

Co-founder, COO at Origami Creative. Recent UChicago graduate. ChicagoBooth MBA Class of 2017 Admit. Health, Energy, Art.

ID 186253

Will Springgate

Sales pro, top performer at WebMD, Wolters Kluwer and Merck.

ID 373211

Neil Scott Tenzer

All-around business athlete seeking opportunity to take ownership and build a robust enterprise in a driven, collaborative culture. AT Kearney, Oxford, Indiana

ID 159779

Pat Hogan

Worked at @mit-media-lab, @bytemobile, @citrix-systems

ID 391886

Giel Stein

Giel Stein joined the Social Security Administration as assistant regional counsel in 2009 after spending eight years working for private law firms.

ID 252655

Peter Cook

Successfully launched multiple new positions within Groupon. Helped Groupon stabilize new merchant-facing products. Freelance analytical (Excel) projects.

ID 148370

Gary Skoien

Studied at University of Michigan, @colgate-university

ID 308756

Gary Forbes

University of Chicago Booth MBA 2013, Accomplished Solution Architect, worked at Eaton Corporation and CDW

ID 405674

Thomas Fallon

iOS Developer

ID 168134

Zach Zimmerman

Founder @kurfuffl • AM @eprize • Writer/Performer in Chicago • @princetonuniversity grad • Vegetarian

ID 430974

Michael Barnes

ID 251435

SiSi Shen

MBA Student at Kellogg, strong business and consulting background, health IT, consumer analytics, market research

ID 359152


CEO @mashmetv, a way to sync your moments through an enriched video chat. Entrepreneur, engineer, traveler. Studies at UPM & Illinois Institute of Technology.

ID 450336

Tim Brooks

Dynamic Revenue Strategist and Sales Leader. Founded, won funding, and sold two start-ups, developed and sold software start-up and created two patents.

ID 134465

John Haugen

M.S. student at @columbia-university University. Database marketing, strategy, and analytics consulting background.

ID 69699

Marvin McTaw

- Founder of - 4 years a Co-Mng Partner @ - 4 years investment banking at JPMorgan - Univ. Valedictorian - Degrees in Finance & PoliSci

ID 93445

Brian Dzingai

Founder @athletepreneur, @dash Stone Capital • Worked at @deloitte & Touche • Studied at @florida State MBA. Former pro athlete, 2 time Olympian, 4th place in 2008

ID 54264

Peter Shen

Founder of Founder of Founder of Winner of SocialDevCamp Hackathon Guerrilla Coder award

ID 173572

Brian T. Clark

Worked at @cme-group, @studentcity • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign, @depaul-university

ID 345860

Herrman Taraporewalla

Content and Marketing Manager at Georama. Recent graduate of Drexel University and have a keen interest in the online field.

ID 43533

Brij Shah

Management consultant, Kellogg MBA, "Product guy"

ID 207375

lauren toan

Studied at @indiana-university-bloomington

ID 446730

Corey L. Jacobs

LEGO Key Account Mgr. Only new college grad hired as a LEGO Mgr. Strong record of driving sales growth and developing customer relationships.Williams College BA

ID 235148

Omair Mirza

Founder and CEO @fitcline • College student • Tech and fitness enthusiast. • Self-taught; web developer and graphic designer.

ID 141749

Emmanuel Ramirez

Worked at @bottlenotes • Studied at @yale-university

ID 136005

Mischaela Elkins

Works at @georama • Studied at @indiana-university-bloomington

ID 433784

Jerome Johnson

Data analyst turned web developer; Strong Ruby skills, production experience using Ruby on on Rails and TDD; Student @ Startup Institute Chicago

ID 429421

PJ Targun

ID 117620

Steve Komie


ID 272624

Ryan Lopez

Owner of Catalyses LLC built from the brand Aspire Technologies. Please take a look at my personal profile and the new website. An Avid Domain Trader and Business Brain-stormer ThinkBank & ThinkTank Member Looking for Mentors and Possible Partners/Inve

ID 123446

Christian Plaichner


Serial Entrepreneur with VC background, founder and CEO of SENACTIVE, a leading SW for CEP, Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Decision Mgmt.

ID 74757

Andrew Chen

Design, Tech, Startups

ID 161627

Jill McCavitt

Founder @fundamentals-llc • Worked at @shoplocal, @metromix, @forsalebyowner-com • Studied at University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign

ID 438680

Eugene Slobodetsky

E-Commerce Product Development, Strategy, & Operations Consultant. Co-Founder @Hookah Life, Inc, Project Manager @Lyons Consulting Group

ID 223273

Malick Maachi


ID 221611

Energy Foundry


An impact venture fund which supports game changing energy-tech companies, and empowers consumers to harness the benefits of the energy-tech revolution.

ID 233985

Geet Khosla

Founded GVK Internships (sold in 2012). I have worked in Fashion, Healthcare, Marketing/PR, Consulting and Tech. I'm on to my next challenge - Health Tech!

ID 277364

Joe Jacobs


Indiana University Kelley school of business - marketing. Built and sold 2 companies by age 33.

ID 264104

Arnav Dalmia

Founder FunPower • Studied at @university-of-chicago

ID 405581

Carson Potter

Product Manager & Dev. I like finding problems and creating solutions, from end to end. Creativity drives me.

ID 20655

Avinoam Eden


Investor in @musicdealers-com, @www-neurostechnology-com.

ID 147255

Mike Gordon


ID 149654

Donald Applewhite

Founder D2D Associates • Studied at @ohio-state-university

ID 217222

Allison Barr

IT Strategy & Ops Consultant. Northwestern BS 2010.

ID 51671

Filipe Oliveira


Software Engineer. Security Researcher. Entrepreneur.

ID 447732

Kevin Lee

strategy, project management, aviation

ID 97015

Maurio Fiore


JD Candidate at UChicago. Founded and sold Mousa, LLC. MBA from Katz at UPitt.

ID 356247

Scott DeKoster


Managing Partner and leading investor for Tend Venture Capital based in Chicago, IL - helped build CDW,, Vantage Blue, and - BA from Iowa State University, MBA from UMass-Amherst, and MPPA from Northwestern.

ID 507908

Reed Hansen

Energetic Sales Executive Looking to Drive Growth with a Strong Tech Startup Team. Solution sales focused. MBA.

ID 505773

Aaron Hans

Michigan BBA. Consultant at PwC. Freelance Nonprofit Consultant.

ID 398070

David Hafferty

Harvard Gov and Stats, Fall Associate at 270 Strategies, founded civic startup in college, civic tech blogger.

ID 279634

Dominic Gelfuso

Designer, engineer, scientist and entrepreneur. Taught seniors as a freshman, made LEDs which emit sunlight, and am Fellow at VC firm. Inventor to a good home.

ID 418587

Gregory Jaros

Founder @spare-to-share-1, @diamond-management-and-technology-consultants • Worked at @paynet-inc • Studied at @university-of-chicago-booth-school-of-business, @depaul-university

ID 350556

Josh Bronstein

ID 115702

Jordan Bast

B2B business builder with 10 years sales, marketing, & management experience. Engineer & MBA. Advisor to Bison Pallet. Materials, industrial, cleantech.

ID 361774

David J. Bermejo

Good business needs good marketing. Good design is good marketing. MIT grad turned UX/Product Designer - translating user needs into useful & valuable products.

ID 42486

Al Kohlmann


Work at investment/merchant bank.

ID 444363

David Hafferty

Harvard Gov and Stats, Associate at 270 Strategies, founded civic startup, civic tech blogger.

ID 217423

Kevin Hoffman

Co-Founder of Overgrad, Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 147542

A. J. Honoré

2013 MBA Candidate @university-of-iowa | Awarded 2013 Leadership Legacy Hawkeye Award | NYC Media Background | Founder of Under Par Voice Over

ID 33810

Lakshmi Bhargave

Founder at @roomations-1. Passionate about interior design. Loves Marketing. MBA from Michigan's Ross School of Business.

ID 92593

Brett Plotzker

MBA Student Chicago Booth(2013), Looking for jobs in Venture Capital or for a funded startup where I can add value. I have an amazing gut feel for markets.

ID 146640

Jason Sizer

Founder @m-a-e-k-entertainment-1, @m-a-e-k-entertainment-1 • Worked at , @farnsworth-consulting • Studied at University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign (BA, MS)

ID 197043

Chris Hartman

Undergrad @ohio, worked as analyst @Oppenheimer(NYC), sales @Deutsche Bank(Chicago) sales @Goldman Sachs(Chicago), now pursuing Entrepreneurial passion @lightswitch

ID 168187

Giselle Gonzalez

Studied at @columbia-college-chicago

ID 116631

Rob Boling

ID 151293

Jeremy Zorn

VP Product at MeetMe. Doer of things. Juggler of priorities in a resource-constrained environment. Strategy, analytics, UX design, and whatever needs doing.

ID 19732

Sagar Deo

Engineer. Marketer. Worked for Nolan Bushnell. Failed many times. Learned. Obsessed with discovering a way to replicate change.

ID 447573

Adam Freeman

Founder @elmspring-chicago • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 199051

David Schacht

Multi-lingual exec, worked at @gerson-lehrman-group, @corporate Executive Board • Studied @university-of-chicago, @johns-hopkins-university • Strat - Ops - Research Leadership

ID 424186

Adam Porcase

CRM technical with a seasoned business background that includes internet start-ups and consulting.

ID 442307

Matthew Cin

Law student at WashU in St. Louis; Worked at Facebook; Assist startups with entity formation and intellectual property protection; B.A. in Economics.

ID 506852

Joseph Subida

BA Computer Science at UIUC; Co-Founded 2 startups; Intense iOS developer;

ID 489502

Stephanie Delaney

SDA Bocconi School of Management; UC Berkeley BA; background in global health; interned for CHAI; interested in working with startups

ID 465865

Praveen Kannan

ID 325171

Dustin McQuary

Client service superhero meets digital ad ops guru; Worked at Google

ID 82414

Chris Brimmage

Founder KNOWLEDGEO, @karaoke-octopus-comics • Worked at @alief-isd, @cy-fair-isd • Studied at @university-of-chicago-booth-school-of-business

ID 136185

Mike LaBelle

ID 468678

Scott Gallaway

Entrepreneurial MBA | Marketing & Sales

ID 121290

Masha Safina

@carbonmade @magnum-ci @instafeed; MS @UIUC; PhD @university-of-illinois-chicago and so on

ID 361412

Paul Katsen

building new products. previously corporate growth strategy, data science, marketing strategy.

ID 253432

craig d. johnson

Successful media and marketing leader with extensive cross-functional team management.

ID 254715

Elli Olson

UC Berkeley History alum, background in bizdev (UK focused). Director of bizdev at Ditto Trade, looking to connect with investors and other professionals.

ID 281896

Charlotte Tan

Agile Project/Product Manager. Worked at Thoughtworks, and Groupon.

ID 363283

Joseph Klomp


Client Facing Digital Marketing PM.

ID 449298

Carlyn So

Founder RESUSstudio • Studied at @university of Chicago, @uic

ID 307414

Federico Baña

Software engineer from Uruguay. Passionate about helping and studying how teams and businesses grow from the ground up.

ID 437852

Alan Clark

Northwestern Ph.D. candidate, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, changing career tracks to do more applied problem solving and product research

ID 259930

Sophie Kaulas

Medill Grad (journalism/marketing/communications background), currently freelancing for IT dept at the world's largest pharmaceutical company.

ID 177593

Patrick Gallagher

Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 115030

Danielle Kogan

Where do I begin...

ID 489952

Luna Rajbhandari


ID 240769

Praveen Sharma

Vice President, Loyalty & Business Dev. United Airlines

ID 238270

Hollie Sobel

Drawing from broad reserves of practical training and experience, Hollie Sobel serves as an assistant professor at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

ID 236115

Collin Bourdage

Web developer for Gorilla, a rapidly growing e-commerce agency in Downtown Chicago. Creative thought process to help clients solve problems is the name of the game.

ID 280396

Sumeet Kale

IIT Engineering, MBA Kellogg, Worked with McK, Co-founder intern with OfficeYes,Passion for startups,working with portfolio company of a PE fund while at school

ID 38996

Tim Hart

Founder of Nimby Games with first title Confidence: The Game available on the App Store (beta).

ID 234042

Emma Zimmerman

Founding Member at @every-last-morsel, Worked for @happyfantickets • Studied at @depaul-university

ID 481067

Jacob Rynar

MBA at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, Former Marketer and Investment Banker

ID 494072

David Fishman

Software Solutions Architect

ID 234112

Brian Zable

Worked at @every-last-morsel, @american-hospital-association • Studied at @north-central-college

ID 320260

Mike Nolan

Chicago Native, DePaul grad, worked at @groupon, currently at @google

ID 378373

Greg Goodman

Director of Product Management for Mobile & Platform. Technology Junkie with skills to turn everyday business needs into market changing innovations.

ID 232521

Jason Bowman

User Experience Craft-titioner

ID 491814

Wesley Wilson

Enterprise Front End Software Engineer, Consultant

ID 172377

David Quach

Lead Developer at @supported-intelligence-llc • MA in economics @northwestern-university, BEc (graduated 1st in economics honors class) @university-of-sydney

ID 368315

Naa Marteki Reed

UPenn grad, web product designer. I create great web experiences and I make good web experiences better.

ID 348241

Shawna B. Lavelle

Creative, strategic and innovative business and marketing professional. Successful in leading entrepreneurial teams to achieve growth and marketing strategies.

ID 96169

Olivier Grandjean

Very Experienced Agile Project/Program Manager

ID 460020

Aakash Negandhi

MSU BS 2008, Finance; UMICH MS 2010, Human Computer Interaction. Strong business and technical background. Currently advisory consultant at EY.

ID 89528

Minhal Baig

Yale grad, clever writer, good baker.

ID 173451

Lisa Cervenka

Brand Communications Consultant, MS, IMC, Northwestern University. Specialties include counseling senior management, affiliate marketing and crisis communications. Experience in tech, financial and healthcare fields.

ID 478206

Christopher Huff

Fintech biz dev. Obsessed with product. Driving growth for a new platform at FactSet. Engineering undergrad, Chicago Booth MBA.

ID 394485

Edward (Ted) S Plax

ID 207821

Andrea Bonanno

Worked at @uspin • Studied at @northeastern-university, @university-of-illinois-chicago

ID 471787

Shailee Mehta

University of Chicago, MS in Statistics, 3 Years work experience in Finance in Deutsche Bank & Apollo Global Management

ID 479004

Lindsay Verstegen

Known for helping high-growth companies achieve their hiring goals

ID 284876

Josh Rateliff

Strategic Minded Marketer and Problem Solver. Vast Experience with Fortune 100 Clients and Top Retailers. Pretty Awesome Dude.

ID 409378

Joe Duran

COO at @moneythink-1

ID 233126

Chris Vasseur

ID 223522

Jay Sebben

Founder @crowdfynd, @onlocation-media-group-llc • Worked at @kpmg, @true-north-communications • Studied at @university-of-iowa

ID 318171

Stephen *(Steve) Hawksworth

General Management for high acceleration to value situations.

ID 401433

Zara Husaini

Freelance writer/editor/publicist seeking a full-time role or freelance opportunities. BA/MS.

ID 498301

Sarah Retzer

ID 286752

Arjun Gnanendran

ID 438107

Charles D Wettersten

Founder Jamernot • Studied at @iu, @university-of-denver

ID 505448

Adam Tishok

ID 179475

Samir Patel

Co-Founder at Reppio Victory Park Hedge Fund (Consumer Tech) Lazard Freres Investment Bank (Restructuring) Studied at University of Illinois Urbana-Campaign

ID 124097

D.C. Crenshaw

D.C. Crenshaw President & Ceo of Fete Select TV. He is a food and lifestyle personality and a two-time Emmy nominated TV Host and Executive Producer.

ID 312308

Dena Nejad

Product driven, Major launch increasing sales 20%, multi mini launches sustaining current growth

ID 420136

Jisoo Ahn

Founder KNOWLEDGEO • Worked at @bain-company, @korean-reinsurance-company • Studied at @university-of-chicago-booth-school-of-business

ID 360166

Hunter Arizmendi

Associate at Northwestern Capital Partners. We are a boutique investment banking and consulting firm specializing in start-ups, from strategy to growth equity.

ID 290618

Atul Jain, MD, MS

Asst. Professor of Medicine at the Univ of Chicago. Experienced in clinical research & medical education. I want to change how we all think about health care.

ID 168542

Joanne Matousek

For more than two decades, Joanne Matousek has focused her legal career on insurance law.

ID 206448

Bill Gloff

CTO at @bigmarker-3 • Lead Architect at YC based • Studied at @depaul-university

ID 219226

Jasmin Phua

ID 172593

Ashtyn Bell

Founder @ardhiview • Worked at @jones-lang-lasalle • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 260909

Joseph Catrambone

Working at @yorn • Studying @temple-university

ID 431985

Stephanie Manola

ID 149746

Tiago Moura

Digital Project Manager for a start-up magazine/alternate-reality game and web developer for a trade publication in Chicago

ID 255486

Jie-Qi Chen

Professor @erikson-institute • Principal Investigator, Early Mathematics Education Project • Advisor @BennettDay • Ph.D. in Applied Child Development, @tufts-university University

ID 403191

Brock Donovan

Former senior Systems engineer, 1 year PhD course work in Bioinformatics

ID 229688

Melissa Field

VP of Marketing at Georama • Studied at @michigan-state-university

ID 316885

Mike Cerny


ID 501604

Vivian Chung

Duke University, Marketing and Advertising, Digital and Social Media; worked at Akira Chicago and Nordstrom

ID 211936

Sean Willett

Co-Founder and Partner at NextRound Consulting. Business development and strategic partnership experience at Fortune 100 company

ID 13179

Michael Davis

ID 320938

Bob Higgins

Tech-savvy Sales & Marketing Consultant. B2B Sales Expert. Media Sales. Social Selling.

ID 311566

Mohd Irtefa

Co-founder at, Full Stack Developer, Worked at eBay and Groupon, UIUC Computer Science 2014.

ID 55404

Zach Borders, AICP CNU-A

Principal / Director of Design+Planning at @civic-artworks. Award-winning urban designer+planner. ENR Midwest 2012 "Top 40 Under 40" honoree.

ID 155216

Karen Fisher

Worked at @amc-networks, @u-s-ambassador • Studied at @northwestern-university, Trinity

ID 386888

Geoff Crittenden

Worked at @dev-bootcamp, @us-navy • Studied at @university-of-michigan, @depaul-university

ID 416715

Ru Ge

Master of design from top art school. Mobile designer, Built 4 apps (2 iOS, 1 Android, 1 Chrome)

ID 305379

Brenda Desino

University of Chicago Booth School of Business MBA 2103; Strong relationship, business development, and operations background (C.H. Robinson and PepsiCo)

ID 107349

Glenn Robertson

ID 82900

Jake Chen

Founder of @musefy & Proptone

ID 227716

Tim McConville

Product manager, new product development at Orbitz and

ID 303470

Roshani Sheth

ID 450184

Jeff Meyerson

Computer Science BS from UT, wrote MoonStocks on Android Play Store, high stakes Poker pro and coach, options software dev, worked at eBay

ID 494180

Paul Howey

Founder Talkroute

ID 98364

Sundeep Karnik

ReUsense CEO (Diabetes Testing sold in India) Revasyst CEO (Health IT) McKinsey + Senior roles at Medtronic, Elsevier. MD, India; MS, PhD(abd) UIUC

ID 30266

Mital Balar

Founder @bayescamp

ID 181964

Erin Roche

Chicago Public Schools’ administrator Erin Roche has served at multiple levels in several school districts.

ID 348345

Ivan Gabriele

Founder of Hunear. Director of Inspired Beings Ltd. President of European Dream.

ID 427046

John Francis

Intuitive multi-platform product builder. Information consumer. Startup junky. Interactive Art Director and UI/UXer for mobile at Draftfcb Chicago.

ID 286657

Anjali Devangan

Technical & business consultant in IT industry before UNC Chapel Hill, KFBS MBA 2013; Product marketing summer intern; Strong technical and business marketing skills; Well-traveled;

ID 282993

Kathleen Virginia Page

ID 416659

Sri Vasamsetti

Pretty cool, energized, talented, fun girl

ID 342699

BJ Castro

Agile Product Manager - Ecommerce consumer focused

ID 227382

Cody A. Ray

Software Engineer at @brighttag, Past-President at @drexel-university Smart House

ID 502609

Laura M Levy

Project manager and analyst with technical background looking to make the world better. Obsessive organizer. Ruthless minimalist. Highly opinionated about maps.

ID 223889

Brian Pogrund

Founder @blue-lane-groceries • Worked at @safco-dental-supply • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 164013

Stephen McKenna

ID 346726

Meghan Cassin

Exploring the power of factual storytelling for content marketers. Worked at Nat Geo, Sirius XM, and Siskel/Jacobs.

ID 165837

Glen Joffe

Glen Joffe has built his career on authenticity and respectfulness for items used by their indigenous culture.

ID 198998

Scott A. Andresen

Founder of Andresen & Associates P.C., a Chicago-based law firm that focuses its offerings in the areas of sports law, entertainment, IP and corporate matters.

ID 260329

Ben Legman

I'm helping build a great community at G2 Crowd

ID 369424

Brian Foy

Founder/Owner of Left Field Management/Freeze Our Youth. 1/3 Attorney 1/3 Management 1/3 TBA

ID 426273

Alessandra Hernandez

Specialized in the technology and finance industries in New York in both human resources and commercial real estate analysis. Worked for @appnexus.

ID 138960

Harrison Forman

Seeking Full-Time Business Development position at an exciting startup, University of Michigan 2014

ID 502231

Anna Draft

Program and project manager with experience in: entrepreneurship and product creation, account management and team leadership, project planning from resource allocation, cost and schedule management, to long-term forecasting.

ID 189169

Claire BeDell

Worked at @tech-li, @clearstream • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 300860

Oskar Melking

Founder of two beverage companies, student at Northwestern, marketing guru. Currently leading company of $300,000+ annual revenues and 30+ team members.

ID 297639

Matt Hoffman

More adivsor than middleman, I work with amazing clients & candidates - do storytelling to empower dev teams and devs when choosing employees/employer.

ID 422755

Andrew Conrad

MIT Sloan MBA '07, recovering consultant turned entrepreneur

ID 45533

Matthew Furlong

Founder Commercial Pilot, Naval Officer - Fighter pilot, Naval intelligence at NSA

ID 148469

David Gjeldum

Worked at @active-mind-technology, @elevate-studios

ID 226615

John Anyasor

Content Producer at New Methods. Former online business owner and affiliate marketer. Strong background in marketing, SEO, and social media. UChicago BA 2012.

ID 498545

Mark Challenger

Founder FasterTable. Founder/CEO of MindBuilder Group, Inc. (software consultant) and Salsalito, Inc. (restaurants). Former founder and CEO US Office Equipment.

ID 178597

Branson Pierce

Worked at @built-in-chicago, @belly • Studied at @abilene-christian-university

ID 435825

Ryan Cassil

Small-mid Cap Hedge Fund Analyst

ID 252969

Frank Mazzacano

Experienced .Net engineer with proven leadership track record. Worked at Infinium, Intel and Boeing. Degrees from USC and Boston College.

ID 257854

Alexandra Reed-Lopez

ID 84771

Margie Sutherland

Strategy Consultant, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Social Media. Expertise in contingent labor workforce, consumer goods, IT consulting / training.

ID 213967


Founder HE SWIM • Worked at @beckman-coulter, @telluride-ski-and-golf-resort • Studied at @boston-college, @university-of-massachusetts-amherst

ID 387033

Ken Putman

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Economics, Project Manager for Illinois Business Consulting, Led consulting project for small chemical software startup

ID 243837

David Salsone

Military Veteran with telecom background, Brown University Economics; Worked at Morgan Stanley Tech IBD, William Blair.

ID 337014

John McClelland

Founder @popad Medic@1stRangerBn Analyst@Mckinsey Yut@Groupon

ID 102626

Gregory Hewes

Co-Founder and Midwest Lead at The Rethink Agency

ID 410230

Victor Yu Kung

Founder/CFO/Developer Project SAM, Founder/Front-End Developer UChicagoEvents • Studied at @university-of-chicago

ID 117245

Aaron Mog

Founder & CEO at ThirdPartyTrust

ID 149361

Brian Godsey

PhD (applied math), data scientist, Bayesian probabilistic modeler, working with data in social networks, bioinformatics, finance. Works/ed at RedOwl, NSA

ID 493161

Charmi Shah

Environmentally motivated, eco-­conscious, Food start-up Entrepreneur, Experienced sales and customer relations skills

ID 129722

Evanna Hu

Co-Founder & CEO, g.Maarifa Writer

ID 449969

Ben Rahnema

Northwestern University, PhD/MS in Electrical Engineering, specializing in solid state devices and optoelectronics.

ID 391849

Alon Schwartz

ID 391981

Jeremy Cai

Founder @sprout-products Worked @adobe @greenvolved @global-village-fruits-inc // Technology, Entrepreneurship, Design

ID 420307

Patrick Fuller

Tech Leader at NuMat. Expertise in managing the interface between tech & business (Finance from Lehigh, Chem. Eng. from NU). Pythonista and lover of automation.

ID 402359

Brian Padove

Founder @zaptones • Studied at @university-of-wisconsin-madison, @butler-university

ID 262053

Devansh Parasrampuria

Founder FunPower

ID 151181

Danny Sanchez

!4 years of experience. Funded and launched mobile marketing startup 2011. Entrepreneurial and business minded technologist.

ID 140711

Mark Peacock

Founder @roundarch • Worked at @deloitte-consulting • Studied at @university-of-chicago, @the-catholic-university-of-america

ID 35752

David Vosburg

Founder & CEO @zag-media-arts, background in media & design, with a focus on UX across multiple media formats.

ID 242817

Claire Farrell

Worked at @networked-insights, @nm-incite-a-nielsen-mckinsey-company • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1, @pennsylvania-state-university

ID 410931

Akankshu Dhawan

Product Manager @ Windows (Microsoft) • Chicago Booth MBA ' 14. Strong experience in consumer electronics and software at Bose and Mathworks.

ID 500843

Keith Kostrzewski

ID 370696

Annette Tortorige

Marketing and Social Media, Social Responsibility.

ID 411541

Nicole Nejati

Worked at @grubwithus, @groupon • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 37690

Brad Kayden

Co-founder; Ed.D Org. Leadership; 2nd startup; Developed first tested tot-sports model in sports research; Author; Parent of two toddlers; The Coach Pickles

ID 410948

Daniel Sincavage

Leader, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Self-Starter, Team-Builder, Workhorse, Cold Caller, Closer: Launched a successful venture; Self-taught web developer

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